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Russian billionaire Alexander Lebedev “Barbados bank laundered a billion dollars”

Barbados Louis D’Or Bank tied to Russian organized crime money laundering

“We possess a huge amount of [supporting] documentation: Fyodorov’s payments, transferring $2 million to Suren Yegiazaryan on Cyprus via the Louis D’Or Bank. His brother Ashot Yegiazaryan cleaned a minimum of $1 billion using the same bank on Barbados. The Yegiazaryan brothers obtained control of two banks in Moscow, the Moscow National Bank and UnikomBank. They withdrew several hundred million dollars. Moreover they’ve done deals with the Ministry of Finance and cleaned the money through the Louis D’Or Bank on Barbados.”

Russian billionaire Alexander Lebedev talks to RUSSIA! Blog about big time money laundering in Barbados and other concerns.

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Mail Online asking if Simon Cowell and Andrew Lloyd Webber bailing on Paradise Beach development.

Last July we published the comments of Death Wish film director Michael Winner about what he described as the “bizarre saga” of the on-again, off-again Four Seasons / Paradise Beach development.

Then Avinash Persaud was quoted in The Nation News as saying that everything was okay with the Four Seasons project since the Barbados government issued a guarantee for $120 million – except that was apparently not enough money and the project needs more.

Now the Mail Online is saying that Simon Cowell and Andrew Lloyd Webber are rumoured to have cancelled and asked for the return of their deposits.

What’s the truth? Hey… this is Barbados, so who knows?

“Have Simon Cowell and Andrew Lloyd Webber finally lost patience with the troubled Paradise Beach development in Barbados and demanded their money back?

Six months ago developer Robin Paterson assured The Mail on Sunday that all was back on track and work had re-started at the site. Now, it appears, more refinancing is required.”

…full story at Mail Online Hothouse Property Gossip: Paradise postponed for Simon


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