Trinidad & Tobago orders REDjet “Cease advertising immediately”

April 20, 2011

Trinidad & Tobago Civil Aviation Authority sends “Cease and Desist” letter

“No automatic right for REDjet to operate in T&T… Must comply with further licensing process”

People don’t take kindly when you make newspaper announcements that you’re coming for dinner, but you didn’t bother to inform the host.

That’s pretty well what’s happening in Trinidad & Tobago right now, and as much as I hope that REDjet does well – I totally understand the outrage felt by the Government and Civil Aviation Authorities in T&T.

Cart-before-horse REDjet infuriating T&T Government - Easier to obtain forgiveness than permission?

Our Prediction: No way that REDjet will be making that already announced May 8th first flight to Trinidad & Tobago. The T&T people will make sure of that just to get their point across.

I can’t figure out the reason for this strategy by REDjet, for this had to be deliberate. Any ideas from the cheap seats?


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30 responses to “Trinidad & Tobago orders REDjet “Cease advertising immediately”

  1. Bajan Leadpipe

    This is getting silly and those in charge should know better!
    Review the CARICOM Civil Aviation Agreements and close any loopholes!

  2. Ah Lie?

    REDjet should have made a courtesy call to the T&T and allow the minister to know their planes will be touching down on their tarmac.

    The Treaty of Chaguramas (2001-revised) allows them to fly to other CSME states, but a courtesy call couldn’t hurt.

    Classic case of putting the cart before the horse. Now they have to go and beg Warner fuh forgiveness.

    The funny thing is that Warner might be only available for an appointment on May 9th.

  3. yatinkiteasy

    I think the RedJet people were ill advised. The Agreement is very clear that permission is not automatically granted to land, pick up and deposit passengers in Member States without specific permission…which has to be requested.

  4. Fly Stick

    Have they received permission to fly to Guyana and Jamaica?
    Warner is just putting a stick in the spokes on behalf of you know who?
    : D

  5. J. Payne

    But does the words “may” mean consent?

    May can be a very funny word… If I were Barbadian immigration and I tell someone “you **may** use your Barbadian passport to goto America” that in and of itself doesn’t mean anybody can just turn up in Miami and the U.S. immigration will let them in. May could be interpreted to mean as long as T&T says you can fly there you will face no opposition from the Barbadian aviation authorities.

  6. Mobert

    How DARE Redjet aim to reduce fares for the consumer?!!

    This is just awful, trying to ensure that the common citizen can easily afford inter-island travel and not have their pokctes jukked out by unscrupulous operators.

    The fares have been over the roof for so long, that a newcomer has no right to come in and make it cheaper. After all, that is what business is about down here…jukking pockets.

    How DARE Redjct?!!!

    And how dare anyone suggest that Governments, presented with an opportunity to ensure that citizens and businessmen of Caricom can travel cheaply and readily, should do all in its power to ensure that all necessary civil aviation requirements are meet speedily and with as little bureaucratic xhit as possible?!

    Who do YOU think you ARE???

  7. Micah

    It never made sense to me that just because Redjet were awarded a certificate to fly by the Barbados authorities that they would be able to just fly into Trinidad and Tobago airports without further discussion and approval with the Trinidad authorities. And I may be cynical, but if Redjet can keep flight ticket prices significantly down for a long period of time I would be surprised. Or suspicious as to where they are getting their fiancing from.

  8. BGI

    This would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.


  9. TTPP

    Redjet may be smarter than you think, think of all the free publicity. Look at Ryanair which this airline is modeled after and all the press fiascos they have had.

  10. Kammie Holder

    No Publicity is bad if deliberate or exploited correctly! Who did not know Redjet now know of it. Trinidad will grant license eventually!

  11. Anomynuss

    REDjet had bad advice – and that may even have come from the DCA here itself.

    They are not in the EU now, and they can’t just do as they like under CARICOM. Maybe they will listen to people in the local industry now – it’s their second grand faux-pas (the first was advertising for and hiring non-nationals without even giving nationals a chance to try)

    Besides that, some of us may remember that Trinidad/CAL just recently tried to do the very same kind of thing… applied to the US-DoT for routes from Barbados to the USA without consulting with Barbados first – and got their wrist well and truly slapped.

    So I don’t take the righteous indignation in Trinidad too seriously – in their back-stabbing and macco-ing chaos they are a continuing and everlasting source of entertainment to the rest of us in the Caribbean, Jackass Warner just happens to be the “Line Comedian” on the T&T political Carnival stage for this particular “hour”.

    I do however feel sorry for the Trinidadian taxpayers, who – unless there is a taxpayer revolution – will have to pay for Caribbean Airlines’ expansionist US$1.5 to US$3 Billion shopping list (previously decided by ex-PM – and now a politically cast-out – Manning) over the next 3 years.

