Ian Bourne’s Bajan Reporter “Account Suspended”

Visitors to The Bajan Reporter news website this morning were greeted with a screen announcing “Account Suspended”. Calls to Mr. Bourne’s home were unanswered as of 3:10am. (Just kidding!)

Did he forget to pay a small internet hosting invoice? Has he decided to quit journalism for a full time job at Chefette or KFC? (There go the profits!) Has the government finally decided that they just can’t take anymore of Bourne’s journalism with integrity?

Stay tuned folks! No doubt Mr. Bourne will make an announcement after breakfast when he fires up the old PC and says, “Huh?”


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9 responses to “Ian Bourne’s Bajan Reporter “Account Suspended”

  1. yatinkiteasy

    Website worked fine for me at 8.05 am.

  2. Thanks, yatinkiteasy, there was a Glitch – it back up; appreciate the watch out… I live to fight another day! LOL, will be analysing the so-called cabinet change and adding documents which give it a whole new light… A source sent me very intriguing research, h’mmm!

  3. Klatoo

    Bajan Reporter is back on the internet. I was down at 530 this morning but back now. What happened?

  4. Klatoo

    Glad Ian didn’t dump reportering for his night job at KFC!


  5. Software hitch – I will also be having up soon a discussion from Sherbourne on Palestine & Middle East with a former Terrorist now Christian & Sabir Nakhuda debating on Sharia Law

  6. http://bit.ly/itH8KVThe only change was to have Kellman as Industry Minister while Lowe holds Environment again without Water Resources, why is he not being let near this portfolio? Is it to keep him innocent of any charges of wrongdoing as recently asserted by St Michael North East MP, Mia Mottley?

  7. 113

    yes Ian i have the information as well,there is a Dotor Boobee within Primeminister’s Stuart cabinet i am going to leave no stone unturn in insuring that this information reaches the public,this is a clear act of fraud dishonesty and tantomount to lying,it isn’t DR David Eskwick neither is it DR Esther Byer-Suckoo what is your GUESS?

  8. Read my article, I have the evidence as PDF 😉

  9. Environmental Planner

    Aw thats mean!