BREAKING: Doubts over REDjet Approvals in Trinidad and Tobago

T&T Transport Minister Jack Warner “in the dark”

T&T Civil Aviation Director “No permits issued.”

Breaking News: April 14, 2011, 11:42PM Bridgetown

This story is just breaking on the internet and there will be more to come when it all hits the fan in Bridgetown in the morning. The permits issue will probably resolve itself and calm down tomorrow – but right now it sure is interesting!

I’d like to follow the story but I’m dead tired and if I don’t pack it in I’ll be useless at work tomorrow so…

Here’s a start and our readers or others at BFP can pick up on the story as it develops. Comments are open!

“You know something, regrettably, I don’t have all the details of REDjet’s entry into Trinidad and Tobago. … I keep trying to know how it happened and why and so on. Be that as it may I want to believe that it is healthy competition and if REDjet coming to Trinidad and Tobago means that (Caribbean Airlines) will buck up … or lower its fares for the general public then so be it, because nothing is wrong with competition,” said (Transport Minister) Warner during the post-Cabinet press briefing at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s.

“I would have liked to know how the airline got the permission, from whom and when and I’m not quite sure I can answer you those questions,” Warner continued, adding that he had no documents at his ministry’s office with respect to REDjet’s operations.

Director general of the Civil Aviation Authority Ramesh Lutchmedial told the Express yesterday that no approval had been granted for REDjet to start operating in Trinidad and Tobago.

REDjet, the Caribbean’s first low-fare airline, was launched at The Carlton Savannah hotel, Port of Spain on Wednesday.

… from the Trinidad Express article Jack in the dark on REDjet’s permit


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49 responses to “BREAKING: Doubts over REDjet Approvals in Trinidad and Tobago

  1. Dorothy Zbornak

    I wonder if the nation or CBC knows about this….

    Let me just say that Redjet needed experienced MD-80 pilots to start the airline, for regulatory and insurance reasons. There was really only one place they could go to get pilots with the necessary level of experience.
    Requiring pilots to live ‘permanently’ in Barbados would have made recruitment much more difficult. Commuting to and from home had to be an option for these pilots, or I doubt Redjet would have had any success hiring.
    Most of the pilot resignations(decisions not to stay) happened after basic indoctrination in Barbados, prior to the commencement of training.
    I guess paradise isn’t for everyone.

  2. Dorothy Zbornak

    And here is more…..

    The losses in the original pilot group were due primarily to their lack of understanding of just how expensive it would be living and traveling to and from Barbados to the States. After crunching the numbers, for many it just wasn’t worth it and they went home.

  3. what will they think of next

    that will get sorted out.

  4. Nostromo

    I love it when an ignorant mutton head with an axe to grind, copies postings from a thread and posts them, completely out of context, on a different thread.

    @what will they think of next
    I agree…”u can’t stop the signal”

  5. Nostromo

    posted by REDjet this morning…

    “Good morning REDjetters, we have the required regulatory approval from the Air Transport Licencing Authority of Barbados under the Air Services Agreement between Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados to conduct current commercial activities.”


    …”u can’t stop the signal”

  6. Steupse

    Sorry, but Air Services Agreement or not, permission still has to be granted. This is Carib Express all over again. Starting an airline is fraught with difficulties, indeed, so is operating an airline. The gung-ho approach of Redjet reminds me of the Carib Express launch when they assumed that Antigua and Puerto Rico would grant permission to operate, but didn’t. MD 80’s will be useless on 100-120 mile legs. This operation is a joke and you won’t get me to even walk up the steps.

  7. Anonymous

    “…MD 80′s will be useless on 100-120 mile legs”
    Yet all was safe when BWIA had the same MD80s hopping from Trinidad to Tobago, Barbados, Grenada, St . Lucia and Barbados to Antigua a few years ago.

  8. O

    Jack Warner is the Caribbean’s biggest liar ask Beckham and the English Football Association. Jacko the ultimate weasel and sleeze ball. Good luck Burns and Burns with them Trinis we waiting all now for Denis Kellman the mout giant to tell we bout a fishing agreement with them. Loud Stewpsss!?!

  9. Dorothy Zbornak

    @ steupse I so agree with you! This airline don’t even have pilots! All of them bail! They (redjet) now advertising for pilots! Get this, the pilots only have to have the min. qualifications! It’s sad because when you look at their facebook page it looks like the only passengers looking to fly these old and airworthy planes are a bunch of uneducated caribbean people who are experiencing the JIM JONES theory! White man rides into town, talking a lotta bullshit, and everyone drinking it up like kool-aid. I work for American Airlines! The two planes they brought from us were parked in the Arizona dessert! We use those planes for spare parts!!!

