Must be Hurricane season: Barbados weather radar is down again

UPDATED July 28, 2011

Still not working … Doppler Radar is now 5 months, and 3 months for the Rawinsonde/Weather Balloon system still not fully operational – and we are now 2 months into the Hurricane Season.”

BFP reader David G. Brooks

“Why don’t things ever work around here?”

With submissions from “BA”…

Can anyone explain why the Barbados Doppler Radar information is not available on the web? Am I missing a site where it works? I would appreciate a response with the hurricane season now on us.

and from “X5″…

Barbados weather radar was last working on March 1, 2011, at least that’s the last upload to the Barbados Meteorological Services website.

The last “Barbados Four Day Forecast” was updated on the website on “08th Feburary 2011” (that’s what it says), although there is a current 4-Day Marine forecast.

I guess all the excitement of putting the weather imagery online for everybody to see was just some kind of PR stunt with no real commitment from Mr. Lovell and the Barbados Meteorological Service. It lasted a little over two months, that’s all.

Why don’t things ever work around here? Why can’t we get results from our taxes and government employees? As BFP says, “Same old, same old.”

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27 responses to “Must be Hurricane season: Barbados weather radar is down again

  1. Why doesn’t anything work right in Barbados? It is because we put a lot of square pegs in round holes. When things get done straight in Barbados everything will improve.

  2. J. Payne

    In the rush to get rid of everything “British” standards went out the window too.

  3. Iriebrown

    Well said J.Payne.

  4. bajeabroad

    It is laughable that on a 21×14 rock with 300,000 people which is smaller than countless cities around the world that we can’t fix these recurring problems!

    Man it’s a damn shame!

  5. The Watcher

    The radar is down? I am surprised that it was ever up.
    You see, when small-minded, white-mouthed, pailing-cocks in the public service cant get their way and have some monument built to themselves, they behave like errant schoool-children, pouting and displaying passive aggression. The radar belongs to whom-ever is the Met Director, and you have no right to see or have access to images that come from it unless you are his friend or appointee. Let it stay down. I’ve got a CB and that network never goes down. Just tired of these ignorant old public servants who need to go home and …
    The MET aint know s**t anyway cause their old ways of doing things and interpreting weather went out when dinasours went extinct!

  6. J. Payne

    Actually you saw a reoccurring problem of the Barbados government. They create sites that are sometimes up, sometimes down, and often times put up and never update again. The Minister of Agriculture has the updated imagery at

  7. Klatoo

    Mr. Payne: the Min of Agriculture has satellite imagery but no weather radar imagery on their website. They have a link for weather radar, but like de government it broke!

  8. I have been posting this to all the weather/tropical storm blogs I can find or use from time to time … some of its already covered above, but still I would quote the whole thing.

    I just wanted to alert everyone that our (Barbados) new Doppler Radar has not been working for the last 3 months or so, last image data posted was on March 1st., and we only managed to get the local met. authorities to get it online very late last year – after Tomas went through us and it wasn’t working properly then either.

    The system has been producing imagery since late 2008 and its 3 year warranty runs out later this year and we still have not seen ‘return on the EU loan’ that funded the project. Our Met. Office’s attitude as quoted last week in one local paper – Barbados Today – on the subject was like we did without for all this time, we can continue to make do (with the radar out of Martinique nearly 150 miles away). So much for serious consideration and disaster preparedness.

    Furthermore the Rawinsonde/Radiosonde ground equipment at our local Met. Office, located at the Grantley Adams Int’l. Airport (GAIA), has not been working either for about 6 weeks, so no sonde data had been posted by TBPB/78954 station since the later half of April. Its awaiting some part. This missing data has the NHC/NWS obviously concerned because of the strategic position of Barbados being the most easterly of the Caribbean islands. raobs/raobs_world.html raobs/78954/latest.html

    I have written letters to the locals newspapers with some success in getting it published, tried various avenues, some could be promising but bureaucratic inertia could be an issue, so I decided to go full open on this and warn all concerned.

  9. I should also note that after making some waves on this subject last weekend, I shortly thereafter found that my long standing (10+ years) weather related web site – – was hacked causing Yahoo & Google to warn that my site was dangerous, an regular users reported that anti-virus like Norton, etc. was flagging/blocking my site, since it got black-listed. Its been since fixed and further precautions taken. Coincidence? Your guess is as good as mine.

  10. BFP: Didn’t you guys see my post under Open Discussion last week …

    David G. Brooks
    June 3, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    More on Barbados Doppler Radar – see back (54) – Barbados Today.

    Check out the ‘attutude’ of the Met. Office … “we did without all this time, we can do without for a while longer”.

