DLP connections protect crooked Barbados lawyer from arrest?

18 years after running off, cocky thief attorney returns to Barbados

Why was Michael Simmons so confident he wouldn’t be arrested?

Everybody knew that fugitive Michael Simmons (photo above) was coming to his sister’s funeral last weekend, and everybody was just as sure that he wouldn’t be arrested for the crimes that caused him to flee Barbados 18 years ago.

What’s changed in the 18 years since Simmons stole millions and ran off? That’s easy: some of Simmons’ family members are now close to the DLP Government.

Reader “Who me?” saw the article in The Nation Simmons back after 18 years and sent us the following contribution. BFP readers should remember that just because someone says something, doesn’t mean it’s all for true.

But there does seem to be a whole lotta smoke ’bout this place recently!

Justice? Rule of Law? For some but not for others.

by BFP reader “Who, me?”

The Nation article about Michael Simmons caught my eye in that I was made to understand that transparency and corruption and the relevant legislation were major concerns for Barbadians, having being promised this by the DLP government of the day.

Now, how can a situation exist where a lawyer, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Michael Simmons having robbed his clients of their funds and absconded to the United States can return to Barbados as if he has not care in the world? Which in my estimation Mr. Michael Simmons doesn’t have a care in the world.

The reason being is that he is the brother of Attorney-at-law Keith Simmons, stalwart of the ruling DLP party. So it seems strings can be pulled and torn to ensure that their brother doesn’t have to face the law courts or answer to anyone for that matter. So much for natural Justice and a country advocating the Rule of Law.

What concerns me even more is that the same Keith Simmons as I understand it is also a member of the Police Service Commission, and he has become the beacon of justice and law in Barbados. Keith Simmons as I understand it disagrees with the current Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin but supports his brother in DLP politics, Bertie Hinds. Again, so much for Natural Justice and the Rule of Law.

No wonder certain members of the RBPF can continue their corrupt ways, selling firearms and drugs and getting paid to destroy evidence and files for the court. What does the future hold for little Barbados?

BFP readers you can do your own inquiries. I just decided to add some food for thought as it relates to our Criminal justice System.

Further Reading

Readers are asked to visit The Nation website to read the full article, but BFP will publish the article in full here because the Bajan news media often removes or changes articles to re-write history…

Simmons back after 18 years


EMBATTLED ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Michael Simmons returned to Barbados on the weekend.

Simmons, who left Barbados 18 years ago for the United States, was among mourners paying last respects yesterday to his sister Letitia Simmons – a former nurse – at her funeral at the Whitehall Methodist Church in St Michael.

It was Simmons’ first public appearance in Barbados since he reportedly left behind a $2.5 million-plus debt to 47 creditors, after being declared bankrupt by former High Court judge Justice Elliott Belgrave in January 1993.

The attorney is also reported to have owed the Barbados National Bank (BNB) and Government’s Inland Revenue Department several thousands of dollars.

A warrant for his arrest for fraudulently converting over $90 000 entrusted to him had been withdrawn after the sum was paid, but shortly after his disappearance, then police public relation’s officer Inspector Jeddar Robinson had indicated Simmons was being sought by lawmen for questioning in connection with a number of other criminal matters they were investigating.

No warrants were outstanding at the time.

However, the High Court in his absence had also granted an application for his committal to prison following a suit brought against him by one of his clients.

Efforts to reach Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock for comment on Simmons’ status proved futile yesterday.

When contacted, Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin said the matter had been drawn to his attention and he had asked for a review of the file.

Former Solicitor General Woodbine Davis, who had been appointed official assignee and receiver in his investigation of Simmons, had publicly declared there had been little chance of recovering the $2.5 million debt left behind.

He then also reported recovering approximately 110 files and title deeds which had belonged to Simmons’ clients both in Barbados and overseas.


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29 responses to “DLP connections protect crooked Barbados lawyer from arrest?

  1. just like to know

    Isn’t this typical of double standards in the judicial system in Barbados, and the way citizens are treated here. If you have family and friends in the political system, nothing can touch you. Look at this lawyer now in prison at DODDS, maybe he has no friends or family in the political parties, or he stepped on someone toes, so he has to pay the ultimate price. I understand from a reliable source this is not the first visit Mr. Simmons has made to Barbados since he flee the island in 1993. One law for politicians & lawyers, one for us poor people. No morality or honesty in the political system in this country.

  2. Responder

    Is it no surprise that this government does not want to keep its promise to the citizens of this country to implement an integrity legislation. I am to take it that anything that is said in their next manifesto should be taken with a dose of salts.

  3. Stand Up2

    The more things change the more they remain the same!

  4. St George's Dragon

    Why didn’t they extradite him from the US years ago.

  5. Dieter

    this isn’t the first time he has been back since then.

  6. sam cooke and duppy

    why yuh dont ask why ezzra alleyne still walking about when he should be locked up for teefing from clients too

  7. Not surprising

    I have a cousin on my fathers side which seems to get into all kinds of corrupt dealings. They’ve even used their personal influence against me! They’re all tied-up with the DLP too. These cousins have even gotten false documents signed by some __current__ sitting Cabinet members. All I’ll say is they all deserve some hard lashes to stop their foolishness.

