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Barbados murder suspect arrested in Canada

Damian Lecoursey Reveira wanted for two murders in Barbados

Calgary Canada police arrested Reveira at a construction site in the Western Canada city. Police spokesperson Staff Sgt. Todd Zelenski said the police had been tipped off about Reveira and that the suspect was known to have been in Canada since last October.

Reveira is awaiting extradition to Barbados and according to the Canadian Calgary Sun, may be in Barbados next week.

The Royal Barbados Police Force “Most Wanted” website does not list Reveira, and the Canadian papers say the Barbados police are keeping mum on the arrest. We’re unable to provide more information as to the murders he is wanted for. Can any of our readers assist?

Further Reading

Calgary Sun: Alberta cops seize man wanted in Barbados killings

(photo for illustration only, not the real suspect)


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What Rihanna’s S&M fetish tells us about the Barbadian psyche

Junior Campbell, otherwise known as Poeticjazztice, writes some very readable pieces for AllVoices. His latest is a series of three posts about male bashing in Barbados and elsewhere.

“And I have been wondering further, just lately, if this clearly most internationally recognizable Barbadian’s behaviour might tell us anything about the Barbadian psyche.”

In a strange convergence we have Rihanna appointed as Tourism Ambassador, Rolling Stone Magazine calling her the “Queen of Pain” for her sadomasochistic behaviours, and Junior Campbell wondering what Rihanna’s behaviour tells us about ourselves as Bajans. We’ll start off with the second article in the series, but you’ll have to visit AllVoices to finish it and read the other parts. That’s only fair.

I don’t suppose that the folks at the Barbados Tourism Authority read the Rolling Stone article in question before they jumped for a life preserver? Didn’t think so!

Take it away, Junior…

Male bashing in Barbados (#2): Rihanna’s psychic rift and reality

I am indebted to Rolling Stone magazine for an insightful article that has shone some light on international R&B artist Rihanna’s extraordinary musical endorsement of sadomasochism (S&M) – an extraordinary endorsement, given her much publicized, horrific subjection to violent physical abuse at the hands of ex-boyfriend Chris Browne. Continue reading


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Airlift is the key to Bajan hope for Chinese Tourists

Tourism MATTERS!

by Adrian Loveridge - small hotel owner

Its easy to understand why so many people get carried away in the flood to try and ensure that ‘we’ get our share of the the outbound Chinese tourism market. You only have to read some of the headlines like:

‘The Chinese are coming. By their millions. As tourists. And it will change our economy in ways that we cannot even imagine’ according to Tim Hughes a director of Australian based, Value Capital Management.

‘Chinese outbound luxury tourism in growing by more than 25 per cent each year’ and in 2011, 60 million Chinese tourists will travel abroad and spend more than US$50 billion’. source:  China Elite Focus website.

The World Tourism Organisation predicts that “China will have 100 million outbound travellers and become the world’s largest source of outbound travel in the world in 2020’.

In 2010 the US State Department of Commerce declared that ‘the average Chinese tourist spends US$7,000 per stay, more than any other nationality’.

I could go on, and on, but if only a small percentage of these predictions and statistics are, or become factual, its a market we cannot afford to ignore.

“Our biggest challenge of course is geography.”

Beijing is 8,775 miles away, Shanghai 9,381 and Shenzhen, China’s fourth largest city in terms of population, 9,939 miles, and these are the shortest Great Circle distances flying over the North Pole.

China already has a sub-tropical paradise on it doorstep. Continue reading


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Barbados Health Minister Donville Inniss: King of Pregnant Women Porn?

“One of the saddest things I’ve ever seen is’s pregnant woman porn section. How does Donville Inniss feel about these desperate young girls – making money for him like this?”

by Wild Boy

For several years Barbados Health Minister Donville Inniss has refused to come clean on his profiteering from online porn and the denigration of women. He admitted to “Naked News” but the Bajan media made it a joke to defuse the fact that a DLP Candidate and then Member of Parliament and Health Minister made money from online porn for years.