  11. This is the archive link at Barbados Today,as the above only seems to carry you to the latest edition.

    Its the 02 06 11 Evening Edition – back page.

  12. What I cannot understand is that, with the exception of Barbados Today, none of our local journalist seem to want to take on the Met. Office. Is it taboo? What?

    Its our lives and the lives in the other islands – St. Vincent & the Grenadines, St. Lucia and Dominica – that rely on our Met. Office for warnings and watches.

  13. David G. Brooks

    Deafening SILENCE!

  14. The daily melanistic malfunctions of life on this rock.

    Met Office is a law unto itself.

    What ‘She’ says goes, with no regard to residents on Erdiston’s perimeters.

    And by the looks of it,
    Queen Elizabeth Hospital is its own little regime, too.

    You just doan understand how dis place running?

    Try getting your prescription filled at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Dispensary!
    You need ID. That’s OK BUT.. all Barbados Governments documents are not equal as I soon discovered.

    Barbados Birth Certificate? LOL!
    Barbados Drivers License? LOL again.

    No SIR -only a Barbados National ID card will do, and maybe a valid Barbados passport.
    Anything else is CHOPPED LIVER!

    Barbados is so backward: so many Barbados Government institutions operate under their own quaint little 20th. Century rules and protocols, decidedly customer-UNfriendly.

    There is no coherent Identification Policy that they all use.
    That would be far too simple!

    Daily frustrations and malfunctions are all around us.
    They’re now so routine most people ignore them entirely!
    NOT good for maintaining standards.
    No wonder Moody’s took our play-play currency down a notch today!
    The TT Dollar is worth more (on the ground, in Trinidad!)

  15. The Doppler Radar still down … 4 months now – 4-5 months to go before the 3-year warranty runs out.

    The Radiosonde (Weather Balloon) system moving into its 8 week of non-operation … this data feeds forecast & hurricane tracking models and is very important considering the geographical position of Barbados in the Tropical Atlantic.

    But who cares, certainly not the Met Office. Not even high level officials can get things going, and the Minister of Agriculture, under whom the Met Office resides, is being fed information that is months old and taking it hook, line & sinker, as if it just happened.

  16. Still not working … Doppler Radar is now 5 months, and 3 months for the Rawinsonde/Weather Balloon system still not fully operational – and we are now 2 months into the Hurricane!?!

  17. Colin L Beadon

    Well you see me. I don’t need or want anything more than a couple Barometer readings from my walls and a peek at NOAA when I feel like it.
    I don’t want to have to read through hours of weather reports. You still can’t beat a good Barometer in the end.

  18. michael

    People!first of all the Rawinsonde Operations are the property of the US Government.All the equipment at the site near Paragon is the property of the US Government.They supply ALL the parts when they become defective.Right now there is a problem with getting a part for the hydrogen generator .The US Government has a number of these upper air stations in the Caribbean and are also responsible for them.It is is not the Met.Office nor the Bdos Government fault that it is not working ,they only supply the staff.As far as the Radar is concerned,and as far as I was made to understand,the problem lies with the fact that being partially enclosed,some of the more sensitive parts are are being exposed to excessive moisture,resulting in some of them being rendered useless.The problem lies with the experts who built it in the first place.

  19. J. Payne

    @Michael. The French one is up. ( ) If what you say is correct, perhaps it is time to switch vendors.

  20. J. Payne

    Actually, it has a piece of St. Lucia (to the south) included in the one for Martinique. —

  21. Karl Watson

    Anybody with inter net connections can access the radar from Martinique via meteo france…it will show you in real time what is actually taking place vis a vis precipitation..that’s what I used last year to keep me informed about the movement of Tomas and it’s what I will use in the next day or so to inform me about the movement and intensity of Invest 91 which in all probability will be Emily soon…it will in all likelihood go north of Barbados, but it’s a bit too early to say that with any precision, as the centre of circulation is located in the southern part of the cloud system that we can see presently on satellite images. A jog or a shift to a more westerly direction will put us in the firing line.

  22. Carson C. Cadogan

    My daughter leaves Barbados to live and work in Japan. This is the beginning of her story.

  23. Fleur

    So why should Bajans and visitors who do not understand meterology be left without a reliable weather warning system. It could put lives at risk especially when the local media is sometimes hesitant to warn the public of an impending storm.

  24. Coastwatcher

    Radar? Why don’t we have proper sewage treatment facilities? Why does the power vary from 195 volts to 247 volts in 5 minutes and destroy equipment? Why doesn’t clean water come out of the faucet in my home?

  25. Zoe

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