Jamaican Prime Minister alleges dirty tricks in Barbados airline war

PM Golding says Barbados “held up” Caribbean Airlines aircraft in “aggressive action”

The REDjet saga continues with the Jamaican Prime Minister accusing Barbados of harassing a Caribbean Airlines aircraft at Grantley Adams International Airport.

“What I’m told took place two days ago when a Caribbean Airlines plane was held up, I don’t want to use the word detained, in Barbados and the suspicion is that it is an aggressive action, and I hope it is not, because that is not the way we in Caricom should resolve our issues.”

PM Golding to The Gleaner: Red Jet Row Heightens


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29 responses to “Jamaican Prime Minister alleges dirty tricks in Barbados airline war

  1. sam cooke and duppy

    next thing he will also claim that they finger raped the plane’s engine

  2. PMAJC

    i know Civil Aviation department is just doing their job, but its about time to play hard ball. Jamaica is just following Trinidad, they need to do whats right.
    jack just thought he would get some money out of this deal.

  3. Caricon

    Ridiculous posturing from Golding. It seems the one sure fire wire to gain political kudos in Jamaica right now is to pretend to be vexed with Barbados. What an idiot.

  4. Roots

    First time i know there was an airline war….hmmmm semantics lol. Anyways these backward comments from leaders get us no where, ask Bruce where the action is? What is he doing to facilitate Caricom, regional integration of a resolution of the matter itself?

  5. 32

    having sold air Jamaica to the trinidadians, and being told what to do by kamliar , Golding is trying to hold on to his manhood in the jamaicans’ eyes by spouting rhetoric. eithier that or he hanging round the fumes of Jamaica’s finest.
    Please remember both Air Jamaica and BWIA/CAL have bee disignated Barbados national carriers in past.
    If he wants to cuss somebody let him cuss Jack Warner, but it much easier to cuss us cause we have a government running on auto pilot

  6. J. Payne

    lol. Is he smoking something a little irregular? I think he gives himself/Jamaica a little too much credit. Is there anybody in Barbados studying what going on in Jamaica besides Owen Arthur?

  7. Bulldozer

    I feel so hurt when an ass like Bruce Golding that killed his own people by refusing to make a damn decision in relation to a big drug trafficker, remember Dudus Coke and who has refused to join the C.C.J, wanting his final appellant court, now has the testicular fortitude to accuse Barbados of such ignorance. What hurts even more is that our own blasted government with a leader that is secluded and shut-up in his own back yard does not DEFEND the interest of Barbados, so no wonder other Leaders across CARICOM can make sport at Barbados. Most of these leaders have been so disappointed I think that they have been burying their heads too far up their arses, smelling their own shit, whilst Golding has the benefit of smelling his with some good Jamaican weed

  8. BGI

    I presume the aircraft in question underwent some sort of standard ramp inspection? The only way the aircraft would have been “detained” was if there was something our of order, either with the aircraft paperwork, or a safety item, or such like. This would require some sort of communication to CAL Engineering or Flight Ops in Trinidad for a copy of the paperwork to be faxed up here, or for some sort of arrangement to correct the missing item(s).

    Ramp inspections are a fact of life, and usually are non-items (unless something if found). For the PM of Jamaica to complain about a carrier from Trinidad being “detained” is just stoopid – why didn’t CAL Management, or the T’dad CAA, or the Line Minister for Aviation (who is that again?), or finally the PM of T’dad herself. But a comment from Jamaica? Is Bruce on Kamlas payroll now, that he has to do the dirty work?

  9. BGI

    And lest we forget the earlier comment – that B’dos is on autopilot, and no one here will have any intelligent statement on the matter until the PM comes back from vacation..I mean, China.

  10. Undertaker

    @ Bulldozer
    June 12, 2011 at 11:46 pm
    You are so correct!

