Where did the money go? Barbados Media Disaster Relief Fund

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The above photo was sent anonymously to Barbados Free Press with the message “Remember 180 thousand”

As with everything you read here or at the New York Times – take it with some salt, but let’s hear what folks have to say about the subject of the Codrington family survivors and the Barbados Media Disaster Relief Fund.



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5 responses to “Where did the money go? Barbados Media Disaster Relief Fund

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  2. BFP

    Should have said “click the photo”. We’ll fix. Thanks!

  3. Johnny Postle

    It certainly aint went to relieve the Donavare family. What a releif

  4. Mrs Postle? Notttttt

    Just sent a photo which shows the last part of the letter which states “the fund have never received any requests for Doniko Codrington…..”

    @ Johhny Postle the fact that the fund was not used to assist the Donavere Family is a relief to you…but what would be a relief to us is if everyone would stop thinking that we did….

  5. Johnny Postle

    @ Mrs Postle
    Well hello there baby. SO sorry you took my last statement wrong. It was not a negative to the family but merely a play on words with respect to the relief fund not relieving the family but probably the pockets of thiefing bunch of high flyers. So i said….what a relief….
    Hope that clears the air baby. The Postle who is a Johnny