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Sir Charles Williams “Welcome to our home and Barbados”

And meet Hoagy, our pet pig

Thanks to an old friend for directing us to this most interesting video profile of Sir Charles O. Williams.

Quote from COW Williams: “I am a poor loser. A good loser is always a loser.”

Narrator: “His voracious land buying has caused concern at the highest level.”

Response from COW Williams: “The Prime Minister made the message very clear… He said (my land buying) was having an impact on the social structure… and I obeyed him like a good obedient boy.”

COW on his ambitions in life: “There were three ambitions I had. A pretty wife, a nice sports fisherman and a fast sports car. I had all and all three cost me a fortune.”


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Best wishes to Kate and William from Barbadians everywhere

Two couples are getting married today: Kate and William in love, and our future King and Queen. All the best to both couples.

Royal Wedding Official Website


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