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Can Barbados produce an Electric Cycle for the world?

CameronEV – Electric Vehicles rejects substandard shoddy bikes

Will CameronEV set up manufacturing in Barbados?

We’ve followed the adventures our friend David Cameron for 2 years as he performed real world testing of electric bicycles in Barbados. David’s company CameronEV – Electric Vehicles is based in Ottawa Canada, and every four or five months he arrives in Bim with new technology and bigger plans.

BFP readers followed Cameron’s struggles to make it up Sugar Hill in 2009 and then guffawed in 2010 when he claimed he’d driven 176kms on the island for the sum total of one US dollar. That is, we laughed until we realized he’d done just that. Hmmmmmm… kind of makes the old blue Toyota look like the pig that it is!

We watched with surprise last April as David arrived in Hastings at a certain night spot with a pretty girl on the back and immediately collected a fairly substantial crowd of onlookers who were fascinated with the electric bike. (Clive shifted his attention to the bike too when he discovered that the lady in question was Mrs. Cameron. Hey… nice to see that Clive has some scruples left!)

“There is a cultural shift happening – solo BMW 4×4 drivers are the new smokers.”

Late in 2010, Cameron Industries (Barbados) was born with the goal of helping Barbados to go green – but as we saw earlier this year in March during David’s big test report, the quality of Electric-assisted bikes, well, sucks.

There are design and manufacturing problems with waterproofing of electrical components, corrosion of parts in our salt air and other issues that David can’t seem to solve no matter which supplier he looks to.

The David Cameron solution? Design and build better quality Electric bikes – and build them here in Barbados if possible.

Government MP Stephen Lashley, BlackBerry, BMWs

Dave has plans. Big plans. The world is changing. Economical and reliable personal transportation is part of that change. There is a cultural shift happening – solo BMW 4×4 drivers are the new smokers. It will take time, but eventually conspicuous consumption and waste of energy will be looked at with disdain. Solo drivers of gas-guzzlers are the new smokers.

We have to live smaller. That doesn’t mean living inconveniently or without the freedom and economic benefits that come from access to personal transportation – but we can no longer afford the cost, waste and abuse of resources that it takes to drive a big 4×4 solo for every trip. Even if individuals can afford to drive their BMW 4x4s everywhere, we as a society can’t afford it.

From the website of CameronEV Electric Vehicles

Rejection of Electric Vehicles made in the Far-East, India, the EU and North America; and the way ahead for the future.

Coupled with our research and testing in Canada and Barbados, CameronEV-Electric Vehicles attempt to obtain suitable units has proved to be totally futile from the current suppliers.

In the interests of our clients, CameronEV-Electric Vehicles will not order the units that are available due to the substandard quality of product and manufacturer service available.

The outcome of having no new units for 2011 is a reality.

The way-ahead…. Continue reading


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Arrest in Hit-Run death of Carson Morris, Bajan son

Over the weekend Fayetteville Police near the US Army’s Fort Bragg arrested a local man for the April 23, 2011 hit and run death of a Barbados son serving in the US Army. 35 year-old Staff Sergeant Carson Morris was killed while riding his motorcycle. The other driver fled the scene of the accident, leaving the US Army 17 year veteran dying on the pavement.

Carson Morris was born in Barbados and joined the US Army at 18 years old. He served at US Army posts in Germany, California, Texas, South Korea and Fort Bragg, North Carolina (Home of the US Special Forces Operations) where he died. Morris was buried in Barbados on May 6, 2011.

Carson Morris is survived by his wife, Tarika; four sons, Jalen, Ephraim, Jaden and Ian Morris; his daughter, Naja; his mother, Eula O. Morris of Freehold; his father, Carson M. Morris of Freehold; his brothers, Paul Jones of Ontario, Canada, and Brian Edghill of Freehold; his sister, Sandra and husband Jeff Padmore of Boston; his sister, Signa Valerie Jones-Friday and husband Bernard Friday of Ontario; his sister, Sonia Schwartz of Freehold; his sister, Nancy Burnham of Barbados; his sister, Cherryann Brome of Barbados; his sister, Shernel Morris and husband Sye Strong of Freehold; and numerous other aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins.

Our heartfelt condolences to Carson’s family and friends.

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