  10. Dorothy Zbornak

    This is the data on redjets jacqualicious airplane!

    N445AA (cn 49471/1418)….. WAS BUILT IN 1987….
    Airframe Info
    Manufacturer: Mcdonnell Douglas
    Model: DC-9-82(MD-82) Search all Mcdonnell Douglas DC-9-82(MD-82)
    Year built: 1987
    Construction Number (C/N): 49471
    Number of Seats: 172
    Number of Engines: 2
    Engine Manufacturer and Model: P & W JT8D SERIES


  11. Uh BFP is this so-called “Golden Girl” a certain house of beavers? For real stats on REDjet please visit There are 17 pilots, I frankly have had enough of the iPad troll…

  12. Dorothy Zbornak

    @ ian bourne! you calling me a troll? LMAO…You are fat and gross! Look to go on a diet you cow! You remind me of shampoo…”head and shoulder; no neck! Please nobody reads your bajan reporter blog! It’s so boring! I know why you want to fly redjet because if you fly any other airline they make you pay for 2 seats! MOOOO. So before you go calling someone a troll look in the mirror! 17 pilots??? Really??? LMAO

  13. Dorothy Zbornak

    @ Ian, I’m glad you know I use the ipad; make that the ipad2. You still on a desk top? So I’m here at MIA airport waiting to do my flight. Tonight I’m operating MIA-EZE! Working first class! You can only wish to have such a glamour job rather than just write a blog which nobody clearly reads! Everyone reads BFP; funny thing is, you’re always on BFP. Why is that? So I’m asking my Captain for tonights flight about front end crew compliment for our old MD-80’s we use to operate back in the day! FYI, 6 front-end crew members per jet! Flight Attendants is 18 per jet! So why would you make up a story like redjet has 17 pilots?? Makes no sense! BTW, did you not hear; they all quit and moved back to the USA! We are recalling along with all US airline our furlough pilots and hiring new ones! So any qualify pilot in their right mind is not going to move to BGI to fly for redjet! BTW, “got milk”?

  14. Nostromo

    my sources tell me that 17 pilots is a fairly accurate number.

    I don’t know how many Redjet pilots were formerly at AA, but I know a former/furloughed AA pilot at Redjet that refused to go back. Said something about tired of being furlough fodder at a place where he was treated poorly. He likes Redjet, likes living in Barbados, and sees this as a fresh start, not some dead from the neck up legacy carrier whose employees hate working there, and where management steals from stockholders and employees alike. He seemed pretty fired up at working for a company that truly appreciates him…..

    …”u can’t stop the signal”

  15. Zbornak? I can lose weight but you are still a pawn of BWEE, LIAT or C’bean Airlines or whoever’s your pimp – my view is an independent base… Nice to think for myself rather than answer to who pays my salary?

  16. Blanche Devereaux

    @ Adrian Loveridge. We at AA along with Delta Airlines operate the McDonald (MD) series aircraft. The aircrafts range from MD80,81, 82. 83,87, 90. As a flight attendant that who attends flight attendant recurrent training yearly, let me put your mind at ease! We have recurrent on the 83′s, 87′s, & 90′s. This MD training will be coming to an end as we –introuduce more 737-800′s into our fleet which are coming at us rapidly. Our newer version of the MD82′s are parked! They are only used for SOC flights (extra flights/charters), sold (to the likes of redjet or whoever wants cheap planes), but mainly they are used for SPARE parts for all the exsisting MD 80/90 aircraft still flying as these aircraft along with parts are no longer in production. We at American Airline make good money selling parts of these old planes that we no longer have in service. These old maddogs (MD’s) are like old cars, they still have a little bit of life in them, but in the end they are better to be used selling off the parts than trying to maintain them.

    I hope redjet has a great mechanical team servicing their MD’s. I see they sent them down to Costa Rica for their C & D check?? WOW, why send them their rather than have those important checks done in the USA where the aircraft was manufactured and have state of the art facilities to do those sort of checks. The fact that they sent them all the way to Costa Rica tells me that corners were cut, and they were cheap C & D checks completed on these old MD’s. Need I say more?

