Simplified procedure to complain about corrupt or inept Barbados lawyers.

President of Barbados Bar Association reveals changes

Finally, we have confirmation of the rumours from none other than BBA President Andrew Pilgrim.  A new simplified complaint procedure is to be introduced soon in an effort to deal with the current backlog where the average complaint takes over four years to process.

This “simplified and enhanced” procedure is far more efficient and less trouble for users. It does not require the filling out of so many forms as the initial record of complaint is made verbally.

This will be the new procedure…

  1. Write the lawyer’s name, law firm name, address and phone number on a piece of paper with the word “COMPLAINT” in large letters at the very top.
  2. Below the lawyer’s information, write your name, address and contact information.
  3. Place the paper into a suitable bottle.
  4. Shout the details of your complaint into the bottle.
  5. Seal the bottle securely and toss it into the sea off the South Coast.
  6. Await a response from the Barbados Bar Association.

Mr. Pilgrim states that the new procedure will be far less frustrating to Barbadians and others making complaints against lawyers because it will not take so much time to complain and the results will be exactly the same.

Initially the Barbados Bar Association yacht will be fishing the bottles from the sea on the South Coast only, but this will be expanded to the West Coast next year with the arrival of a second BBA yacht.

You can read all about Mr. Pilgrims promises in the Barbados Today article: Changes for Lawyers

Story submitted by BFP reader “G”

Message in a bottle image courtesy of Robin Wood. Thanks Robin!


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5 responses to “Simplified procedure to complain about corrupt or inept Barbados lawyers.

  1. cock fighting

    is this not against the law in Barbados?

  2. Fox in charge of the Hen House---new form

    You can’t really have a fair card game of justice when the cards are stacked against you.

    Any truly transparent and equitable process must contain independent non legal members with a history of integrity and who will not put up with delay and will adhere to strict deadlines.

    Suspensions and disbarments will need to be implemented and the public notified of the facts and the decisions.

    ps. wupax–variations of the baseball bat have been used in the past because lawyers refuse to police themselves and rarely is anyone held accountable.

  3. 58

    This is really ” letter in a bottle “. Maybe they will make a film of it, and put Mr.Pilgrim as the actor. It sounds so incredible that most people will just make a joke of it. Maybe put a centipede with it.

  4. anonymous

    leroy Lynch still in jail?

  5. Boom Boody Boom

    So, the blogs are self-regulating or remove material as requested, where is wupax’s comment?