HELP! Electric Bike needs a charge point at Oistins

We’ve been following the adventures of Canadian David Cameron for almost two years as he tested electric bikes in Barbados. David is back on the island staying in Holetown and he’s going to try to use his electric bike to get to Oistins and back this Friday night.

He needs a charge point at Oistins to top up his bike so he can make it home again. Can anyone help out? He’ll only use 25 cents of electricity and he’d probably be happy to purchase a cutter or a beer if some wonderful person like Marcia will let him plug in to 110VAC.

If anyone can help out, David’s contact info is at the end of the article, or you could put the invitation in the comments section. Here’s his note to us…

David Cameron (CameronEV – Electric Vehicles) is back on the island.

Brought my wife with me and staying in Holetown playing tourist testing the e-bykes. My wife will not ride on her own e-byke at night and rides with me.

I would like to go to Oistins on Fri with her for the nightly fish fry etc.

Problem is 25km there and 25km back with a passenger is pushing the e-byke due to the additional 100+lbs.

I need a charge point in Oistens to refresh the current in the battery. All it takes is a accessible 110VAC outlet I can plug the trickle charger into.
Cost for BLP current would be 25cents from my testing here.

I have charge points on the south coast in Hasting and here in Holetown but nothing arranged in Oistens.

Does BFP have friends in Oistins near the fish market that could be of assistance?

It costing 25cents verses $50 for a taxi or even $2 by bus makes sense and trying that distance (at nite too) is a grand test.

I get from Holetown to Hastings easily and I am faster that the bus. I take 35min, the bus takes 45min.

Any leads would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
David Cameron

Cameron e-bikes

1946 Raymond LaBrosse St Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Tel: 1-613-830-4455 Website:


Skype: CameronEV   Twitter: cameronev


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15 responses to “HELP! Electric Bike needs a charge point at Oistins

  1. $$$

    If you sneeze at my meter it costs twenty-five cents!!! You really going to have to search for a forward thinker to let you plug the bike in…good luck.

  2. watcher

    @david cameron

    What licence do you have on the bike and are you required to have liability insurance.

  3. Sneezing at the current meter and it costing 25cents… laugh but I could believe it, seen some of the power cable connections looking like clotheslines.

    I did a test between Holetown & Oistins dogging the rain.
    With myself only @ 200lbs, I made it there and back with no top up in current. I was careful the last 10km usung a low power routine I developed here in Barbados that I pass on in my familiarization routine in Canada, Barbados and the Bahamas.
    I know carrying my wife will lower the range due to the extra 100+ lbs and she is a wisp of a girl (brownie points as she reads this).

  4. I know the people here hesitate a bit when it comes to setting up a charge point. I know from being here testing an outside outlet is rare, learned to carry my own extension cords indeed.
    I would like to thank BFP for the assistance here, I owe you a couple of pints of beer indeed.

  5. Anonymous person trying to help

    Could possibly help, here, but there are “buts”.

    First and main “but” is that I don’t actually live in Oistins … more around Atlantic Shores. From my house to Oistins on foot (to the fish market, for example) takes about half an hour. Plus the half-hour walk back.

    Second and minor “but” is that I might not be at home later in the evening. That doesn’t have to be a big prob because I’ve got an outdoor socket right on my driveway, so I don’t have to be there when the bike is taken away (do you really just plug this thing directly into a standard socket?)

    In Mr. Cameron’s position I’d consider making a phone call to somewhere like the Hercules bar in Oistins, explaining the circumstances, and offering to buy a beer or two in exchange for the plug-in opportunity (and perhaps some free publicity for the bar).

    All the best,

  6. PrettyPolly

    Hi, I have an outside plug point in Rendezvous that can be used if that can help. Eithers on his way or returning from Oistins. It is a great project & I would be happy to assist.


  7. Redjet robbie

    Fly redjet then 🙂

  8. There are indeed forward-thinking people in Barbados as seen with the responses here on BFP.

    The idea of arranging something on the fly works, used it a few times in my various trips testing the e-bykes here.

    I may use PrettyPolly in Rendezvous or APTH in Atlantic Shores as a backup, may I ask for a phone # to be emailed to

    I owe BFP and the readers an apology due to my erroneous typing using the laptop I brought with me, guys and big fingers.

    In a post I meant to say ‘many takes to BFP for their assistance’ but typed ‘BLP’ by mistake. Politics is not involved here at all, helping people be environmentally-friendly is the goal.

    David Cameron

  9. Grand news…..

    Last evening, with my wife as a passenger on the e-byke, we e-byked on the ‘Laurentide’ model from Holetown to Hastings to watch the Montreal Canadians hockey game in one of the few spots in Barbados one can watch the game.

    The spot where we went recently installed an outside 110AC outlet box that is an excellent spot to top-up the e-byke battery current. Yes, a simply straightforward outlet is all it takes, similar to using a laptop plugged in. The trickle charger is a ‘enhanced’ laptop charger with a fan installed.

    The trip even with the return at night was successful. For safety and to let car drivers realize the e-byke is not a motorcycle capable of going as fast as they are I use a small blinking white light as well as the red rear light. Both worked well as drivers coming up behind seemed aware I was not a motorcycle. My wife felt safe which was important.

    17km each way for 34km total carrying over 300lbs, now for Oistins 25km each way.

    Honk if you see me….

  10. Green Monkey

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  11. BFP

    Hi David

    No apology necessary on the BLP thing. Everybody knew it was a typo. I’ll fix it for you.

    It’s great to see you back on the island again. Your adventures leave me yearning for my old Yamaha 2 stroke step through. It burned more oil than a 747 but it was my first wheels and it set me free. If I could bottle that joy and sell it I’d be rich now!


  12. Green Monkey

    Sprawling From Grace: Driven to Madness (2008). This is a program recently aired on CNBC about how cheap oil and the automobile has induced a pattern of urban sprawl in North America that is increasingly seen as unsustainable.

  13. watcher

    @david cameron

    What licence do you have on the bike and are you required to have liability insurance.
    Can you let us know….thanks

  14. Nostradamus

    @ Watcher
    I think I saw him riding the bike and it had a bicycle licence attached to the back.

  15. @Nostradamus, @watcher
    The units I have on Bardados for our testing are plated as bicycles under the Geneva Traffic Convention Barbados is a signatory on.

    Therefore, need a minimum of a bicycle helemet( I use a light scooter half-helmet for more protection), operator & passengers must be 16yrs of age, no insurance needed etc.
    The e-bykes with a bicycle plate must be for personal use, not for retail sale or hire and not used for commercial use like delivery of pizza etc.

    If brought in for retail sale or hire or use as a commerical vehicle then the e-bykes must be registered as 50cc mopeds. I am talking to the Ministry to attempt to classify similiar to all other countries (UK,EU,US,Canada) as power-assisted bicycles. Barbados should not be different as the e-bykes are environmentally friendly and tourist capable.