Adrian Loveridge: REDjet shows Caribbean unity a pipe dream

The REDjet flap…

Adrian Loveridge - Small hotel owner

I would like to add my two cents worth if I may.

It is clear that the heady concepts of Caribbean unity and marketing the region as one are really just illusional pipe dreams. Ultimately, it seems each country is looking after its own interests. Caribbean Air Lines wouldn’t be in the position it is without massive fuel subsidies, LIAT would have failed years ago if again it hadn’t been for huge taxpayer support. Even now it defies commercial logic with the number of employees and the location of its operating base.

Maybe its time for REDjet to review its planned destinations. Montego Bay instead of Kingston, St. Maarten to break the near CAL monopoly and perhaps to look south to Aruba (low fuel costs) or Curacao. Of course San Juan would have been an obvious one if we had secured Category One.

I also think there is some way they could work with the cruise ships to open up the home porting possibilities for not just Barbados but other emerging ports. If they haven’t already done so, they should also be speaking with St. Lucia.

When the new SVG Argyle airport finally opens, things are going to change
and the St. Vincent Government are going to have to at least attempt to justify the airport investment costs and more than one million stated annual handling capacity.

I am also really surprised that with an veteran aviation expert on the BTA payroll that REDjet have found themselves in this predicament.

Submitted as a comment on BFP’s article REDjet Update: Political problems with Trinidad and Jamaica


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4 responses to “Adrian Loveridge: REDjet shows Caribbean unity a pipe dream

  1. BGI

    Yes Adrian, it is a little surprising that our Government didn’t even appear to react at the shameful behaviour down south, and the obvious interferance with Jamaica – but I guess with our PM like he said before, that’s not his style.

    Regarding the new routes, maybe Aruba or Curacao like you suggested, and St Lucia. But remember, their business plan is for point-to-point service, not a milk run. So short routes like GND, SVD, SLU/UVF may be out.

    There is always ANU, SXM, NAS (Nassau, Bahamas), CCS, and SJO (San Jose, Costa Rica).

  2. George

    Not going to happen.
    Get over it, move on .
    No Four Seasons, No Red Jet.
    No Money.
    Bbds broke.

  3. Anomynuss

    Thinking outside the box… for the poor West Indian, perhaps REDjet could capitalise on Cuba’s very cheap all-inclusive vacations before that country opens diplomatic relations with the USA and everyone else is squeezed out by the usual flood of Americans.

    Canadians have been going there for years at incredibly cheap rates, maybe the average Caribbean person deserves a break before it gets overwhelmed!

    If one of the regional travel agencies could get in on the all-inclusive deals for locals in the islands then REDjet would be able to cash in for at least a little while before that big Merkan dam breaks just off the south-east coast of the USA and the “flood damage” starts.

  4. amusing

    RedJet : a St Lucian incorporated company with Bajan directors who had Jamaica as their first option of a hub.. seems very “caricom” to me