Connection between drinking and leadership now proven! :-)

I couldn’t help myself, folks… just had to post this smile for you!

The Guardian article is interesting too…

Lurking on the Caribbean island getaways of St. Kitts, Nevis and Barbados are a group of illegal aliens with a taste for alcohol. In their quest for alcohol, they’ve learned to steal booze from local bars and sleeping tourists. The end result is predictable.

from Alcohol can make a monkey out of us


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6 responses to “Connection between drinking and leadership now proven! :-)

  1. Anonymous

    With regard to your comment on “connections between drinking and leadership now proven! :-)”, would you also find out the following:

    (1) Did the study reveal anything about the Vervet Monkey’s excessive liking for any particular brand of Alchohol, like say, Absolut Vodka, and what percentage of The Monkeys met their demise at a young age, because of the deleterious effects on their pancreas.

    (2) If they were any cases amongst the Vervet Monkey colony in relation to (1) above, did the effected monkeys’ behaviour mimick that of some Human Leaders ? E.G., Did they for as long as possible, try to hide their condition from the rest of the monkey colony, and was all activity in the colony put on hold FOR AN UNACCEPTABLY LONG EXTENDED PERIOD, while treatment was administered, with a further extended period of inactivity, even after the demise and burial?

  2. Can difference be established which was Vervet and which was Politician?

  3. John

    It appears as though the monkeys kept away from white rum or preferred it mixed with juice.

    They did not seem to go for any plain see thru.

    Perhaps there is none in St. Kitts.

    It would be a useful scientific experiment to make some see thru available and watch for the monkeys’ preferences.

    Who knows, they might well abandon all in favour of the see thru.

  4. John

    … then again, they may know better than to mess with see thru.

  5. Boogie

    @anonymouse…following your line of questioning, did the alcohol affect the vervet tendency to BITE for some and to hide assets from others?

    Did the alcohol cause the vervet monkey to use colony assets for themselves, at the expense of others? Did the alcohol cause the vervet to have copious sex with as many available females as possible, resulting in multiple offspring?

    was there a control study done without alcohol?

    in other words, did the alcohol turn the vervet monkeys into lying, thieving , conniving biatches, or were they so anyway?

  6. Inkwell

    Stop. Go back and pause the video at 1:17. That has to be the reason all them monkeys drinking…even the females… that magnificent piece of brown skin architecture driving them basodie!!