REDjet approvals given – Flights to Guyana & Trinidad within days

We told you that Trinidad & Tobago would issue the approvals, but not before they punished REDjet for failing to respect T&T’s sovereignty. So now that the T&T government has made its point, REDjet can finally go wheels up with scheduled passengers heading for Trinidad.

Ian Bourne has the story at The Bajan Reporter: Trinidad says – 15th May and no later for REDjet flights, Guyana ready for Barbados flight 10th May



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12 responses to “REDjet approvals given – Flights to Guyana & Trinidad within days

  1. what will they think of next

    “that will get sorted out.” I said that on April 15.

  2. E News

    What Trinidad sovereignty what! You mean Jack Warner crooked sovereignty.
    There was no ATLA in place when Redjet correctly applied to fly to Abu Bakr land in December. Jack had to know that so he fiddle with the truth in Bimland we call them things lying.
    Its johnny Jack at fault not the Irish Reds. Stoops BFP you come like Al Quaeda without the guns and bombs spreading panic and lies on paper.

  3. Pmajc

    The Trini do it again, oh boy

  4. pm

    Last December Director General of Trinidad and Tobago’s Civil Aviation Authority, Ramesh Lutchmedial, had informed Burns by letter that the carrier would be given a commercial licence to operate in Trinidad in accordance with the air services agreement with Barbados under three conditions.
    These included issuance of an Air Operations Certificate to REDjet by the Aeronautical Authorities of Barbados; compliance with the Trinidad and Tobago Air Navigation (Licensing of Air Services) Regulations; and compliance with the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation [(No. 10) Foreign Operator] Regulations, 2004.
    In a media release following yesterday’s meeting, Burns said that though REDjet now had the green light to operate, it would be unable to facilitate services from this Sunday. He said Warner had advised that the process would be completed for flights to start Sunday fortnight.
    “Since December, REDjet has submitted the requested documentation and applications to the authorities of Trinidad and Tobago as it was confirmed by officials from the Civil Aviation Authority in the meeting today…
    Jack the LIAR!

  5. Still waiting

    LMAOROTF……today is Tuesday….redjet was to fly since Sunday….NO FLIGHTS TO TRINIDAD, NO FLIGHTS TO JAMAICA….TOLD YA SO….LMAOROTF

  6. watcher

    @still waiting

    What is the current situation with RedJet? Any flights yet?

  7. Facebook Status & Re-Tweet: The Barbados Government needs to Block Caribbean Airlines from Barbados immediately, let them suffer the cancellations that REDjet has/have to endure at their hands. Time to play Hardball!

  8. WTO & United Nations must force the Caribbean to not only adopt but implement and enforce Conflict of Interest legislation immediately as criteria for Developed Nation status, and then the Port of Spain & J’ca blockades of REDjet will end – TT has CAL and Kingston with Air Jam/CAL, while B’dos, SLU, SVG & Antigua have shares in LIAT yet their people, not their Gov’ts, want cheaper travel – unless they’re cooperative like GY then VOTE them out, NOW!

  9. Colin L Beadon

    I don’t know. I just don’t know. The whole airline management system in our islands , stinks,….. worse than a dead snake. If you ever had a whiff of a dead snake, you’d know what we mean. This system has been bleeding WEST INDIANS for years, with its corruption and mis-management and certain people growing fat off such handling, and island publics all suffering.
    So we classify like tin pot republics, and we should be ashamed, nobody is ever blamed, or made to face justice. We like it so,….. aint ?
    No wonder serious drilling exploration companies, don’t want to get burned in Barbados offshore waters. Only fools would dare step in, where greedy two- footed sharks swirl, and the brave fear to tread.

  10. Anonymous

    we would like when redjet is due to fly Guyana i have inlaws out there people so tell us something soon and think about International travel also redjet all the way redjet is like our Digicel God bless

  11. Anonymous

    we would like to know when redjet is due to fly Guyana i have inlaws out there people so tell us something soon and think about International travel also redjet all the way redjet is like our Digicel God bless