  17. Blanche Devereaux

    The chief pilot/head of mechanics they have listed on their website; here is his bio:

    Director of Operations (Chief Pilot): Stan Markovich has over 26 years of flying with a flawless safety record covering military and civilian operations. He has extensive experience in pilot and cabin crew selection and training, Civil Aviation liaison, airline start-up procedures and fleet introductions. He is a former US Navy Pilot and earned letters of appreciation from the White House and NASA. He worked for Vanguard Airlines where he flew and managed the B-737 and MD-80 programs and became the Manager of Flight Standards and Director of Training. Subsequently at TransMeridian he worked as the MD-80 Program Manager.

    I have one question; is Vanguard airline the last airline he worked for? With all these “credentials”, why wasn’t he able to gain employment with a legacy carrier? The case is always anyone who “blow’s up themselves” like this dude is doing ie. white house mention…blah, blah, blah usually is full of hot air.
    Here is some information on vanguard airlines:
    Vanguard Airlines was an airline based out of Kansas City, Missouri until late 2000. It ceased operations on July 29, 2002, after filing for bankruptcy. Vanguard Airlines started service in 1994. HE WORKED FOR AN AIRLINE THAT WAS NOT IN OPERATION FOR 10 YEARS! That’s it for commercial airline expertise! So from 2002 until now he has not been able to find employment with an American company? Had to find it with a Caribbean one? I hope he has the papers to work legally in BARBADOS. I can’t say I saw an ad in the nation for a “chief pilot”.

  18. Blanche Devereaux

    Who are they going to hire as their chief flight attendant? STEVE SLATER OF FAME JETBLUE AIRLINES? You know the guy who jumped off the aircraft after cussing out the passengers, grabbing 2 bears and exiting the aircraft using the emergency slide!….LMAO

  19. Blanche Devereaux

    @ nostromo; are you in the airline industy? 17 is incorrect. FYI a front end crew member (pilot) with a legacy carrier makes 60K-160K USD a year! How much is redjet paying these pilots? Fares @ 9.99 one way and jet fuel/oil at over $110.00usd a barrel I would have to guess these pilots are making the same as a maxi taxi driver/transport board bus driver! Please everyone knows that anyone with any sort of good credintials is not going to pass up a furlough call back or a postion to stay in BGI to work for redjet. The good ones have already quit and left BGI. Why is your “source” still there? Is he over the age of 65? or was he fired and has a “tarnish” record. The truth will come out once redjet gets an audit completed on them. There is a reason why the FAA denied BGI request for a CAT 1 status. Get your head out the sand dude, and stop drinking the “jim jones juice”.

  20. Nostromo

    Blanche Devereaux =Dorothy Zbornak=Gabrielle Wiltshire=ANASTASIA BEAVERNHOUSEN

    You really need to work on mixing up and improving the poor syntax and sentence construction of your various online doppelgangers, if u want to have believable multiple identities here on BFP.

    …”u can’t stop the signal”

  21. Ha Ha Ha

    Its sad that with all the tripe and diatribe its not going to stop loads and loads of people from travelling on REDJET so give it up and STFU

  22. Blanche Devereaux

    @ ha ha ha, considering that they have not collected a red cent from these loads and loads of people due to the fact that they have not gain permission from Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana, and Barbados. They can only take your reservation but can’t take your money…This is so funny LMAO. BTW, don’t you need pilots, certificates from these countries in order to operate?

  23. Ha Ha Ha

    U are so easy to bait and you have no shame because ur agenda is so plain, takes some bollocks to be such a bold faced troll and so full of faeces but the fact still remains that despite the barriers that people with agendas like you set up REDJET will not be denied and scum like u will continue to patrol the shadows and backalleys peddling urhot air and useless banter because you kno in the end you cannot emerge into the mainstream given ur shady ass nature, now come back outta the anus yuh come from an reply ah waiting lol

  24. Blanche Devereaux

    Has anyone read today’s facebook page of redjet along with T&T newsday article? This is too funny! This is so jim jones all over again; foreign person rides into town; starts talking BS and people drinking the juice before finding out the facts! Or better yet the ferry that was promised to the caribbean people to link the islands back in 2009..They are still waiting for the ferry! Here is the link for the story! I’m sorry if my ipad2 does not post the link.,139030.html

    Happy reading 🙂

  25. Blanche Devereaux

    Do you remmeber the following crash in the Caribbean back in 2009? Here it is.
    West Caribbean Airways Flight 708 was a West Caribbean Airways charter flight which crashed in a mountainous region in northwest Venezuela killing all 152 passengers and eight crew. The plane, a McDonnell Douglas MD-82, was en-route from Tocumen International Airport (PTY) in Panama City, Panama to Fort de France, Martinique (FDF) .
    The aircraft involved in the incident was delivered to Continental Airlines on 4 November 1986 which operated it until 10 January 2005. At that time it was transferred to West Caribbean Airways, registered as HK-4374X. The jet’s tail cone fell off in early July 2005 and was replaced.