    “because that is not the way we in Caricom should resolve our issues.” – what utter rubbish. Thanks to the management style of this current gov’t we have indeed become the stepping stone of the caribbean. Barrow, Adams, Arthur even Thompson with his limited time would not stand for the crap that is happening to us.

  11. Truth Be Told

    I am sorry but as a Bajan I am ashamed of our government for allowing itself to be used in this fashion by these foreigners from Ireland with two old jets trying to destroy regional air travel so they can rape the area. Stuart and Sealy are hiding on this because they know they do not have the moral high ground. Redjet is a farce. Did the DLP really learn nothing from the ICA/Lakker fiasco of the 1970s? $10 tickets are not sustainable and are intended for one purpose only – clearing the deck of the competition (Caribbean Airlines, Air Jamaica and Liat). Let us not forget that before Redjet/AirOne came to Barbados they where first trying to setup in Jamaica and failed. It is time the Barbados Government show some self-respect and stop being made a tool and a fool.

  12. The Watcher

    Really now. Barbados is harassing Caribbean Airlines?
    We have the RIGHT to!
    No Excuses either!
    When Trinidad, whose economy we prop up buying their sub-standard trashy goods,and Jamaica, who’s economy will probably slump, officially as they probably sell stuff we can’t trade or make mention of on the world markets, should we stem the flow of their prostitutes to our shores, start to posture about what we, a SOVEREIGN nation does with-in our borders then I suggest that we REVOKE Caribbean Airlines landing rights until RedJet is allowed full access to the Jamaica and Trinidad routes. RedJet is not ours as far as I know. I don’t even think that Barbados has an investment in the business. This to my mind shows how myopic and blissfully ignorant both Trinidadians and their northern counterparts are, not to mention grudgeful in a most Bajan meaning.I support every action to level the playing field and call on our government to take an unusual step, that step is to take a very strong stand against Trinidad and Jamaica. Barbados for Barbadians first and foremost. No more “scabicle” Jamacians, no more Trade Confirmers no more Clico!
    Make us the electorate proud and show us that there is something good you are willing to do for this country!

  13. Fence Sitter

    Wait Jamaicans know something ’bout Caricom?????? There’s a t’ing neh…

  14. Visitor

    The prime minister of Jamaica did not say that exactly what happened he was just commenting on words that he heard. He did say that “…he hopes that is not the case..” Blame not Jamaica for being pissedwith CARICOM. CARICOM seems to only benefit Trinidad mainly and then Barbados. CARICOM isnot doing what it is set up to do and i for one believe that CARICOM is a waste of time. It crushes all other islands to develope others.

  15. Not fooled

    And Fruendel……ain,t saying NOTHING !

    Fruendel we need an…..ANSWER !

    Fruendel…….ain,t saying a PING or a PANG !

    Wuhloss…tooo sweet !

  16. 191

    Caricom…A well thought out idea that died with the Original thinkers. A major waste now as there is no equality whatsoever. There is still the crab in a barrel mentality and it is so true only some benefit from it and others suffer unfathomable deprivation yet they pay their dues. Trinidad stop bullying your brothers and sister. Bruce Golding SHUT THE HELL UP!! Go clean out yuh damn closet and get your Lips off Caribbean Airlines Ass. Its only 16% your a nobody. Fight for the best interest of your own people, but then again that would mean you would be doing something good and not corrupted. Oops thats not possible. I am Jamaican!!

  17. 126

    Golding is an idiot, I hope no one in Govt. answers that fool.

  18. BGI

    @Truth Be Told of June 13:

    Truth be told, the reason they failed in Jamaica was that they were looking to set up when the sale of Air Jamaica was still on the table, It was clear that no investor would have been happy to buy into a loss-making Government airline like JM when the same Government was allowing a new entrant into the market – the fortunes of JM would have been further devalued and messed up the deal.