  8. bk

    I can’t believe some ppl tho, all ah wunna done know that politicians does do some very underhanded things, on both sides of the political divide, yet wunna does still vote for them. After they get into office, wunna does start complaining, when the country was doing exceptionally well, and was flooded with money, did the previous administration put away anything for a rainy day? Millions in cost overruns, houses and plots missing, people frightened to ask relevant questions because they feared the ranting and raving of a drunken captain who might at any time label the as a negro-crat, or some other silly innuendo.
    Next election I aint voting for a boy, none a dem, if any come to my door, B or D, I telling the to get ta france off my property. And not in those word either.

  9. I respectfully disagree

    This story is a mistake. All crooked Caribbean lawyers are Jamaicans and that is why you treat Jamaicans badly. Barbados is perfect. Barbadians tell us they are perfect and it must be so! Do you know how much Jamaicans don’t like Barbados? You think all J’cans are criminals. Barbados business people can come to Jamaica for conferences because we will not come to Barbados any more!

  10. what will they think of next

    A crime is a crime. The police did not arrest Owen Arthur either. He boasted AT a HEADS OF GOVERNMENT CONFERENCE that illegal Guyanese were building cupboards at his home. Having illegals work in his home was a crime yet the police refused to arrest him. In any other democratic state a head of state making making such a statement would have led to his removal as head of state and his arrest for employing undocumented workers.

  11. what will they think of next

    You not coming to Barbados anymore IS A PLUS FOR BARBADOS. Not a minus.

  12. DNA speaks loudly.

    Y’all just don’t understand how Africa works, do you…?

    How could things possibly be any different
    on this island located just off the coast of W.Africa?

  13. Arthur Must Come Clean First!

    When members of the Barbados Labour Party meet at Hilda Skeene Primary, this evening, they will do so cognizant that a mere three years and four months ago, their party was being pilloried with allegations of corruption. It did not help Arthur’s case when the DLP was able to produce a cheque, which showed that he had deposited hundreds of thousands, intended as campaign contribution, into his personal bank account.

    Hardly anyone expected that even now in Opposition and again under Owen Arthur’s watch – the BLP would continue to be characterised by images of corruption. Given Barbados good name in the international community as a place where elections are free and fair, it was really not flattering when St. James North Parliamentarian, Rawle Eastmond, sounded the alarm that someone had paid the BLP headquarters $560 for 56 delegates to attend the BLP’s Conference, many of whom were unknown to him as the Parliamentary Representative for the area.

    It was even more scandalous when people told the Media how very upset they are that they could have received letters from the BLP confirming their membership of that organization, in circumstances where they had never signed anything or indicated an interest in joining. There is a clear pattern emerging here and up to this point, Owen Arthur has been quite as a mouse on these developments.

    Ask most members of the BLP and they would willing admit that Owen Arthur has become a puppet leader who serves at the pleasure of George Payne. That Owen Arthur could therefore be on any “crusade,” which is not authorised by George Payne, would therefore be hilarious.

    The only way Owen Arthur could therefore be on any “crusade,” is if he will “come clean today” and tell the public about the details surrounding that: “Prior Park Accord,” or if as Leader, he will state publicly tomorrow that he intends to launch an inquiry into allegations of vote rigging and how people are mysteriously getting onto the membership role of the BLP, who have never made any attempt to join that party.

    Let’s be frank! If Owen Arthur has some sort of “crusade” it has to start with him publicly stating to the ordinary men and women within the BLP that he has confidence and trusts their ability to add 2+2 and arrive at the correct answer. The country is already aware that if Arthur does not address the above issues this afternoon, it simply means that Gorge Payne would not have given him permission to. But as outsiders looking in, we will “wait and see!” No “crusade” here! This is not serious politics or even new politics but circus politics.

  14. just want to know

    Did Arthur steal anyones money and run away? Has anyone up to this time know how much money was put into David Thompson Bank Acc. from CLICO personal & Party. When we are asking for integrity let us ask for the whole political system, and not just from one person or party. The whole political system in Barbados is corrupt, so let us as voters do something about it!

  15. Beefcake

    Just want to know: The voters can do nothing about political corruption in Barbados. It doesn’t matter if you vote Bee or Dee, it is the same game with the same faces, and they criss-cross the floor so often you don’t know who they represent or what they stand for (except they go where the grass and the cash is greener).

    Barbados needs a political enema.

  16. Nonsense

    When I saw a classic one at a funeral the other day, in front of all the cameras and thing, I conldn’t believe…….

