Russian billionaire Alexander Lebedev “Barbados bank laundered a billion dollars”

Barbados Louis D’Or Bank tied to Russian organized crime money laundering

“We possess a huge amount of [supporting] documentation: Fyodorov’s payments, transferring $2 million to Suren Yegiazaryan on Cyprus via the Louis D’Or Bank. His brother Ashot Yegiazaryan cleaned a minimum of $1 billion using the same bank on Barbados. The Yegiazaryan brothers obtained control of two banks in Moscow, the Moscow National Bank and UnikomBank. They withdrew several hundred million dollars. Moreover they’ve done deals with the Ministry of Finance and cleaned the money through the Louis D’Or Bank on Barbados.”

Russian billionaire Alexander Lebedev talks to RUSSIA! Blog about big time money laundering in Barbados and other concerns.

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12 responses to “Russian billionaire Alexander Lebedev “Barbados bank laundered a billion dollars”

  1. Weston

    There is no Louis D’Or bank operating in Barbados. This article should be removed.

  2. X

    Nor is there any entity with a similar name in the Corporate Affairs database of companies.

  3. PrettyPolly


    Am not too sure how much you can trust that CAIPO database. I just did a search on my 11 year old incorporated Barbadian company & it came back with zero!

  4. bajanauthor

    Company Report
    This is a credit report for LOUIS D’OR INVESTMENT BANK LTD last updated on 17 December 1999. To buy the full report use the option tabs below. You can either download the full report and then order an update or simply order an update. (Account clients should use the login tab).

    Please review report details below

    Report ID 406300 Company LOUIS D’OR INVESTMENT BANK LTD Building Whitepark House Street Whitepark Road Area PO Box Town Bridgetown Postcode Country Barbados Report Date 17 December 1999

  5. what will they think of next

    Who owns ‘White Park House”?

  6. civilsociety

    Pilgrim and Associates..their lawyers.

  7. J. Payne

    I see at least one other bank at that same address….
    “White Park House”. (See #13)

    Click to access INTERNATIONAL_BANKS_Apr_2011.pdf

  8. Anonymous

    OMG the sainted name of Barbados
    is now the tainted name of Barbados???

    How did that HAPPEN?

  9. what will they think of next

    is this the same “pilgrim” who is now bar assoc. president?

  10. Johnny Postle

    So what is new in the corruption talk concerning Barbados? Absolutely nothing and nothing is what will come out of all this talk. So unless someone is held accountable, charged and locked to shite up please do no bring any more corruption charges about nasty double standard Barbadian businessmen and politicians because it ain’t gine ever get anywhere.

  11. civilsociety

    Suzanne Stiller ran this bank when it was here.

  12. getreal

    Correction – Stiller set up the bank but left after set-up period. Simon Moll ran the bank after that. Understand the GoB shut it down under the management of Moll.