    Check your facts

  19. Fence Sitter

    According to the S&P, these are the top 10 nations least likely to pay back debts :
    1. Greece (CCC rating)
    2. Jamaica (B-)
    3. Ecuador (B-)
    4. Pakistan (B-)
    5. Grenada (B-)
    6. Fiji (B-)
    7. Belarus (B)
    8. Argentina (B)
    9. Belize (B)
    10. Ghana (B)

    Golding should be more concerned about this……Don’t see Barbados up in dey…

  20. yatinkiteasy

    @ Fencesitter …No…we have a BBB- rating…small comfort!

  21. Seems the focus is on Red Jet…But BFP what do the people think about the policies of the Govt? We were told they were working, today we find out we get downgrade yet again and the gov’t is surprised.

    So from a booming economy with an un-employment rate lower than 7% to exchange rate pressure in 3+ years.. Seems the BLP was right.

    Red Jet will get it’s license but we have more serious issues to deal with..The high taxation and high prices “experiement” has failed. We need a real economist at the helm!

  22. J. Payne

    @Jigga Man. The DLP could do like the BLP and sell everything to balance their budget too. BLP was telling DLP to sell the rest of BNB to avoid the raise in VAT.

  23. J. Payne

    @Jigga Man. Look at it this way. If you had a million dollars and the Barbados government told you they wanted to borrow it, and said you’d be paid back, would you trust the Barbados government and loan them your money?

  24. Jigga Man

    Hey J. Payne the way I see it, I have to pick the lesser of two evils and I was told by this government less prices and better living conditions. I am now paying way higher taxes and I have less savings in the bank because I am using that money to pay bills

    Electric Bill, Land Tax, Gas Bill, Water Bill, Road Tax, Medical Bills, Food from the Supermarket…and the list goes on. So instead of having money to save and sometimes treat my family all that money and my savings are going in bills I have had to dip into insurance savings to bail my family out from some of these bills. We were heavily taxed in the last budget and told that would help. They are now telling me they are “surprised” at the down grade. Each time they do something it is not properly thought through. They appoint a Chief Justice have to go back and change the law to make him legal. (What is the hold up their now). They tax travel and entertainment have to go back and make amendments. The way I see it some will be for the BLP, some will be for the DLP. I am in the middle, I am for whoever will help me and right now the DLP don’t have a clue what to do, so I will take my chances and polish my “X” for the next election.

    Yes I would lend them some of the money but I would put it in bonds (Payback guaranteed). The rest I have to hold to pay the taxes. I am all taxed out!………… Is the Minister a trained Economist? check the qualifications!! (” Bachelor of Arts, Masters of Science degree in International Trade Policy” ) all well and good but we need a trained Economist at this point. He is well trained but so far I see no bright sparks to get this economy going
    This is 2011 not 1980’s we are dealing with an 7 to 8 billion dollar economy not a householder’s salary. Dem got to go, I keeping Suckoo, Kellman, Brathwaite, Blackett, Jones. M. Lashley and Estwick(he dus keep naff noise) for some sort of balance. The rest got to go. You can find me at http://www.wegetdebullah.com or http://www.wegettrick.com

  25. Anomynuss

    Jamaica is now mostly owned by Trinidadians, so Bad Bruce must do as he is told. He rants and rages 1,200 miles away while Trinidad next door has nothing to say? Who is wagging THAT dog’s tail?

  26. Fence Sitter

    @yatinkiteasy..In light of recent events that’s a whole nudda story! Don’t start me up on that one LOL!

  27. Tyap Con Carne

    wuhloss! Jamaicans saying it is about airline safety and redjet don’t prove themselves safe yet. If it aint this it is that. They don’t want Redjet and they do anything say anything to keep them out.

  28. Thomas Magnum, PI

    Up Yours Anastasia Beaverhausen/Zbornak/Petrillo/Devereaux – REDjet in yu Nen’nen: “The new Transport Minister confirms that REDjet now has clearance to fly to Trinidad.” http://bit.ly/rbTldq

  29. Thomas Magnum, PI

    Free Press? Good News… Concerning REDjet!