  26. Blanche Devereaux

    Here is the stats from another start-up airline out of Canada called JETSGO (well it’s now jets-gone). Note the type of aircraft, same business model as redjet…the stats speak for themselves.

    Jetsgo operated a fleet of 14 McDonnell Douglas MD-83

    In March 2005 Transport Canada said that investigators found issues with the operating methods of Jetsgo. The deficiencies were discovered during “a special inspection” into engine problems revealed after a forced landing in January 2005.

    Jetsgo Airlines; here is a list of incidents reported about Jetsgo:
    Year # of incidents
    2002 – 5
    2003 – 15
    2004 – 32
    2005 – 7
    Total (2002–2005): 60

    WOW, 60 incidents.

  27. watcher

    It wasn’t that long ago (2009) that legacy carrier ” Continental”, now United/Continental was allowing planes to fly under its banner with pilots being paid as little as $16,254 per year. So lets not be too critical here on pay rates.

    This discussion to a great extent is about our tourism industry, which I think we all know ain’t doing that well these days. Regional tourism is suppose to be one of the sparks of the future promoted by BTA. Without competitive pricing inter island tourism is going nowhere.

    I have commented before about Direct Air and landing fees at Toronto, Newark and JFK when compared to, for example, Niagara Falls Internationa Airport. It is a great advantage to all countries to have economical airfares. Most of us are not in the Lear Jet category. We need a REDJET.

    The Barbados government is said to be paying GOL $200,000 per month to fly a 737 from San Paulo to BGI once per week on the grounds of promoting tourism. REDJET is a company that can have a very favourable impact on our tourist based economy without having to pay them to do it as we now do for GOL.
    This discussion should be about Nation Building and not what appears to me a discussion on” union protection” of so called legacy airline employees.

  28. yatinkiteasy

    I think Blanche Devereaux and Dorothy Zbornak are one and the same person, judging from the poor english and structure of their sentences. Or maybe they are two different a holes.

  29. @yatinkiteasy – Those so-called “Golden Girls” are also Anastasia Beaverhausen, George banned her this time, she changed her IP …. God knows what the gripe is – LIAT, BWEE? Not sure…

  30. fun in de sun

    The current airlines must be running scared to resort to tactics like Dorothy etc
    Hold your ground Ian. We have your back

  31. Steupse

    You guys are sooooo gung ho on Redjet that it seems that you don’t care what the medium-term prospect will be. That is, that one or more of the three carriers now operating in the Caribbean will go out of business with these fares. They simply cannot be sustained with current costs of fuel and (proper) maintenance. The low fares are a gimmick and will soon rise. Be careful what you wish for, because a Caribbean without an operator like LIAT will be a disaster. Do you really see Redjet operating a route network and schedule like LIAT? They are like the ZR’s, only willing to operate the best-revenue routes. Like I said before, with the level of maintenance that they can afford with these fare, you won’t get me up the steps of a Redjet aircraft.

  32. rasta man

    @Steupse: Well said

  33. Saharabased

    Wow !!

    It is amazing how all of these negative seed planters come out of the woodwork when anything shows in the form of competition. Even if some points may be valid, Situations arising from one incident or company cannot relate to all !
    How come no one is making a big deal about incidents that BWIA (now CAL) had, including those which were not related to aircraft age, but piloting technique ?
    MD-80 series aircraft are still in widespread use worldwide, even in Europe with such carriers as Spanair, SAS and many others. The BWIA MD-83 accident in Miami was human factors, not aircraft related, as was their more recent near collision when the crew apparently failed to adhere to an ATC instruction !!
    So RedJet’s crew qualifications are being called into question, and what about the new hires at CAL ?
    It is amazing the amount of political manipulating and influence that is apparent as well as expected in the Caribbean, whenever the horrendous though of competition presents itself. And just to bring another point, many of the most recent aircraft accidents within the last year involved much newer and recent aircraft types, with a high number of those being the Boeing 737, similar to the type operated by Caribbean Airlines. In fact a majority of high profile metal fatigue incidents reported have been with Boeing 737s. I cannot think of many such incidents with the MD-80 series and they remain a dependable workhorse of airline fleets.
    In fact, it is my understanding that this type was recommended for RedJet by Boeing, the manufacturer that too over McDonnell Douglas.

