Code of Silence kicks in at Colman Commission

People doing their level best to shut down the Inquiry into CLICO/HCU collapse

VIDEO: Morning Edition Interview – 11 Apr 2011

Afra Raymond sits with host, Fazeer Mohammed on the Morning Edition television show to discuss further developments in the Colman Commission into the CLICO/HCU collapse. Video courtesy TV6

Programme Air Date: 11 April 2011
Programme Length: 0:32:40


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One response to “Code of Silence kicks in at Colman Commission

  1. Just like to know

    It’s no real surprise Mr. Raymond that the authorities are trying to muzzle the 0x. You may have read Mr. Pat Hoyos piece in the nation newspaper Sunday 17th April, interesting reading. The executive Officers of the consulting agency giving a press interview but with no questions asked at the end of it, so why would they need the media there I ask myself? Just to regurgitate what they said? My impression of this whole messy stuff if that the people who have put in their twopenny worth into this CLICO business will have hell to get back all their monies. Too much political interference and friendship involve. Barbados is loosing all it credibility due to inept & corrupt politicians.