Reconnecting: Looking for Jack Smith (Wilson)

Privacy vs Helping Family: Where do we draw the line?

Every so often we receive requests to help locate long lost family members. Mostly they concern past generations and folks long gone to be with the Lord and that’s an easy decision. But sometimes the people could still be around and then what should we do?

Here’s the case of grandson seeking a grandfather he’s never met. Maybe the grandfather wants his privacy, maybe not. Maybe he’d love to hear from his grandson or maybe not. Maybe the grandfather is already passed.

Last Friday we had an all things Japan day just to think about those poor folks in the middle of the earthquake and nuclear disaster. Families, children, parents gone in an instant with no chance to see each other again however briefly this side of life. Part of the day was a Japanese-made movie called “Departures” that won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film a couple of years ago.

After seeing Departures and thinking about family, I’ll take a chance and post this in the hopes that one of our two million visitors a year might be able to help. If anyone disagrees, let us know please. Otherwise let’s see if we can help out a man looking for his Bajan grandfather…

Dear Friends at Barbados Free Press,

My name is Ozzie Smith, from the U.S., Boston, Massachusetts, and I am emailing you in hopes that you can assist me and family.

The attached photo is a pic of my grandfather, whom I have never met, neither seen a pic of him until this past weekend (April 9th & 10th).

He once lived in either Brooklyn or Long Island, NY and worked at a restaurant as a cook called Lundy’s, which is in Long Island, NY.  He was here in the U.S. illegally, using the name of “Jack Smith”, but the original last name is “Wilson”.  He was deported back to Barbados, when my father was about 10 years old (born in 1948), which was probably in the late 50’s, early 60’s.

If this pic looks familiar to you or the name, please let me know.  My father is now 60 today, and I am 39.  It would be a wonderful thing for my father to finally reconnect with his father and I can finally meet my grandfather.

Any assistance in spreading the word, would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Aswad Ozzie L. Smith


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2 responses to “Reconnecting: Looking for Jack Smith (Wilson)

  1. nadine belle

    Hi I am also looking for a relative my fathers mother. My father David Andrew Belle died in 1988 I was 2 years old his father Rufus Belle and mother Pearl Lillian Belle are now seperated but my long lost grandmother moved back to Speightstown, Barbados. My father had brothers Wayne, Anthony and Winston also 2 sisters in which 1 has passed. My name is Nadine Belle my father had 3 children with my mother myself, Cortez Belle and Simone Belle. Hopefully somebody can help me in this search.

  2. steve

    You should check with the Barbados Embassy in NYC, and request a Barbados telephone directory… the phone number is 212 551-4325