    If you want examples of competitor incidents, check here:

  34. Saharabased

    Steupse also has to realize as I am sure most people already do, that the low startup fares of RedJet are to introduce people to the service and gain market attention, and by God, they have done just that !
    Of course the fares will jump to more sustainable LCC levels, but certainly not the astronomical “Trip-To-North-America” fares currently being charged by the legacy carriers to hop to the island next door !

  35. rasta man

    @saharabased: Who says?

  36. Saharabased

    Ok rasta man… good point.

  37. Nostromo


    “with the level of maintenance that they can afford with these fares….”

    Considering this board’s general lack of knowledge of the Redjet business/pricing models, revenue sources and revenue streams, and Redjet’s corporate structure and overhead, I’d say that your implicit suggestion that Redjet Aircraft would be unsafe because they can’t afford to be maintained correctly, is an unsupportable assumption on your part.

    as far as comparing Redjet to the ‘ZR’s’….

    Well heck now, thats just downright mean.

  38. i had prayed all my life and my friends to give caribbean airlines competition the high fee 4 our luggage is stealing , it is burdensome and we have to leave the clothings we buy to give to our love ones back home not to meltion the ba d treatment these agents give you if you are over weight fare high and luggage iis robbing you blind

  39. J. Payne

    You need to read the terms and conditions carefully. The cost is BDS$19.98 (the rough equivalent of US$9.99) And in addition to that feel you’ll have to pay whatever the VAT + airport taxes and other fees of where you’re landing. So you wont likely get the flight for just BDS$19.99 since you have to add the landing fees and other things of wherever you’re going. The fee varies at each airport so they say you pay those “costs” plus VAT and the ~$10 fee. If you plan to fly for $20 Bajan you’re likely going to be sadly disappointed.

  40. yatinkiteasy

    I booked a flight on Liat to T and T today for two people, at the advertised special rate of US 22 per person//would you believe the US 44.00 return fare(two tickets) turned out to be $294 US when airport taxes and vat was added? Our Caricom Governments are screwing inter regional air travel…I mean $22 becomes $147…just like that?

  41. J. Payne

    @yatinkiteasy. I felt the Advance Passenger Duty that Europe was instituting could only be a part of the problem. You’re circumstance helped to firm that up for me. So when a certain U.S. airline has their one-way sale of US $99 to Barbados, I wonder how much they’re really pocketing? On those flights they might be operating at (or close to) RedJet’s fees then.

  42. J. Payne

    Grr. That should have been Air Passenger Duty (APD)

  43. Andrew

    REDjet had also not paid some of their pilots that have resigned. They had 7 pilot quitting in January because of their low wages of $42,500 for First Officer and $92,500 for Captains. While in training these guys were making 50% of their wages.COME ON REDjet pay up your pilots that you did not pay.They also need to pay them for their per diems!!

  44. Nostromo

    @ Andrew

    How do u know that 7 guys quit in January, and weren’t paid?
    You work for the company?

  45. Andrew

    My inside sources inform me and they are 100% accurate!!! , They need to pay the guys !!!

  46. Nostromo

    my inside sources tell me they lost no pilots in January…unless u count two guys that didn’t show up for training, and that all pilots at Redjet are now getting full pay.
    My sources are fairly good too.

  47. Andrew

    Redjet did not pay the guys that left in January. I have spoken to them up to this week and they are STILL NOT PAID !!! Even their $30.00 per diem they did not get. RIP OFF REJET

  48. virgo

    i just tired of this idiot jack warner e feels e no things and everything comes out of is stinking mouth is shit sometimes i think to my self if is mouth is a ass cuz is mouth always been shitting

  49. Waiting on grandmother's will to be settled since 1995

    There you have it…. The Trinis vex at fees.
    I don’t know *why* “Ah real vex” didn’t read the small print… Even if you walk into the airport with just your two arms swinging you still have to pay the VAT and airport taxes and all that along with that U$9.99.

    Article: ‘Ah Real Vex (.com)’ questions REDjet’s low fares
    Date: Wednesday, July 27 2011
    Source: – Trinidad and Tobago News Day

    [ . . . ]
    According to the advertisement the one way ticket cost US$54.99 not the advertised US$9.99 sale price plus eight additional fees and charges totalling US$94.15.
    [ . . . ]