REDjet gives up on Trinidad & Tobago – Jamaica route

Barbados – Jamaica flights also postponed for two months

by BFP with contributions from a special friend

REDjet announced today that the airline will not pursue plans to fly between Jamaica and Trinidad, and that the Barbados – Jamaica route is postponed for two months.

The story behind the story…

Some observers wonder how long REDjet can continue, and whether the forces aligned against the new Caribbean airline will be successful in squeezing the financial life from the upstart before it really gets off the ground. There is a story behind the story but nobody is really telling it because REDjet officials have been keeping their silence in the hope that they will be able to work things out with the various Caribbean governments.

Says a special friend to Barbados Free Press: “If it doesn’t work out and REDjet ultimately fails, the fireworks will really start. Robbie Burns is a consummate diarist. It won’t be pretty.”

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17 responses to “REDjet gives up on Trinidad & Tobago – Jamaica route

  1. BGI

    Ah yes, the story behind the story – we wait with baited breath!

  2. Lionel Cave

    Wow!!! The s… will hit the fan! Can’t wait to read.

  3. Anonymous 12

    Ah yes…the Americans are learning about Doing Business in De Turd Wurld!
    It’s not as cut-and-dried and all tied up democratically, like how it is in the USA.

    Him hadda talk to Big Chief first.
    Bring goat for Curry, and maybe two extra wife.

    Den man wud get thru!

  4. Waiting

    James shoot a email to Chuck Blazer see if Redjet grease Jack Warner palms

  5. Undertaker

    While doing business in the Caribbean you as an investor have to walk with bribe and payment money, any business person that wants things done on time or quickly will surely learn the hard way. Remember that redjet will be taking money from CAL so somebody will want a lottery payment to make things happen.

    Sad but true.

  6. Mac

    Why is the Barbados government deliberately allowing RedJet to die whilst saying nothing? What faith can businesses have that the government has your back in times of trouble?

  7. amusing

    @ Mac … because Barbados will become a mini hub for cheap flights (Reddjet) to other tourist destination in the region thus reducing our longer term stay even further.. just think that for $150 can get you to Guyana(return) and from there easy access to Suriname and on to French Guyana, all in about 2 days of overland travel for the more adventerous… and eat and sleep for fraction of the cost here. So any wise thinking travel would say ..ok “i can take 3 days of beach and sand and 4 days of South American coastline for something different.. all a little more what i would have paid for 1 week in Barbados “

  8. BGI

    @amusing…. If that was so, then why go through the (painful) exercise in the first place? To me, you have now set the stage for Barbados to be branded as unfriendly to foreign investors – starting and running an airline is NOT for the faint of heart, but that doesn’t meen that airline people are made of cash.

    @Anon…I thought the Burns were Irish, not Americans…

  9. J. Payne

    @Mac. The Barbados Today newspaper quoted someone close to the process where they said that after getting turned down in Jamaica they would apply in Barbados, if Barbados turned them down they possibly wanted to look at St. Lucia… People enough already talking about St. Lucia so Barbados would indeed fall further behind.

  10. amusing

    @bgi .. i’m humbled and honored that “i” have set the stage for Barbados to be branded unfriendly to investors.what should check Hoyos latest article. I posited a very simple argument why Reddjet can be unfavorable to Barbados tourism and thus the silence by the Government. Disprove that scenario and i’m ok with that. That may be an angle Reddjett and 98 % of the population may not have anticipated hence the exercise in the first place.

  11. Sickened

    The Burns are Irish!

  12. BGI

    @amusing … I take your point. All I was trying to say was that your submission reply made it look like the Burns were being set up by our Government, and I didn’t agree … and that the situation especially related to other foreign investors could likely reoccur – for a foreign investor, that is a scary thought, that the Gov will draw you in, then leave you out to dry, especially if you are in the travel & tourism business which we say is vital to us. Sure, on one hand REDjet can be taken as unfavorable to tourism – but so can Banks Breweries (creating alcoholics) and the NCF (destroying decency) to general society.

    It wasn’t intended as an attack.

    Now, if indeed there was a plan all along to allow for delay and failure, then that means that someone higher up the chain was pulling the strings in Jamaica and now here. Who could that be?

  13. PMAJC

    I thought by now we would have heard from the government of Barbados

  14. J. Payne

    Mind how Mr. Burns answers when asked where is Redjet’s hub?
    Despite on paper and the “8P” registration it doesn’t seem like it is “Barbadian”.

  15. J. Payne

    While thinking about that intro I am in awe with how much that comment about him being the “most talked about man in the Caribbean” sounds almost identical to the allure that the regiona’s people had for Allen Stanford. So help me, I do hope Barbados scrutinised everything properly….

  16. watcher


    if you take a trip to South America in Brasil alone, you will findd there are close to 10,000 kms of beach, sand and coastline. If somene is looking for a inexpesnive stay why in the world would they come to Barbados to sit on a beach for 3 or 4 days? For the price of a ticket to Barbados one can get a whole week of all inclusive with air and ground transportation at many other locations. Why in the world would anyone come to Barbados where the best hotels, with one or two exceptions, are not much better than 3 stars hotels and be overcharged to sit on beaches that are becoming increasingly unsafe and full of litter and then leave to save money? You might ask why so many hotels and establishments have closed down in recent years. Red Jet represents an opportunity for Caricom to improve its enconomy.

    Red Jet is for local residents to use. It will increase tourism, not decrease it.