CARICOM Crime and Security Chief under investigation: Corruption, Fraud

Lynne Anne Williams accused of “Corruption, Misappropriation, hiring of unqualified staff, fraudulent accounting practices”

The Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (Impacs) is headed by Lynne Anne Williams, who took over in September of 2009. She makes US$14,000 a month plus expenses, but that wasn’t enough so she created phony travel expense invoices and pocketed the money.

Anyone ever heard of “Darreyl’s Bungalow Short Term Accommodation” in Barbados? Nope. Me neither.

But Lynne Anne Williams stayed there and billed for it.

And that is nothing, just a flea bite compared with all the allegations we’re seeing in the Trini press. Yup, Williams; visited Barbados for a 20 day security meeting that never happened and she billed for the whole thing – right at Crop Over too. Must be a coincidence!

“This signifies a clear recognition by the Caribbean Community….of the danger that unchecked financial crime poses to our economic and political systems” said Lynne Anne Williams, the Executive Director of CARICOM IMPACS.

Lynne Anne Williams speaking about money-laundering back in January 2011. What a joke!

Yup, it’s really hit the fan at IMPACS, and it’s not just Williams either. The allegations are flying and it’s not he-said, she-said stuff because copies of the phony invoices are in the hands of the newspapers.

So what will happen? Come on folks… you know what’s going to happen in the end. Lynne Anne Williams will quietly retire, no charges will be laid and it will all fade away. Because…

Our Assessment: Williams is guilty as hell, but will never be charged because before coming to IMPACTS she headed the Special Intelligence Agency for 14 years and nobody is going to mess with what she knows.

Who will watch the watchers?

“Impacs has never been audited nor submitted prepared financial statements since its inception in 2006.”

… from the Trinidad Express story: Scandal at regional ‘spy’ agency

“Williams has not accepted calls from the Express in an attempt to interview her regarding alleged misappropriation of funds, hiring of staff and accounting practices at the agency.

Several calls to Williams’s local and Barbados cell phones yesterday went unanswered.”

… from the Trinidad Express story Williams stays mum


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14 responses to “CARICOM Crime and Security Chief under investigation: Corruption, Fraud

  1. yatinkiteasy

    Williams must have a boss…who is he/she?

  2. Embalmer

    You all should take a look at the Caribbean Regional Negotiating Machinery; two Barbadians and a non national made that agency sh…….te! back in the days until all was brought to a hault by a temporay Accounts Assistant back in 2004. To date even though KMPG was called in to audit they could not even find the $$$$$$$$$amount that was mis-appropriated. Realy who guard the guards? These people lived lavishly, bought cars, travelled extensively, but were unable many months to pay workers of the organisation.
    Dr . Bernal was the head at that time, and to believe that all the members countries who contriuted to this organisation did not notice. You know why? These two women were the only persons who signed the cheques and most transactions were done via fax to the Banks, and the Directors who were no longer there, were still being used as signatories on documents. (cut and paste), then fax, you cannot tell it is not an original signiture! humm! Many big transactions were done to credit cards and false accounts were opened in family members names. Big time corruption in these organisations for years! stuuups! What is new?
    Most of these organisations if audited, would realise that have no proper “checks and balances are in place” and the smart one know how to beat the system by working togeather.

    If you speak out about it. YOU ARE FIRED, or told to turn a blind eye, bothe happened to me. Check out these facts.!

  3. gravedigger

    @embalmer .. per chance one of them driving a ragtop Porshe ?

  4. Anonymous

    same thing will happen as with the diplomat , no charges filed, tax payers picking up the pieces AMEN.

  5. Anonymous

    Wonder if The CLICO Judicial Managers, Deloitte Touche, will employ a forensic investigation, including identifying, if and how much, CLICO DOLLARS were transferred to Families First , to fund DLP election campaigns.

    That CBC DLP TV interview the other night with Oliver Jordan and Pearson Bovell got me concerned. Pearson even suggested that the matter had now been solved after he heard Jordan’s comments of positivity regarding the repositioning of the company. Does that mean that all of the underhand dealings will remain forever ….. SECRETS? UNDER THE CARPET? The only thing that will stay in the public domain is the little chicken feed CLICO gave the BLP …. NOTHING about the multi-millions passed into the DLP coffers. Ah really would like to see those cheques to the DLP, if that is how it was done.

  6. rasta man

    @Annoymous: I think it is Pearson Bowen.

  7. Rohan Frederick

    Don’t be too surprised if nothing of worth comes out of this Judicial management thing, remember “birds of a feather flock together”, and there is no independent investigation. We will never know how much The DLP got out of CLICO, and how much personally our late PRime Minister received for services rendered, and how much Mr. Parris made in the process, and will continue to make. Mr BFP I hope you read the piece Mr Hoyos wrote in the Sunday Sun, No questions to be asked at a press conference. What a blind lot we all are!

  8. Beefcake

    The judicial managers only oversee the current operations; they have no responsibility or obligation regarding what happened in the past.

    An audit of the previous years, or even a forensic audit, would be separate from what Deloitte is doing; and no auditor will touch that mess without confirmation of the ability for their fee to be paid, and that they may not fully find all errors or detect fraud.

  9. 119

    Thank you RastaMan; It IS Pearson Bowen.

  10. 119

    Understood BeefCake.
    Still, I believe that the least the Deloitte people can do is to recommend that a Forensic Audit be done. I can’t help but be persuaded that in their review of current operations, they must come across some “funny stuff” including incestuous and “other” transfers etc. This kind of behaviour is endemic to the CLICO culture. Just look at the revelations in the Trinidad Mother Branch. Don’t see how Barbados Operations can escape the Mother’s taint.

  11. xtrabb

    What do you expect of Pearson, want Leroy to fire him.

  12. 119

    I don’t think Leroy is in a position anymore to fire people at CBC . I hear that the new maguffy is Douglas Hoyte, another long time hardcore DEM, and Leroy has quietly slipped away. However, you never know with Leroy. He goes, but then you hear that either: he never actually left, or that he’s back. That’s how it was with CLICO.

    One thing I am sure of though, and it is that Doug Hoyte, once confirmed, will continue the unprecedented political stranglehold on the Taxpayers’ Station, and he will not allow the peoples’ Official Opposition, even a whisper on CBC.

    Everything under the gambit of government in Barbados these days ….. want investigating.

  13. 207

    What a mess we are in. If the Judicial managers are there only to run the business and not to go into all it’s previous dealings of mismanagement, we are going nowhere in solving misappropriation of funds in this whole debacle of CLICO>who received what and where all people’s money went. If it wasn’t for Afra Raymond we would not be hearing half of what is going on with this company, and the silence and strangle hold our Governments is trying to put on it’s people, and what is said. No honesty in Business anywhere. God help us tax payers who have to pick up all this eventually.