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Barbados Tourism Authority should hire Tahir Quraishi NOW!

Tahir has a track record of success, and he’s headed for Barbados

That happy guy in the hat, sunglasses and holiday shirt just happens to be one of the best managers in the 238 store Ryman Stationery chain. Tahir Quraishi is jetting to Barbados in mid-May to meet with Chairman and Dragons’ Den star Theo Paphitis and the other top store managers.

It will be a week and a bit of fun and sun, but Tahir and his companions will also be advising boss Paphitis on how to make Ryman Stationery better and drive traffic and profits north on the little charts. Tahir is an expert in making those arrows go up and that’s why he’s invited to Barbados.

You see, Tahir and his friends have each proven with their individual stores that they are the best, they know their business inside and out and they are capable of providing the advice, leadership, knowledge and example to take the entire organisation where it needs to go in these challenging times.

That’s why Ryman Stationery is treating Tahir and their other top performers to Barbados all paid for. Management knows that if they want the company to improve and grow, they have to listen to the best: those who have proven their worth hands on in the trenches.

Contrast that with the Barbados Tourism Authority. Continue reading


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