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Earth Day, Easter and bad consequences of good intentions

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For Easter, Earth Day and Lenin’s Birthday 2011, Cliverton asks:

“What wrong ideas are we still embracing because we love unquestioned dogma and ritual?”

Has mindless environmental religion killed the value of Earth Day?

Welcome to Earth Day, also known for 2011 as Good Friday. The two religious observances fall together this year on April 22nd.

Lest the religious status of Earth Day be contested by current generations, right from the start the day had religious overtones, and it was intended that way. Author Margaret Mead declared “Earth Day is the first holy day which transcends all national borders…” Thirty years after Mead voiced her opinion, the United Nations designated April 22 International “Mother Earth” Day. Think of the Greek Goddess “Gaia” (Earth Mother), read some WWF or GreenPeace propaganda and you’ll get the point.

But like other holy days, the special soon became the norm. Commitment and action gave way to routine and Earth Day became a once a year public outing like Christmas or Easter… or Lenin’s Birthday. Continue reading


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Michigan Judge: Fear of Muslim violence in Dearborn trumps U.S. Constitution

UPDATED: April 23, 2011

Michigan Judge and jury declare that Dearborn Muslims are so violent, that the Constitutional right to freedom of speech must be set aside for everyone’s safety.

American Pastor jailed for planning protest on public land.

America: Meet Sharia, the new top law of the land.

Original story published April 22, 2011…

Should Qur’an burning pastor be denied freedom of speech?

Florida pastor Terry Jones is in Michigan at this moment looking to hold a peaceful protest across from the largest mosque in the USA, the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn.

The local police want him to put up $100,000 bond in case the Muslims riot and commit other violence and damage. Jones refused and says it’s a Constitutional right to peacefully protest, and he’s scheduled the protest on Good Friday at 5pm. He says he’s protesting against terrorists, not all Muslims, and that no matter what his opinions are it’s not his problem if a sector of the community is prone to violence over his free speech.

The judge gave Jones the choice of putting up the money or a jury trial right now. Jones took the trial and that’s set to go on Friday morning. Maybe. Jones says the trial itself is not Constitutional and it’s a ploy to keep him from his right to free speech. He’ll be at the mosque at 5pm trial or no trial, he says.

The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) is on Jones’ side because, they say, no matter how disgusting or out in space somebody’s words and actions are, if they don’t break the law then the ACLU will usually support them. That’s what the ACLU does.

In a world full of surprises, Jones has the support of the Arab Community Center for Economic & Social Services. Director Hassan Jaber issued a statement backing Jones’ right to protest — and residents’ right to criticize him.

Says Jaber, “We cannot teach the U.S. Constitution in our citizenship classes while opposing First Amendment rights. So we support Mr. Jones’ right to speak, but we do so with our own postscript: That his message of bigotry and hate does not resonate here.”

That message from an American Muslim leader is about the most hopeful thing I’ve heard in years from the Islamic community.

Do you say “God Hates FAGS” ? The Supreme Court upholds your right to speak.

The Dearborn situation makes for an interesting contrast with that of Fred Phelps, the hateful leader of the “Westboro Cult” that protests outside of military funerals with signs saying “God Hates FAGS!” The Supreme Court of the United States reaffirmed Phelps’ right to carry on with his protests.

Neo-Nazi? Hate Jews? The Supreme Court upholds your right of assembly.

The Supreme Court also protected the rights of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Party of America to march through Skokie, Illinois in the late 1970’s. At the time of the Nazi march, 1/6th of the town’s population were Holocaust survivors.

No matter how wicked, “Freedom of speech must be defended even when the beneficiaries of that defense are far from admirable individuals.

But the big difference is that the Jews of Skokie and elsewhere were not known to riot and murder at the drop of a hat as is the current Muslim population throughout the world.

What’s happening in Dearborn, Michigan this weekend is very important. One law will come out on top: the US Constitution, or Muslim Sharia. Which one will triumph this Easter?

Detroit News: Jury to decide if pastor can protest at Dearborn mosque


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