Cocaine shipped in timber, produce from Guyana to… Barbados?

Guyana: Drugs in agricultural exports “destroying the national interest and livelihood”

Narcotics concealed in agricultural and wood products shipments from Guyana are so prevalent that the country’s Agriculture Minister recently called the problem a “living nightmare.”

Barbados imports hundreds of tonnes of Guyanese products each year, and the recent series of articles in the Guyanese news media has us thinking about what else is arriving on our shores in addition to plantains and lumber. The above photo is of cocaine discovered in Jamaica that was concealed in a shipment of lumber from Guyana. In that case authorities believe that Customs or shipping officials were working with the drug gangs.

It’s not impossible to smuggle large quantities of drugs without the cooperation of crooked officials, but something tells me that as in the Jamaican cocaine shipment, no criminal organisation smuggles half a million dollars worth of narcotics by leaving things to chance.

You want to stop large drug shipments into Barbados?

Look at the homes, vehicles and other assets of Customs and other officials and see if they are reasonable for the level of salary and length of employment.

If a certain Port of Barbados official drives a BMW, is that reasonable?

Hey… we’re just asking!

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3 responses to “Cocaine shipped in timber, produce from Guyana to… Barbados?

  1. Coke the soft drink

    No Redjet story bfp how come cant find an angle to make black Bajans look bad!?!

  2. Time Out

    Illegal drugs are not reaching Barbados a kilo here and a kilo there. It arrives in large quantities and for that to continue there must be inside help from police, customs, port people etc. That’s only reasonable.

    Race got nothing to do wid it.

  3. Mpatel

    Its been known for a long time and reported by international policing agencies like Interpol and the FBI that Barbados is a key point of transit for all types of illegal substances en route to the US and Europe….not much is consumed here but it simply passes through our ports (this doesnt take anything away form the responsibility of Bds authorities to detect btw). The usual route being: southa america > Guyana> Barbados>Europe/US>nostril/syringe.