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  13. J. Payne

    @Micah. “Or suspicious as to where they are getting their fiancing from.”

    That makes me question where REDjet is going to buy their fuel? BWIA was said to have benefited greatly from the price of fuel in Trinidad. Will RedJet buy their fuel in Barbados? OR- will they conveniently fuel-up in T&T in order to maintain an equal playing field with CAL/Air Jamaica? I listened to REDjets adds carefully and hard words like “prices start at” or “BDS$19.99 plus VAT and other fees” etc. That leads me to believe that by the time you reach “Checkout” the price gon be more than BDS$20.00. Also what would prices be if you booked during the busy winter season?

  14. Trinidad says 15th May and no later for REDjet flights, Guyana ready for Barbados flight 10th May

  15. Adrian Loveridge

    J. Payne.

    Fuel prices – There dosn’t seem to be much in in.

    Jet A1 – per gallon in US$

    Piarco – $3.85
    Grantley Adams – $4.05

    I don’t suppose that the Government of Trinidad and Tobago will subsidise fuel for REDjet like is has for Caribbean Airlines at a cost to the taxpayer of over US$45 million.

  16. Adrian Loveridge

    Fuel follow-up

    Cheapest Jet A1 seems to be in Aruba where it is available at US$2.47 per gallon.

  17. anonymous

    Jack Warner is a c##t hole.

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  19. yankee trini

    who do these people(RED JET) think they are,because you got permission from Barbados does not mean you could just fly into Trinidad,we make our own descisions and if we dont want you here just keep it moving.Some might say that T&T is afraid of competition but in reality our airline CAL gets subsidies fuel from the Government so RED JET’s low air fare in the long run will soon come to an end no matter how many passengers they rope in it is just not sustainable but long short of the story i dont care if REDJET is offering me free flights and i dont care if they call us greedy or self centered or what have you maybe if other Caribbean nations were putting their country’s interest first like Trinidad,they would not be in these positions they are in today and maybe we(T&T) wont have to be giving them handouts or seen as the Caribbeans ATM,so as a T&T national i say NO to REDJET…sorry Barbados i put my country first

  20. observer

    @yankee Trini

    You got that right, country first. That is why we should do like Tinidad. By the way, REDJET is a Barbados registered airline and hence is entitled to fly to T&T as long the requirements are met and there is nothing youor the Trinidat Government can do, except use delaying tactits and remember as long as it can be shown that the country deliberately slow the process, the company can ask for damages eventaully.

    It seems that you dont have a clue about how the aviation industry works. Even if the model cannot work, it has nothing to do with you or the T&T Government let the competition begin and it will. Dont you feel shame to see CAL receive subsidised fuel and cant make a profit. How ironic. We in Barbados do not want handout from Trinidad, we want fair play.

    Perhaps Barbadians need to start boycotting Trinidadian Businesses, and I might begin by withdrawing my savings with the Barbados National Bank and hope other Barbadians follow suit.

    Would you like us to start a boycott of Trinida’s businesses here?

  21. Adrian Loveridge

    I had already made the decision not to buy ANYTHING from Trinidad or Jamaica until I see REDjet flying into both. This is only a tiny gesture but we have do something.

  22. rasta man

    @ AL:Unfortunately that may mean not buying anything at all. LOL

  23. Adrian Loveridge

    Rasta Man,

    It certainly seems to be getting like that doesn’t it?
    Banks, our largest hotels, supermarkets, cement (monoply) wholesale distribution, cars, insurance and I am sure I have left lots out.

  24. We are either civilised or just house-broken. Why can’t we as Bajan consurmers apply some pressure on the RedJet issue. What would it take for us to withdraw our support for a few T&T owned entities in Barbados for one week. I am sure we can find one to target every week.” Got that from Facebook, Co-Sign! BTW? I was born in POS, gives you an idea of my level of disgust!

  25. Tweet, FB & BBM – The Barbados Government needs to block CAL from Barbados immediately, let them suffer the cancellations that REDjet has/have to endure at their hands. Time to play Hardball!

  26. observer


    It we block cal from landing it would impact on our tourism. But if we start a boycott of its businesses that will be more telling. Trinidad needs to feel it where it hurts and thus a boycott will be very effective. I will be boycotting Trinidad and Jamaic products until the matter has been resolved.

    Consumers have the power to help the Government get a quick decision and therefore the call for a boycott should also be taken to main media and the call in programmes. Let the action begin.

  27. We need REDjet in the Caribbean people’s petition to get the governments of Trinidad and Jamaica to allow REDjet to service those destinations

  28. Ray Dunmore

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  29. BFP

    Mr. Dunmore, which comment do you wish to modify?

    Robert, BFP