Water main gushes for five days – Barbados Water Authority does nothing

There is a break in the water mains on the road Durants Fairways, in Christ Church. This is just below the Golf Club. Water has been gushing from this break for the past five days. This is a great loss of water. It is also flooding out the area downstream.

I tried for days to get in touch by phone with the Water Authority. It seems they have taken all the phones off the hook, as they just ring busy: even the manager’s phone. I contacted the water resources department, Mr Small on Wednesday June 1st, and explained that no one was at the Probyn St location, due to Industrial Cleaning of the building. He promised to pass the message about the burst pipe along.

Nothing has been done.

This is incredible. The BWA is responsible for fixing these burst pipes, but you can`t even communicate with them!

So, are the people doing any work, or is this just another paid vacation for them?

Is anyone in charge over there?

sign me Totally Disgusted.

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6 responses to “Water main gushes for five days – Barbados Water Authority does nothing

  1. X

    didn’t I read about that cleaning weeks ago? How long have they taken to clean the Probyn Street office?

  2. J. Payne

    I fear one day BWA might start patching more of these water leaks, and may suddenly realize some water sources which they thought were underground springs (all these years) might just be escaped piped water. In the back of my mind I cant help but think, what if we find out that Barbados is a bit more parched than we thought? Barbados can ill-afford another Desal. plant under the same (or similar) terms as the current one.

  3. yatinkiteasy

    Attention Oistins Health Dept…pools of water at Durants from this break are now breading millions of mosquitos! Stop looking at my yard for breeding spots!

  4. Poitically Tired

    Probably fix it tomorrow (Sunday) double pay?

  5. Rose Art

    Well the Minister of Water and Drainage was on the TV saying he knows about Billhawks turtles, what the hell do you expect if that is the quality of the ministers in this government.

  6. yatinkiteasy

    Was fixed .Sunday I believe.