Gline Clarke talks from experience, says Goverment should help folks build a home!

Government Minister Clarke: love nest on expropriated land. Barbados news media let it pass!

Gline Clarke, Member for St. George North, said in Parliament the other day that government should be giving long term land leases and help folks to acquire mortgages to build homes.

Fair enough. On this small island where land is at a premium and Town Planning permissions to build turn scrub land into gold, there has to be some government control and oversight. But without Integrity Legislation and Freedom of Information, who will watch over the government people?

So give folks access to land and homes.

But when a Minister of Government like Gline Clarke ends up living on land his government expropriated…

Well, that’s something else, isn’t it?

How about it, Mr. Clarke? In five years you haven’t answered the people of Barbados about how you, as a Minister of Government, ended up living in a home on land that your government expropriated.

Your government never paid for the land after expropriating it, but that’s a pretty common story ’bout hey.

Man, if this was New Jersey or the UK, the news media woulda been all over the story. But this is Barbados.

So the newspapers ignored the story, but the people and the blogs doan forget!

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7 responses to “Gline Clarke talks from experience, says Goverment should help folks build a home!

  1. Colin L Beadon

    The daily spread of corruption across the world.
    99 % of the people across the world are enslaved by the corruption done by politicians mixing with big business ventures. Very few of the guilty are ever brought to book, and you don’t have to go to a university to be a politician or a crooked business man. Staying away from the hard drug scene, would also help towards your self preservation. Drug Lords being far more likely to make you pay for transgression than the arms of civil country laws.
    So now you know the two courses your life could take, if you want to make it big.
    While you enslave the world, your chances of getting booked are remote. It is not even a question of intelligence or diploma.
    Sincerely, Los Nuevos Esclavos.

  2. what will they think of next

    The Barbados Labour Party is full of hypocrites.

  3. Anonymous

    and so is Democratic Labour Party, not just hypocrites, but spiteful slime balls.

  4. Tina Roach

    Wunna wicked !
    This is a clever piece
    Had to LOL when I saw it
    But I am not joining you in throwing mud on Gline Clarke–No way
    Gline is a good man–means well and likes people.

  5. BFP

    Hi Tina

    Well, if Gline means well and he likes people, then there’s no problem with him expropriating land from private ownership, not paying for it and then building a home for his mistress on the land. No problem then because he likes people and means well.

    Just so Clarke and his government friends don’t take your land, then everything is ok. Right? As long as he steals someone else’s land that’s ok?

    No problem. Thanks for your opinion.

  6. 24

    Gline Clarke does not care who gets a house; he already got his tax free. The thing that kills me bout hey is that all we people do is talk but no action. Think tauk gine stop Clarky or any of dem tiefing-lieing politicians from getting dem wun. Not bout hey.

  7. 24

    Mr BFP why don’t you & your colleagues investigate the present Minister of Housing and his associates? and are the houses being held until national elections are being called?