CL Financial – CLICO payouts: Afra Raymond asks on television “Who got payouts first?”

“One rule for one set of people, another rule for another set of people”

Our friend Afra Raymond as interviewed by Fazeer Mohammed on Morning Edition television, March 24, 2011.

No word yet on whether the Colman Commission will grant standing to Afra. If Afra does get standing, he’ll be able to ask questions – and then, look out!

Click on the photo to watch. There’s lots more on the subject at Afra


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4 responses to “CL Financial – CLICO payouts: Afra Raymond asks on television “Who got payouts first?”

  1. riveting

    Afra Raymond is soft spoken, articulate and straight to the point.

    It is rare to see such leadership based on a strong moral ethic and common sense in the caribbean and in fact the world

    Trinidad and Tobago owe Afra Raymond a debt of gratitude for being tenacious and stalwart in his search for the truth.

  2. rasta man

    It takes a lot to amaze me these days but I wonder how a caring Government can invest BDS$505 million in a Marina which will cater to the rich and famous and cannot find it fit to say what they intend to do to assist the poor Bajans who have invested their hard earned monies in CLICO and BAICO.

  3. rasta man

    Especially when it is their representative The Supervisor of Insurance who is at fault here by not enforcing the regulations.

  4. Johan Frederick

    At last the Government of Barbados through the courts has at last officially appointed Deloitte to run Clico in Barbados, but still no one has been brought before the court of justice. Mr Oliver Jordan & Mr. Patrick Toppin are the judicial managers, so we will have to see if through their expertise the people will get justice. A number of us in Barbados still feel some of the top management of Clico should be in custody. Mr.Raymond I wish you success in your undertakings with Clico.