Customers waiting six weeks for Multi-Choice TV installations: No antennas available

UPDATED: June 7, 2011

“The Government keeps on and on about purchasing locally.  Surely, Barbados has the technical know how to make antennas.”

Further to my letter last week, I have today ‘phoned MCTV to check on progress, after 5 weeks!

I was informed that the Miami shippers had notified the 16th June, for delivery in Barbados  ? or, leaving Miami ? I wasn’t informed.

Once again I had to do the chasing.

I believe MCTV are a Government controlled body. Why is it they cannot purchase locally ?  The Government keeps on and on about purchasing locally.  Surely, Barbados has the technical know how to make antennas.

Original story published May 31, 2011…

submitted by reader “S”

I am not sure if anyone knows but I have been informed by MCTV, when I paid for my proposed TV package, on the 3rd May, that I would have to wait 4 – 6 weeks, because the Company didn’t have any aerials.  Phoning today, chasing progress, nothing received on Island.

Why is it that I have to do the chasing, is it beyond MCTV’s responsibility that they couldn’t ‘phone me to advise on progress – they have my money?

Can no one on this Island produce the aerials?  Shouldn’t a Company look into the Island and not abroad?


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23 responses to “Customers waiting six weeks for Multi-Choice TV installations: No antennas available

  1. rasta man

    That would open a whole can of worms if the aerials could be manufactured locally,wouldn’t it ????

  2. FearPlay

    That whole corporations’ approach to customer service needs a thorough review. Pray tell why subscribers must undertake the responsibility of journeying to CBC to have faulty RENTED boxes checked and replaced? For heavens sake, the box belongs to the corporation and the frequency with which problems recur is totally unacceptable, yet we must sacrifice time and money to do THEIR work. Those boxes must have been purchased at a garage sale. And now to the remote: Did you know that if your remote fails after one year, it will cost you approximately $35 to have it replaced? This is what lack or real competition breeds.

  3. J. Payne

    @rasta man: Aren’t aerials just that? An “aerials” I thought wax just piece of material (usually) metal that gets the signal and transfers it to the box indoors which does the decryption.

  4. J. Payne

    The entire Broadcasting division under the Prime Minister’s Office is in dire need of transparency. That I know from trying to comb through documents of the telecoms unit. ( ) Even Starcom Network get soo fed up they just pulled Gospel FM and telling the public to put pressure on the government for a new license. Barbados’ airwaves could handle way more stations. Look at the radio dial (and TV too for that matter) in Trinidad and Tobago. Any new TV stations in Barbados should have to be in HD now though.

  5. bk

    I can’t believe that its 2011 and we still got 1 tv station butting round de place. Constantly Broadcasting Crap. If we think that licenses should be issued then we should put pressure on Govt.

  6. yatinkiteasy

    There is an alternative..Directv. A side benefit is you don`t get CBC on it!

  7. Britty Brat

    WORD FROM INSIDE. CBC is on the verge of forcing alot of its employees to retire (not resign) prematurely. This is no joke, it is actually happening.

  8. Anonymous

    Anyone still messing around with CBC’s multi-choice is not well.

    I changes to Direck months ago
    and have never looked back!!

    But please…continue to be Nationalistic for Nationalistic sake

  9. Another choice

    Or better yet , get a dreambox! much cheaper than Directv.

  10. J. Payne

    If you going wid dreambox I hope you’re in the “elite” crew so you don’t goto HMP Dodds like the rest of we common sheep. 😉

  11. just want to know

    Won’t it be wonderful to wake up one day and realise CBC never excited? It was just an imaginary dream?

  12. rasta man

    @just want to know: should be existed.

  13. concerned

    My daughters application for service with MCTV was In December 2010, and still nothing !!! Shameful.

  14. Fedup

    Their service in fixing problems is impossible. The current remotes are a waste of time but we are charged for them. The remotes do not respond to what you need they have a mind of their own and most of your time once you touch a button is clearing the menu from the screen. They appear to be made in China. I guess the Chinese would say ‘cheap thing no good’.

  15. just want to know

    thanks rasta man for the correction

  16. Sean Chandler

    There is another alternative – send back the MCTV box and watch everything online. I sent back my MCTV box months ago and can’t say that I miss it at all.

  17. Iriebrown

    If there are any problems with MCTV, forget trying to call them, they never answer the phone. (But this is true of many Government offices these days!) One has to go into the MCTV office and discuss the problem or query. But this really isn’t very convenient for older folk……and then they have to stand in line for hours. This is just not good enough….who goes into any offices these days, most things should be able to be solved by communicating by telephone or internet.
    I guess it is the usual power game.

  18. St George's Dragon

    Anyone tried Net2Vu? Someone told me the bandwidth is not generally sufficient to support it and it keeps freezing.

  19. J. Payne

    Isn’t it a shame? It is the *national broadcaster* and they don’t fund LOCAL soap operas on a large scale basis!!! They go and buy for all these soaps from outside Barbados, some even in that funny “English” you can’t understand from the larger islands… If the national broadcaster of Barbados can’t support local production for its programming, I don’t know why foreigners will bother with Barbadian culture either… That alone is reason enough to get rid of CBC’s monopoly because other Barbadian media companies might start hiring Barbadians to do soap operas… At least then Barbadians would be able to see which station was pushing national pride.

  20. not

    Would you believe that there is at least one antenna that they refused to come and collect after the service was cancelled? Wait! There is a house with both direct and mct connections and both refused to come and collect after they were cancelled.

  21. 62

    Why don’t you all sign up for DIRECTV Barbados

  22. Alicia Griffith

    Well after signing up on October 30 I still have no service, tired calling them. Will be asking back for my money.