Justice David Myers claims another victim

Look out! Ex-Judge now Barbados Lawyer

Victim died after waiting seven years for a judgement that never came

Dear Barbados Free Press,

I saw you all published an article concerning Justice David Myers. (“Problem” Judge David Myers now Barbados lawyer)

My father died about three months ago and is still waiting for a written judgement from Justice David Myers concerning a matter which started about twelve years ago and finished about five years later.

My dad died because of medical problems after waiting so long for justice, he died from heart failure, lung failure, kidney failure he also was handicap from birth. Could you all imagine how justice is in Trinidad? All his money went in medical bills because of this trial.

(Name included by not published by Barbados Free Press)


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4 responses to “Justice David Myers claims another victim

  1. gillian thomson

    I know the feeling well. My parents litigated against their four sons. The trial ended in Feb.2006. My father died in Sep.2007. They abducted my mother( who was very ill with dementia and severe aortic stenosis) in March 2008. The police did nothing and because of a lacuna in the Mental Health Act I could do nothing. The brothers had her sign a number of legal documents( inclusive of a consent order to bring her litigation to an end) to their benefit while my mother was locked up in a tiny room for over two years. Had Justice Myers delivered his judgement my parents would not have suffered as they did. I recently got a judgement in my favour against these same brothers after I was illegally evicted from the family home which was at the centre of all the litigation. They were found guilty of assault, theft and trespass. My mother passed last November at a mere 60lbs. She suffered at the hands of her own sons and daughter Cecilia who facilitated her brothers’ behaviour all in the name of greed.
    Justice Myers’s timely judgement would have made all the difference.

  2. just want to know

    do we need another crooked lawyer in Barbados, surely we have enough?

  3. rasta man

    Feel so sorry for Leroy Lynch. Why is he being made such an example of?

  4. Boom Boody Boom

    Most cases in Barbados take fifteen years anyway, what is the difference between here and Trinidad, he should fit right in.