Deliberate fire in St. Philip “Irresponsible madness”

Who ordered this toilet?

Wednesday night at around 11:30pm fire was set to a plot of land in Travelers Av., Fortescue, St.Philip. If it wasn’t for the neighbor who immediately alerted the fire department and their prompt response, the fire could have raged out of control and threatened several houses in the area.

It is not difficult to guess who lit the fire. In the morning a brand new portable toilet was delivered to the same site!

Another display of irresponsible madness and a total lack of consideration for the safety and health of others.


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12 responses to “Deliberate fire in St. Philip “Irresponsible madness”

  1. rasta man

    Are you intimating that it was the toilet company who lit the fire?

  2. Green Monkey

    [i]Are you intimating that it was the toilet company who lit the fire?[/]

    Unless it was the Steel Donkey on one of his nocturnal rampages. According to the Merrymen some witnesses have seen him breathing fire from his mouth.

  3. Happens Regularly

    This happened in my neighbourhood in St. George a few months ago. The police need to do something about this before a fire spreads and lives are loss.

  4. sam cooke and duppy

    somebody mussy fart hard so they brought the toilette to stop all future fires

  5. Tell me Why

    Probably, someone getting ready to build and need a clear area (burn the bush). Since people would be working and houses are far away, at least, a toilet was placed there for them. Think positive and forget the sh**. Lo!!!

  6. Do I Have to Spell It Out?

    It is not about the toilet Ladies And Gentlemen, it is about some idiotic contractor engulfing houses in smoke with all the health hazards it creates, because he is too stingy or lazy to clear the land with a bobcat.

  7. Camille Harewood

    Citizens Against Burning Stuff is a group of 303 persons to date who have come together with the common purpose of petitioning the relevant Government Department put legislation in place to stop or radically control the indiscriminate burning of stuff and other materials especially in and around residential districts before more people develop asthma and or die as a result. If your interested in joining forces you can sign up on out Facebook page: Citizens Against Burning Stuff:!/home.php?sk=group_145713842153211&ap=1

  8. nanci

    the department that is responsible for cleaning up the streets should debush all these areas in st Philip, and take out the old fridges and stoves that is lying around and people throwing them in illegal dump sites. Barbados still not with it with it comes to cleaning up and respecting the environment. Homeowners dont have any where to dump their old used appliances so therefore you see them dumped anywhere, Barbados gotta start thinking seriously about their environment otherwise what happened in Haiti is going to happen here, and this country is not even as big as Haiti is.

  9. nanci

    this free press is a good website for bajans especially those living overseas to really know whats going on in the country. I find other newspaper sites just report on irrelevant things like who is the biggest movie star and who won what contest, they dont report on the matters that is pressing in the country such as high electric bills and cost of living increasing daily. Why not tell the real truth about whats going on in the country.

  10. Kammie Holder

    @Nanci, sorry to disappoint but if you watch the video you will see recycling off all metals

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