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Bajan Reporter removes Jesus cartoon… Why?

About a month ago, the Bajan Reporter blog published an article critical of Barbados Free Press. We’d love to refer you to the article but the link is dead and the Bajan Reporter article with the “Jesus giving the finger” cartoon (copy above) has been removed from the internet.

We at Barbados Free Press would like to know why the Bajan Reporter removed the article “Barbadian Tabloid Blog under heavy fire by Religious Leader who Objects to Denigration of Beliefs.”

We assure our readership that BFP had nothing to do with the removal of the article. In fact, BFP embraced the Bajan Reporter article and expanded upon the BR’s published cartoon of Jesus giving BFP the finger.

Enquiring minds want to know: Why did the Bajan Reporter remove the Jesus cartoon without so much as a word to let folks know? Is the editor frightened that Christians will turn violent over a cartoon of Jesus? Does he fear for his safety? Have there been threats from Catholic or Pentecostal congregations? Perhaps a rogue Seventh Day Adventist faction delivered an ultimatum?

At this point, we’ll leave it to the editor of The Bajan Reporter to let folks know the simple truth that Bajans deserve to know. We at BFP believe that the Bajan Reporter is a vital and worthy contributor to the discussion of all things Bajan. We hope that BR respects their readership enough to address this issue.


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