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Fraud Cover-up alleged at Barbados Public Workers Cooperative Credit Union

To Members of the Press:

The Annual General Meeting of Barbados Public Workers Cooperative Credit Union will be held on June 18th 2011 and will be a watershed as a large number of fed up and concerned members will be there to let their voices be heard.

The major issues are:

  • Two cases of fraud which are being covered up by the Management, Board and Supervisory Committee. These fraud cases were not reported to the external auditors or to the regulator as required by section 215 of the Cooperatives Societies Act. Indeed the CEO and Management did not follow the procedures set out in their own anti-fraud policy — which should have seen the Internal Auditor immediately alerted and the necessary investigations conducted. Two staff members have lost their jobs so far and dozens of members whose cards were created by one particular individual are at risk. While these two staff members are no longer with the organisation, there is evidence that they did not act alone. The members are therefore concerned about any involvement by others including supervisory and management staff. Continue reading


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Customers waiting six weeks for Multi-Choice TV installations: No antennas available

UPDATED: June 7, 2011

“The Government keeps on and on about purchasing locally.  Surely, Barbados has the technical know how to make antennas.”

Further to my letter last week, I have today ‘phoned MCTV to check on progress, after 5 weeks!

I was informed that the Miami shippers had notified the 16th June, for delivery in Barbados  ? or, leaving Miami ? I wasn’t informed.

Once again I had to do the chasing.

I believe MCTV are a Government controlled body. Why is it they cannot purchase locally ?  The Government keeps on and on about purchasing locally.  Surely, Barbados has the technical know how to make antennas.

Original story published May 31, 2011…

submitted by reader “S”

I am not sure if anyone knows but I have been informed by MCTV, when I paid for my proposed TV package, on the 3rd May, that I would have to wait 4 – 6 weeks, because the Company didn’t have any aerials.  Phoning today, chasing progress, nothing received on Island.

Why is it that I have to do the chasing, is it beyond MCTV’s responsibility that they couldn’t ‘phone me to advise on progress – they have my money?

Can no one on this Island produce the aerials?  Shouldn’t a Company look into the Island and not abroad?


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