REDjet winning Facebook war over Caribbean Airlines, LIAT

No doubt who is #1 for this REDjet employee!

Facebook ‘Likes’ Stats: REDjet vs Caribbean Airlines

REDjet = 16,991

Caribbean Airlines = 7,078

LIAT? (Couldn’t find a Facebook page for LIAT)


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16 responses to “REDjet winning Facebook war over Caribbean Airlines, LIAT

  1. Progressive

    @ Ian Bourne. Who is the WE that sold Redjet the two aircraft? When I first discovered the type of aircraft to be used,given that I know a thing or two about the various models,I was a bit concerned given their age.I trust the maintenance carried out has been to the highest standards of the industry.I would hate for something tragic to happen to innocent people who are only looking for a more reasonable fare to fly the region,and they deserve to be able to do so.Now, I find it a bit hard to believe that knowing these two craft to be deemed unsafe to fly the US skies that the company would proceed to purchase them and willfully put people lives at risk.

  2. Green Monkey

    Maybe Red Jet got the last laugh. It look like Boeing’s shoddy construction practices in building some versions of their 737 line finally coming to light.

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Investigators trying to determine why the roof of a Southwest Airlines jet cracked open in flight have issued preliminary findings suggesting there may have been flaws in the riveting work when Boeing built the plane 15 years ago.

    The National Transportation Safety Board said Monday that some of the rivets used to bind the Boeing 737’s aluminum panels together were sunk in holes larger than the rivet shafts. The holes weren’t lined up correctly and were misshapen, not round, the board said.


    If rivet holes are even slightly too large, over time the flaw puts too much stress on the surface between holes and causes metal to fatigue or weaken, said Charles Eastlake, a former professor of aeronautical engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Fla.

    If the holes were too big, it would indicate a failure of the inspection process too, Eastlake said.

    Go here and follow all the links for more details:

  3. Adrian Loveridge

    As a ‘stated’ long term flight attendant, could you please tell us where
    American Airlines MD82 registration N251AA (delivery date 31/10/84) currently is?
    Photographed at PHX 23 December 2010

  4. Adrian Loveridge


    Parked eh!

    Even with a FAA airworthiness certificate that is valid until 06/30/2012?

    Which date was it ‘parked’ and exactly where?

  5. BGI

    Actually from my research, I found that one of the ex-AA planes was in storage for about 4 months, and the other one was removed from service by AA in Miami, then flown directly from there a few weeks later to Costa Rica for the retrofit and repaint in Redjet livery. I have pictures of the aircraft in Costa Rica. This research I had done when the news had just broken…. in fact, I was tracking the second aircraft online inflight from KMIA to MROC (MIA-SJO). Don’t let the fact that I am not quoting airframe numbers, dates of manufacture, or registration throw you – I’ve just lost interest in shadowing Redjets every move.

    Having been involved in aircraft maintenance for a number of years, and having prepared the documents on a few importation/exportation of aircrafts onto the Barbados Registry for a reputable commercial carrier, I happen to know that (1) no owner of an aircraft intended for commercial use would intentionally purchase an aircraft that was knowingly unsafe and (2) no regulatory body would knowingly allow an operator to import, register, and operated an unsafe aircraft. Let’s face it – any incident not only affects the subject airline, but the body that has oversight.

    The fact that, in Hannah’s “expert” opinion, the aircraft had reached the point of being put out for parts is a lie. Also her “expert” opinion that the airframes are unsafe is a lie. And just in the interest of full disclosure, I do not work for RedJet or the Government of Barbados. I just have a problem with “experts” that really don’t know as much as they proclaim, casting their perspiration on someone elses character.

    Lever Redjet alone, Hannah. Since in your “expert” opinion, they are destined to kill us all, then you should be looking forward to coming in with your imperialistic superior “A-murricun” attitude and saying “I told you so” over our smoldering corpses. I’m sure that (along with a fresh charge on your iPad or whatever you have), will make you sleep better at night.

  6. BGI

    To the rest of the BFP readers, let me say this:

    Hannah, or her selection of trolling aliases, is clearly more important in her own mind that reality dictates. So what that she is 777 qualified. How much training does it really take to be a bar maid at 37,000 feet?

  7. $$$

    I have to laugh, my Aunt was a *stewardess* back in the day, she survived the days of smoking in-flight, hijackings, and drunken pilots– and those are the stories she is willing to repeat, there are some she won’t. Leave RedJet alone, the market is due to for a good shake up anyway!

  8. BFP

    Hi BGI,

    “Hannah” is a troll so we took down all her posts and will continue to do so when we get online. No big deal.

  9. BGI

    Sweetie, I don’t want your miserable life. I work for myself, so I do work alot harder than you. And I may not work for as much as you, but if money is your measure of happiness or success, then you are indeed a typical American queen, and you have my sympathies!

    And since I’ve worked in the industry, I’ll translate some of your statements for the benefit of the others that may not understand:
    fab layover in South America = sleeping in a hotel bed in either EZE (Buenos Aires, Argentina) or GRU (Sao Paulo, Brazil), dog tired after a flight that ranges from 8 1/2 hrs to 10 1/2 hrs, depending if coming from MIA or JFK.
    working only first class = dealing with 16 snooty upstarts for 10 hours. It helps if you are a snooty upstart as well, right Hannah?

  10. BGI

    Bravo BFP!

    Please forgive me if I got a little sarcastic in my replies to her, but I’ve come to realize that while ignorance is curable, stupidity is not!

  11. BFP

    nothing to forgive, BGI. Such a sad life she must have to devote so much time to trolling!

  12. pilot

    BFP’s resident pilot must have gotten a job with Redjet.

  13. Nostromo

    @ pilot

    Does he have any MD-80 time?

  14. BFP

    Hello Nostromo,

    I don’t know if Robert has any MD-80 experience. He mostly talks about 727s and he used to be a copilot and mechanic in charge of the engines and loading the cargo all in one. I’m sure he thought about REDjet but he makes nuff money traveling all over to fix jet engines then comes home.


  15. Nostromo

    I know Redjet is looking for folks with MD-80 pilot time, first officer or captain.

  16. Tammy

    Well You should update.
    -Caribbean Airlines
    -LIAT (1974) Limited