Mail Online asking if Simon Cowell and Andrew Lloyd Webber bailing on Paradise Beach development.

Last July we published the comments of Death Wish film director Michael Winner about what he described as the “bizarre saga” of the on-again, off-again Four Seasons / Paradise Beach development.

Then Avinash Persaud was quoted in The Nation News as saying that everything was okay with the Four Seasons project since the Barbados government issued a guarantee for $120 million – except that was apparently not enough money and the project needs more.

Now the Mail Online is saying that Simon Cowell and Andrew Lloyd Webber are rumoured to have cancelled and asked for the return of their deposits.

What’s the truth? Hey… this is Barbados, so who knows?

“Have Simon Cowell and Andrew Lloyd Webber finally lost patience with the troubled Paradise Beach development in Barbados and demanded their money back?

Six months ago developer Robin Paterson assured The Mail on Sunday that all was back on track and work had re-started at the site. Now, it appears, more refinancing is required.”

…full story at Mail Online Hothouse Property Gossip: Paradise postponed for Simon


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15 responses to “Mail Online asking if Simon Cowell and Andrew Lloyd Webber bailing on Paradise Beach development.

  1. rasta man

    Wonder where the money would come from for the refund?

  2. bajanne in vincy

    What say you Mr. Persaud…we ordinary Bajans have been hearing further rumours recently that back up this article. We may not be high-flyers but we can work out 2+ 2. Word on constructions sites around the world is that this project is shutting down for good sometime this month and that the backlash is going to be far-reaching so start running now.

  3. debt

    rumour has it that there is a $60 million US debt owed or guaranteed by the Barbados government and that needs to be cleaned up or assumed before
    all the regular problems and gamesmanship commence.

    If you are off your medication and contemplating suicide, here is one place to start. Unlike jumping off a building it will be slow and excruciatingly painful.

  4. yatinkiteasy

    And what about the famous Merrciks Development…5 star hotel..blah blah blah…just another photo op for Govt ministers.Those English crooks should never have been allowed to purchase that prime ocean front property in St Philip. When are we as a country going to wake up and pass laws that restrict foreign land ownership?

  5. bajanne in vincy

    Don’t so much have a problem with foreign land ownership, just think that some Government has to get smart and do it the right way…put in provisios like “you have to employ at least 75% locals to construct the project….and I don’t only mean line staff, I mean project managers, architects, QS’s etc.” also, “cannot remove any of our built or natural heritage in the process of construction” or else you can’t buy land here. What happened at Paradise with those lovely old trees was a travesty. God don’t like ugly. Hmmmm.

  6. Rose Art

    US$60 million GOB guarantee was nothing more than security to borrow money from Ansa McAl so that COW, Bizzy, Bjerkham and other big boys could collect debts owed to them when the project was put on hold on in 2009. Money for the boys again.


    USD$60M guarantee to a private entity. Cannot bere true. Pl..ees tell me not $60M. Where is the accountability, trasparency

  8. J. Payne

    @yatinkiteasy. Add to that Pickering Town…. I sent an email asking how the government plans to just ‘create’ a town centre in the north with no vision for it? I never heard a thing back! But as I said in the email Pickering Town needs something more that will develop it. If you’re going to access the PR news sites throughout the Americas like PRNewsWire you better have something more compelling to tell than just “I putting a town down there.” I suggested they construct it from the ground up to be the MOST eco-friendly *town* in the Caribbean. Not only that but at the centre or heart of the planning should be all clean industry (perhaps ICT). Things like Information technology parks and other forward thinking ideas.

    I gave as an example the old U.S. military base in Trinidad and Tobago that became a technology park ( ) and is underpinned by the then just founded University of Trinidad and Tobago. But this government don’t have any vision. They just waste tax payers money on half baked ideas. Like a couple weeks ago the idea of building a tall building in St. Lucy that people could just go up and look out. Barbados needs a technology an innovation park anyway! so this would have been a good agenda to look at. There could be an attempt to try integrate “grey water” (reusable water technologies) in a small controlled sandbox.

    The Bahamas has already started experimenting with eco-friendly developments on their Star Island.

    Article: In the Bahamas, Paradise Without Guilt – By BARBARA IRELAND
    Date: Published: January 9, 2009
    Source: – New York Times


    (SNIP) The goal is to turn the island, now home to nothing but sand, coral rock and trees, into the world’s first truly carbon-neutral resort island — uncompromisingly luxurious, but without any reliance on fossil fuels that add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. (end SNIP)

  9. J. Payne

    Sorry my comment did for yatinkiteasy.

  10. yatinkiteasy

    My predictions…Paradise will not be completed within the next 10 years, if ever.
    Neither will the “Pierhead Project”
    Neither will Merricks
    Pickering will be ghost town.
    Sam Lords will be revived after the Crane owners buy it.
    That monstrosity of a shopping and entertainment centre that Mr Altman is creating in Holetown, will go bust within 5 years.
    People who have money in Clico will not get back their money…ever
    Same for British American
    Barrack will die before the Govt pays him $60+ million.

  11. J. Payne

    @yatinkiteasy. I thought it might be a bit presumptuous to put so much high fashion boutiques on the west coast and Barbados doesn’t even have a proper fashion industry yet.

    Of curiosity why do you feel that “Lifestyle centre”at Holetown could go bust? (Mind the libel laws) but, I’m curious. Why you felt so?
    I guess those folks want to turn Barbados into a fashion capital? ( )

  12. yatinkiteasy

    @J Payne.
    No insider info, just a gut feeling, like all of my other predictions.

  13. sdf

    I understand Andrew Lloyd Webber is now committed to building again on Babados. Does anyone know who the architect is?

  14. soussed puddin

    its a sad fact ,but if the previous government hadn’t meddeled with the developers plans and delayed progress by approx 1 year the four seasons project would have been probably 75% complete (and not 25%) by the time the bubble burst late in 2008.
    If the self interested powers that be had allowed the 400 or so chinese construction workers to fastrack the construction with tried and tested methods the banks would probably have not pulled the plug and financed the job to completion .
    this would have allowed the resort to open and provide employement for a 1000 barbadians in these hard times.
    the political classes attempts to thwart the power of globilisation by shoe horning mainly unsuitable contractors caused delays on site ,as one after the other failed to acheive the high standards and time constraints required.
    lets hope the project if it ever starts, isnt ruined by meddling bureacrats and red-tape again!

  15. anon

    Why didnt they leave the bill with Mike Pemberton he walks and leaves the tax payers with the US$60m bill. The whole project is tragic environmental disaster, that land was a natural habitat for 100s of monkeys and wildlife look at it now! who’s accountable? What kind of appauling message does this send to investor and tourists?