Is Donville Inniss still making money from online porn?

Ask him. The answer is either “yes” or “no”.

click photo for large (mature content, sorry.)

Barbadian voters deserve to know, and after reading this post and the ones that follow they will want to know. Fellow DLP members will want to know too, and they will want to know RIGHT NOW because that next election is on the horizon.

There is big money being made from this multi-billion dollar online porn industry – and some of that online porn has the name “Donville Inniss” attached to it.

Making money is soooooo easy when young bodies are the product. Or old bodies “MILFs” as the website of Mr. Inniss calls them. Just take a Barbados company, choose a catchy name for a website like “” and host the website offshore. Throw in a Jamaican connection to confuse the hell out of the voters and the tax departments, make some of “membership” fees paid to a Swiss payment processor and soon you’ll be on your way.

Oh yes… we be talkin big money paid to Switzerland for many years. The WayBack Machine and some screen copies provide the proof. Hey… maybe we even paid our money to enter the world of Fiesta Catering porn! Maybe we did that over a year ago. Or maybe last week…

We don’t want to get into too much detail but I’ll tell you that we have researched it well. Let’s hear the denials before we let go with more. Let’s start small and see what happens. Maybe we’ll drip, drip, drip a new website every couple of weeks and top it all off with some recorded video of some of the desperate young women making money for Fiesta Catering International, Inc.

“The name of this work is®. Copyright © 2000-2011 Halo 9, Ltd. All rights reserved.® is a registered service mark of Fiesta Catering International, Inc. and is used with permission.”

Who is  Fiesta Catering International Inc. ?

Go to

Insert “”

Registrar: MONIKER

Donville Innis
Fiesta Catering International Inc.
Harbour Industrial Estate Building #8
St. Michael, BB

click photo for large (mature content, sorry.)

Minister Inniss: It’s time to level with Barbadians…

Name all the websites and businesses. Name the companies. Explain why payments were processed in Switzerland for a company registered in Barbados. The money went to a Swiss bank account! Tell us how your name came to be on the registered papers.

Tell us when you left it all. Tell us that the current papers showing your name Donville Inniss with internet porn are false or in error. Tell us that your friends and family members have nothing to do with Fiesta Catering and that they are not carrying your share for you and protecting your public image.

Maybe we made a mistake here, Mr. Inniss. Maybe there is a different Donville Inniss in Barbados whose name appears on these papers with your same corporate address. Tell us. We’re willing to listen.

Hello? Hello?

Minister Inniss, we wouldn’t care in the least if you were a private citizen…. well, that’s not really true. We care about human trafficking and girls forced into prostitution. We care about desperate young mothers doing what they feel they have to do just to survive.

Watch the videos, Mr. Inniss. Look at their eyes. The sadness. The desperation. The despair of young pregnant women and girls who need to eat.

Minister Inniss: still has your name associated with that vile business. Pregnant young women driven by desperation to do terrible things on video to eat and keep a roof over their themselves and their unborn babies.

Minister Inniss: It is time to account to the peoples. It is time to renounce evil.

Watcha gonna do?