  17. What is the ”Pirior Park Accord”.

  18. Pieter Pieper

    There is no doubt that members of the Barbados Bar Association protect each other.As a group of professionals,they are over-represented in parliament.Some members of the Barbados Police Force are already qualified lawyers or are pursuing a law degree at the degree mill at Cave Hill.Is it any wonder that they get away with crimes for which the average Bajan goes to jail ?Bajan society is in dire need of change and change especially with respect to current laws which are passed by members of parliament who “as a professional group are over-represented in parliament”.In the next election we should make sure to VOTE FOR ANYONE BUT A LAWYER.Perhaps a parliament without lawyers will bring about a better type of politician, a measure of integrity,honesty and transparency,and the appropriate legislation and the change we so desperately need !

  19. J. Payne

    @DNA speaks loudly… Now I have to take you to task a little on that comment. “Corruption” don’t have nuffin to do wid race because even in America and all they have corruption. But the Americans save that word for non-developed countries. In America they call it “Campaign contribution”, “kickbacks”, “lobbying”, or “special interests”…. But they practice it there too. Anyone remember Mitt Romney and the Salt Lake Olympics? Or last week there was a long add about AT&T possibly seeking to buy votes ahead of the vote on the merger between AT&T Wireless and T-Mobile.


    So race or your perceived notion of race have nothing to do with the business.

  20. Grabbler

    Vex as hell about the whole CLICO and BABCO issues. Who is who friend or family and who will tell the policy holders and pensioners where to gett off?
    This is a tremendous concern. Lord have mercy.

  21. Danny Rivers

    I can take you to task too as you correctly mention ;lobbying, campaign funds,kickbacks and special interests but remember when they`re caught they are in serious trouble with their career or the law. Only a couple of days ago the governor of New Jersey had to pay for using the state`s helicopter to fly to see his son play in a school game and John Edwards is being indicted for using campaign funds for other purposes. When Barbados start to put these people where they belong it would not be enough room in St.Phillip for the petty criminals to be on remand for 4 to 6 years. Things would not be any better because the politicians are lawyers and the lawyers are the politicians in Barbados.It`s is amazing how the politicians become millionares on a government`s salary and the people of Barbados cry when his or her candidate loses, are they for real? give me a break. The majority of the laws in Barbados are outdated even England is doing something about them. Some of the laws that Barbados still uses are from the sixteenth and sevententh century and talking about becoming a
    first world nation.

  22. Pieter Pieper

    Ah! It’s that time of year again ! Soon, another forty lawyers approximately will be admitted to “practise law”.About 25 will join that well known firm of Dewey,Cheathem & Howe.About 14 will be partners in the equally well known firm of Ripoff,Rakeoff and Takeoff.(I forgot to mention the new partner,Madoff).Hopefully the remaining single sole solitary individual will be imbued with a sense of decency,honesty,self-respect and christian duty to his/her fellow-person and will practise law the way it should be practised… ensuring truth and justice remain paramount and prevail at all times.We shouldn’t expect anything more since some of those in authority would have us believe that only about 7 or 8 lawyers indulge in unethical and unprofessional behaviour.

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  24. I LOVE THE D.L.P but it is wrong to allow that crooked lawyer to come back to barbados and not lock him up that not right BUT the b.l.p could have had him extradited from the us also and they never do it. and in barbados the law should be fair what is going on is wrong , and i must also say this it is A PLUS WHEN JAMACIANS STOP COMING TO BARBADOS we wont have such a drug problem or WHORES IN CHRIST CHURCH picking fares they dont like us any way and remember who broke up the federation so keep out they think they can bully everybody go back to kingston where you each other like dogs do come here.

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  26. De luv off monies is da root off all evils.

  27. Bedan Lockyer

    Every so often, I overhear comments about Michael Simmons, the lawyer, coming home for the first time in 18 years to attend his sister’s funeral in May 2011.
    I find it incredible that the Nation Newspaper, for all its claim of journalistic propriety and impeccable standard of truth and accuracy, failed to check the veracity of their article on Simmons which appeared in their issue of May 22nd 2011 authored by Tim Slinger. The article is replete with untruths and distortions of fact.
    I happen to be in the company of Michael Simmons on several of his return visits to Barbados prior to May 2011, whether he was visiting with his family on vacation or by official invitation to attend functions.
    We were both guests of Mr. Noel Lynch, former Minister of Tourism and Sport, when the PGA World Golf Championships were held at Sandy Lane Golf Course in December, 2006, and we met again later in that same month at Noel’s home for his annual birthday party which was attended by politicians of both parties. He and I were again together at the World Cricket Championships at Kensington Oval in 2008.
    So nobody at the Nation Newspaper checks these untrue allegations?
    Slinger alleges that his ”efforts to contact the Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock for comment on Simmons’ status proved futile” and the Commissioner of Police when contacted said “the matter had been drawn to his attention and he had asked for a review of the file”. These nebulous comments are coming after 18 years of investigating these allegations. So where is the truth?
    The article smells stink of political harassment and spite. Slinger, known for his affiliation, like the Nation Newspaper itself, to the Barbados Labour Party, grasps an opportunity, untruths and misrepresentation of fact not withstanding, to belittle the Simmons family at their time of grief.
    I happen to know, from all inquiries I have made over the years, that Simmons is not indebted to anyone nor was he disbarred from practicing law in Barbados.

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