Resume vs Reality: Environment Minister Denis Lowe

Nothing like a little resume padding to get elected or enhance your image!

Caught peeing away his credibility?

We at BFP have a natural sympathy towards Barbados Minister of the Environment Dr. Denis Lowe, as we would have towards anyone who just came back from death’s doorstep. Dr. Lowe is looking better and thinner these days after spending some time in Intensive Care at the QEH and being out of action for many months. We wish him well and we’re happy to see him recovered.

But seeing as the Minister is back and fit enough to resume his duties, perhaps he can make some time to explain to voters the big differences between his stated professional qualifications and career experiences – and an official letter published by The Bajan Reporter.

It seems that Dr. Denis Lowe and the DLP Democratic Labour Party have a little problem with credibility. Well, maybe not such a little problem.

Judge for yourself at the BR story: Denis Lowe’s qualifications & The DLP: At Cross Roads and in Crisis


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6 responses to “Resume vs Reality: Environment Minister Denis Lowe

  1. Caleb M. Pilgrim

    it is customary for some to question the academic qualifications of others. Re your “Resume vs. Reality: Environmental Minister Denis Lowe”, the BR related article, Dr. Lowe’s dissertation, and its title which some would seem to require, sceptics might perhaps have referred to the standard Dissertation Abstracts, ProQuest, or one of the other engines and to … ”Social Climate in Integrated Schools: A Comparative Study of Social Interaction in Alternative and Neighbourhood Elementary Schools”, Lowe, Denis Stephenson, Ed.D, University of Cincinnatti, 1989, 175 pages, ID # 8917962.

    We do not know that this is the same Dr. Denis Lowe you referenced, but a copy of the dissertation can be purchased for between US $31.00, and hardback US $75.00. Arguably, your time and space might have been better diverted to ascertain what Dr. Lowe’s specific plans are for the Ministry of the Environment, and the many problems that confront him, now that he is back in office … and your recommendations?

    Dr. Caleb M. Pilgrim

  2. Ouch, spam filter locked my defense?

  3. Caleb M. Pilgrim

    Everyone knows that a fact is capable of objective verification. I would normally have declined to respond to Mr. Bourne, because in another context he had purported to respond to a series of facts I offered, with a series of his opinions. He was incapable of distinguishing between “fact” and “opinion”. But, as the late New York Senator Daniel P. Moynihan would have said: “everyone is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts”.

    On the narrower issue you raised (dissertation, title, etc,) what UC says is easily verifiable by contacting them (as your contributor already did), or checking on their list of Ph.Ds awarded by that University, the dissertation title, etc, etc …. Perhaps “fact”, not “opinion”.

    But, beyond such trivia, the more rsubstantive, relevant question yet remains: what specific plans for the Environment – and what are your (Mr. Bourne et al) recommendations re the Environment and related environmental issues?

    Dr. Caleb M. Pilgrim

  4. I think both Free Press and myself made it clear what we’d LIKE to see happen viz. Graeme Hall Sanctuary – for Gov’t, whichever party, to accept their true responsibility and to the right thing and make Graeme Hall a national park!

    Fix the sluice with flotation/weights so the residue which must ebb & flow depends on tides and not whims of humans under whichever aegis, are these not an initial concern of the Environment?

    Has the public not seen my guidelines and ideas while with Sanitation where matters of an environmental nature were not Common Knowledge?

    I think you are being facetious Dr Pilgrim with regards to recommendations, I made similar suggestions directly to Dr Lowe after the January 2009 opening of the SSA’s Reed Street facility in front of Permanent Secretary Lionel Weekes. It was shortly thereafter I was accused of joining SSA for political favour at 2005 and therefore I would not be an advantage to the current regime?

    So any repetition of any ideas or plans I have would make the likelihood of my urinating upwind and not spattering my slack’s hemlines a far more successful endeavour than offering my environmental beliefs to entities who may already have a conclusion not far from concrete? Set and thoroughly mixed…

  5. Lakes

    The situation here is the truthfulness of the qualifications. We all know that in the great US of A you can buy theses and qualifications. Don’t get tie up, Lowe either as the degrees or he does not. Why did he claim that he has a BA from God’s Bible College on the DLP site and then have it write up as if all came from one college. Why do the subjects change so often. Why did he say he was head of a psychiatric unit and he was not. How come none you can have a thesis in education and school for a doctoral degree and yet end up as a clinical psychologist. I thought all of your courses will have to be in clinical psychology. Ask any of the clinical psychologist in Barbados if Lowe belong to their body or ask anybody if they ever use his service. Anybody can set up a company that don’t mean that they does do any business. The question to be answered is does Denis Lowe have the qualifications, Is he a clinical psychologist or did he come back to Barbados pad up he qualifications cause as a poor black man he want to get through and trick we. The truth need to be found out.