New FIFA Bribery Allegations against Jack Warner

Lots of smoke ’bout this place!

It was only days ago that the story broke of bribery allegations against Jack Warner and three other FIFA officials in relation to England’s failed 2018 World Cup bid.

Today’s breaking story is about a NEW, completely unrelated bribery allegation surrounding the upcoming FIFA presidential election!

The following is from the FIFA press release sent out late last night:

“On May 24 2011, Fifa executive committee member and Concacaf general secretary Chuck Blazer reported to Fifa secretary general Jerome Valcke possible violations of the Fifa code of ethics allegedly committed by officials.

“In particular, the report referred to a special meeting of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU), apparently organised jointly by Fifa vice-president Jack A. Warner and Fifa executive committee member Mohamed Bin Hammam, which took place on May 10 and 11 2011.

“This meeting was linked to the upcoming Fifa presidential election.

“In view of the facts alleged in this report, which include bribery allegations, Fifa secretary general Jerome Valcke, in compliance with art. 16 of the Fifa code of ethics, yesterday requested the Fifa ethics committee to open ethics proceedings.”

See our previous story: Jack Warner: FIFA’s poster boy for corruption, racism and disgusting talk

BBC story: Fifa begins ethics inquiry into Bin Hammam & Jack Warner


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21 responses to “New FIFA Bribery Allegations against Jack Warner

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  2. Steupse

    And if Warner is proven to have been involved, will the Trinidad PM fire him from government?

  3. X

    No – because that’s just how Trinis roll.

  4. Lowdown

    Oh lawd Warner again when will this corrupt thief be handcuffed and hauled before the courts like the horny IMF man. What an embarassment for Trinidad.

    Isnt this the second charge of criminality againt Warner in recent weeks. If a Minister in Barbados was accused of the frequent infelicities Warner been accused of for so long he would be fired or forced to resign in disgrace.

    Like X says Trinis roll differently a very corrupt place indeed with Kamla and Manning crowd.

    60million Frenchmen cant be wrong how Warner evade prison for so long is a damn mystery and he is the Trini Deputy Prime Minister. Welcome to the black Teflon Don.

  5. Feel the Love

    Maybe its just this picture but all I can think of is the Dalai Lama and his inner peace, harmony and contentment?

    Where can I send my check?

  6. Bad Bob

    Well Excuse Me!!!
    But isn’t one of the perks of a government job the right and privilege to put one’s trotters in the public trough and then snuffle up all the $$$ one can?
    I fail to see why we have our nappies in a twist over something that we should be well aware of.
    Besides, a bribe is simply an alternative method of earning a little “walkin’ ’round monies.”

  7. Stand Up2

    Remember Sparrow? “We know , we like it so”

  8. Straight talk

    The recently exposed email demanding cash for Haitian TV rights should be the final nail in this crook’s coffin. Lock him up.

  9. Britty Brat

    I would bet my neck and my balls too that Jack “Bribe” Warner wanted a kickback from RedJet.

  10. yatinkiteasy

    To Britty Brat: Perhaps he got it!

  11. Shiny Suit

    Who represented Barbados at the CFU meeting?

  12. 12

    Not one head will roll in any of this
    -nor in the Collapsing CLICO Scandal!

    And we LIKE it so!

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  14. Mr Coco

    a head rolled.

  15. Alya Bajans always jealous of Trinidad & Tobago….leave we Jack alone and mind yah own business

  16. 133

    Jack Warner has just been voted in as the new President of FIFA.

    Congrats, Jack.

  17. Really?

    I think the Caribbean should all be feeling let down by “Jack”
    As the #2 in FIFA , don”t you think that the Caribbean as a whole, not just T and T, should have benefited by now. He has been too busy lining his own pockets. Shameful!!!!

  18. J. Payne

    He did promote Trinidad and Tobago.

  19. Straight talk

    Now that it is admitted by Warner that brown envelopes were stuffed with US$ 40,000, perhaps Minister Jones would let us know how he dealt with this open attempted bribery, and how the vote of our independent nation cannot be bought under any circumstances.
    Let’s hear Minister Jones’ rejection of this bribery attempt to reassure us we have persons of integrity representing our nation on the world stage,

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