Bob Verdun “In deep trouble” – $650,000 judgment for defamation

“Canadian Jury found Verdun acted with malice”

We’re not 100% sure, but it looks like the Bob Verdun in this defamation lawsuit reported in Canadian newspapers is the same Bob Verdun who is a frequent visitor to Barbados and an investor in business and real estate on the island. The Bob Verdun we’ve covered in the past is a Canadian from the Kitchener area, and so is the Verdun in the Toronto Star defamation article. (Now we’re sure because we see Mr. Verdun’s photo on his blog:

“Verdun, who sold his paper to Torstar in 1999, represented himself at the trial.”

(What was that saying about representing yourself? Oh yes: It was  “an idiot for a lawyer and a fool for a client.”)

Could there be two persons from Kitchener named “Bob Verdun”? Sure there could, and we’re just as sure that one of our readers will have the answer! (ANSWERED: It’s the same Bob Verdun)

“One of the largest aggravated damages awards in Canadian history.”

“I expect this will work out but I can’t make any comment,” Verdun tells Law Times. “I am under an interim court order that prevents me from saying absolutely anything about him. I can say absolutely nothing. You can draw your own conclusions. I am muzzled.”

… from Law Times News article Landmark ruling in libel suit

Here’s what the Canadian papers are saying about Bob Verdun and then some links to a few of our past stories. The photo above is from our past story and we stole borrowed it from Ian Bourne at Bajan Reporter.

Somewhere in small town Ontario was a man who also thought he was holding a CEO to account. Except Bob Verdun isn’t a politician or a prosecutor. He’s a former publisher of the Elmira Independent and is now in very deep trouble.

Back in 2004, Verdun had a problem with the appointment of veteran insurance executive Robert Astley to the board of BMO Financial Services, alleging his involvement with the Clarica Life Insurance Company and its role in the development of a controversial Waterloo recreation complex made him unfit for the job.

After denouncing Astley at shareholders’ meetings and in emails to BMO executives — among other places — things turned about as bad as they could for Verdun, the recipient of a prestigious Michener Award for meritorious public service journalism in 1990.

Astley sued for defamation, alleging Verdun’s attacks painted him as unethical, selfish and greedy.

This week, a Toronto jury found in Astley’s favour, awarding him $250,000 in general damages and $400,000 in aggravated damages.

The jury found Verdun acted with malice.

Astley, 65, currently chair of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, “is very pleased the litigation has come to a successful conclusion,” said Brian Radnoff, one of his lawyers.

… from the Toronto Star Newspaper article Bank director wins $650,000 in defamation suit against shareholder activist

Further Reading about Bob Verdun at BFP

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9 responses to “Bob Verdun “In deep trouble” – $650,000 judgment for defamation

  1. That is over and away, back home in Barbados? The Judicial Manager for CLICO & BAICO dodges better than Neo in the Matrix – many investors and policyholders are still enraged… Full story in my Business segment.

  2. Zol

    Yeah it is definitely the same guy. Bob Verdun is also on our Board of Directors at 1 King west in Toronto. Bob Verdun is been involved with the controversial Developer Harry Stinson. Glad to see Verdun had his day in court. Lesson here is; don’t mess with the Big Boys, especially when you don’t have the facts to back up your allegations, and especially don’t be so full of yourself to presume you can be a litigator without an iota of experience. Let the pro’s handle that. Being a penny pincher when you enter the major league only ends up as a train wreck. Another pointer, it is always a good idea to show up in court in proper attire. Looking like a homeless man on Younge Street doesn’t help. Just My opinion. Maybe Barbados may look pretty good as a full time resident for Mr Verdun, especially when creditors start seizing your assets in Canada.

  3. Scooby Doo

    What you should also ask is, is it not a conflict of interest for a man to be director of a major bank one minute, then the next be the Chair of the Canadian national pension fund investment, which would give him authority to guide investments to wherever.

    Just saying.

  4. Scooby Doo

    The only thing more scary than this incestuous and systemic type of relationship between large corporations directorships and major institutions of either governing or fiduciary positions, is that this has not been picked up on, either by the Toronto Star or your blog.

    This type of relationship is akin to a director of a large pharmaceutical company leaving to run the FDA, note there was even a previous situation where one even returned to the original position.


  5. Rose Art

    Scooby Doo is that you Bob, I thought the Courts in Toronto had an injunction preventing you from continuing to injure the defamed person? Bob Vendun is a waste of time and I must agree he does look like a homeless bum from the streets of TO

  6. smooth chocolate

    so what point r u trying to make? who cares if one read on ur blog last week before Barbados Today? stupesssssssss. get real. in any case Barbados Today have more readers than barbadosfreepress. not only that, barbados today is more trust worthy. from the time u started that crap with the white woman who ‘owns’ kinsgland and suing tom, dick and harry – u lost many, many peope

  7. 31

    It is the same person who claims expertise in development and many other professions. As a person he is his own blow-horn and prints whatever he wants about others while touting his activities as a virtue.
    We could do him a favour by totally ignoring him, as a broken soul without a path.

  8. alan

    I’ve known Bob Verdun for over twenty years. He led the media charge to make both Uniroyal Chemical (now Chemtura) and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment accountable for their disasterous behaviour in Elmira, Ontario for which he and his newspaper won the Michener Award. Bob is a public interest activist in many fields including shareholder rights. Interestingly the City of Waterloo did sue Clarica after the Rim Park scandal which Mr. Astley was in charge of (President??) at the time. There were many allegations of criminal fraud over this multimillion dollar scam although no criminal charges were laid.

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