Barbados Light and Power delivering RUBBISH electricity

Do we have any power quality standards at all?

Has anyone noticed the electrical RUBBISH coming out of the AC outlet in the wall… or is it just me?

My APS battery backup on the floor is constantly going tick-tock as it compensates for fluctuations in local electricity supply.

Several times a day the supply is so bad/under-current/’noisy’ the computer shuts down!

I looked into the software that communicates with the APS unit on the floor to discover the recorded history:

OVER-Voltage-  NEVER!
Under-Voltage: 35 times.
Electrical ‘noise’ – 193 times.

What a marvelous supply history you have, Barbados Light & Power!

by “P”,

photo of harmful current courtesy of Enetics, used for illustrative purposes only. Not a BL&P chart.



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5 responses to “Barbados Light and Power delivering RUBBISH electricity

  1. J. Payne

    I donno a lot about electricity but standards, but I have read power spikes will shorten the life on your electronic devices.
    A next comment I hear from a certain electrician is their complaint that BL&P “doesn’t even have a proper earthing system”. I’m guessing that means BL&P might not be doing something(s) which is/are supposed to be standard practice???

  2. J. Payne

    BL&P does have a whole page devoted to it.

  3. Monopoly = high cost and inefficiency

    The only game in town

  4. Another nasty Standards question...

    Does anyone have the slightest idea what Garbage Gasoline we are being sold
    – at premium prices?

    Does anyone have an octane testing kit?
    Can we do some private testing??

    Has anyone noticed that gasoline purchased in Trinidad goes a looong way further down the road?
    (rented car, same model as our own Bajan car, of course)

    It’s easy to suspect that Trinis get octane rating 92 or thereabouts
    (we used to get that too, some decades ago)
    but Bajans are now being supplied 89 -maybe lower?

    Kyffin/SOL and other importers should be ashamed of themselves..

    The usual situation: Grade C goods and services –at Grade A prices!


    Barbados is soooo going downhill it isn’t funny!

    And it ISN’T the fault of This or That Gov’t.
    It’s a nation-wide malaise..
    It’s our complacent consumer willingness to accept LOW STANDARDS of just about everything
    to grumble about things, but do actually-nothing about solving our problems
    (IF they can be identified as such..)