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Health Minister Donville Inniss: “Legal immigrant? Pay tax? Get Stuffed on health care!”

Donville Inniss: Do you recognize the above website photo?

Happy Mother’s Day

Without repentance, there can be no forgiveness. That it true.

Health Minister Inniss has not repented…

by Passin Thru

Let’s say that a person legally immigrates to Barbados on a marital or employment status. They pay their taxes, have their pay deducted under the National Insurance Scheme. But five, six, seven, nine, ten years go by and their application for permanent residence is still “being processed”.

Then they get injured in an auto accident, or perhaps just start to get older and need some health care.

Health Minister Inniss has an answer: Immigrants needing health care should go back to where they came from because they are not welcome here.

Maybe that’s not true for everyone. Maybe if you were one of the women working in Barbados-based internet pornography you could get still free health care. Maybe I’m wrong.

Perhaps when Health Minister Inniss ran those pornographic websites, his women who performed sex acts online that he profited from were able to claim free health care in Barbados.

I don’t know.

I do know that Minister of Health Donville Inniss recently admitted that the entire immigration system is beyond control with 15,000 files backlog. The words “beyond control” are mine. The admission of 15,000 files backlog comes from Minister Inniss.

I have no answers, but I want to know if the sex workers who performed on the internet and made Inniss money were covered for free health care.

Minister Inniss: over to you.

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