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Human Feces use in food agriculture no worse than animal feces – or, just as bad!

by Dr. Robert D. Lucas

Special to Barbados Free Press

In the 5th.of June Edition of the ‘Nation” newspaper, there was an article by Mr. Matthew Farley entitled: “Spain blamed.” Farley seemed to be concerned about the use of human feces in the growth of agricultural produce by the Chinese, while conceding the fact that, animal manures are used locally in agricultural production.

Nowhere in his article is it stated whether or not human feces were used in the cultivation of vegetables for salads in the current outbreak of food-borne illnesses in Europe. In the final paragraph of his article Farley urges Caribbean peoples to be cautious when growing vegetables using non-traditional methods. I have some comments to make on the above, but before I do so, I will review some aspects of food microbiology and food safety. Continue reading


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