The Trail of EVIL…

Donville Inniss, Democratic Labour Party

“Looking for some pregnant sex? We’ve tons of free pregnant sex in our pregnant porn category. Who says a pregnant chick can’t be sexy? With their swollen breasts and glowing hot skin they’re just screaming to have sexual intercourse and we filed it for our Pregnant Porn collection. has all the sexy knocked-up chicks doing it in all styles, for your satisfaction. These lactating lovelies have lush ripe breasts and love to have sex while pregnant. Indulge yourself while horny couples get hot and heavy in our pregnant porn. They won’t let their swollen bellies get in the way of them having a good time! These are wild, hormone-driven babes desperate to get some. If there isn’t dick around, no worries, these hot pregnant babes will just pleasure themselves with fingers and dildos or even get together with other pregnant ladies for some preggo lesbian time. So many pregnancy sex positions so little time! Hot young girls who are on the verge of becoming milfs are showing off what they got and showing how sexy pregnant can be in our hardcore free pregnant porn. These pregnant sex videos feature some of the craziest and insatiable preggo bangers on the net! Feeling thirsty? Well no worries because this preggo sex will satisfy both your physical thirst and your sexual thirst. All pregnant sex positions, doggy, anal, oral, side by side, take the controls and lead her to her orgasm destiny! Drink your calcium and fuck it too. Who loves pregnant women sex? We do, we do! Cumshots, creampies, threesomes, these hormonal honeys do it all. There is nothing hotter than a pregnant woman except a horny pregnant woman. See how they became pregnant in the first place! Just because they are pregnant doesn’t mean they have to wait another 9 months for cock! Get your dick in these girls before they pop!”


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Men of Windies Cricket gone girly?

Windies hire shrink to “Sort issues”

submitted by Puzzled

Is this the end result of the feminization of society and sports? Are the men of the Windies trying to “get in touch with their inner selves”???

I can’t believe what I’m reading. The West Indies have been on a losing treadmill for the last while, but team management thinks that hiring a psychologist to help the cricketers “sort issues” will make a difference to the kind of unbelievable disasters and mistakes we’ve been seeing for far too long.

It’s not about “feelings”. It’s not about “thinking too far ahead” or being worried about the idiocy of two weeks ago. It’s about management, the mix and coaching. It’s about supposed professionals who let their individual egos conflict to the determent of the team as a whole. It’s also about a younger generation who lately have been overdoing it on the parties and late nights. Don’t they realize that people see them out late and know what is going on?

“See any of them heavily drinking within 48 hours of a Test and it doesn’t take a brilliant scholar to know where to put your money. That’s about management, professionalism and discipline, not psychology.”

Windies don’t need a shrink. They need someone to give them each a kick in the backside and bring back the bedtime discipline two days before a Test.

Management needs the shrink – the men need managing.


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Playing politics with paupers’ shacks

Welcome to “First World” Barbados

According to the BLP, what you’ll see in the video is the fault of no one but the DLP – but something tells me that these houses looked exactly the same for a decade of BLP rule.

Our friend Ian Bourne has his commentary posted at Bajan Reporter.

St Philip North Tragedy – Indar Weir exposes Michael Lashley’s TRUE constituents


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Was this destruction really necessary?

UPDATED: October 8, 2011

The story of Boarded Hall Green is back in the news with Barbados National Trust President Karl Watson saying he’s had enough of the destruction.

“With ground now being broken at the new multi-million dollar Boarded Hall Green gated community, due for completion in 2013, BNT President Karl Watson said the felling of an estimated 40 trees at the location of the project month ago warrants answers and action.

But one of the men behind the housing initiative, chartered accountant Tony Hoyos, today brushed off suggestions the housing venture being marketed as an eco-friendly community, was actually an enemy to the environment since it would occupy a location previously occupied by several trees.”

Read the whole story at Barbados Today: National Trust fed up!

BFP’s original post June 25, 2011…

These beautiful large and old trees are gone forever

by CondoMan

Can someone please explain why these many trees were cut down near the new roundabout at Boarded Hall house? About 40 trees were cut down.

I understand that news condos will be built on the site, but surely they could have saved some trees, integrated them into the plan and worked around them during the building.

These beautiful large and old trees are gone forever.

I found this website that says the new Boarded Hall Green is an “eco-friendly designed gated Condominium Community.”

How “eco-friendly” does the above photo look?

Boarded Hall Green is a new eco-friendly designed gated Condominium Community. It is situated to the immediate north-west of the new roundabout at the intersection of Boarded Hall, Carmichael and Frere Pilgrim. BHG provides modern,architect-designed living for its occupants, and comprises 8 studios, 40 one-bedroom and 14 two-bedroom apartments. There is also a communal pool, washer/ dryer facilities for heavy-duty laundry and an on-site property management office.


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