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Barbados governments prefer publicity campaigns over real environmental laws.

Abandoned Bajan chemical drums. Thanks to successive DLP & BLP Governments, it's not illegal in Barbados.

Barbados has no Environmental Protection legislation – so feel free to dump chemicals. That’s what companies do!

Over five years ago, Barbados Free Press asked Barbados Chemical Dumping – What Would Jesus Do?

Since that time we’ve been relentless in letting Bajans and others know that no Barbados government since independence has bothered to pass Environmental Protection laws. For all the good it does. The politicians didn’t even care when the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association asked the BLP and the DLP Where is the Environmental Act you’ve both been promising for 20 years?

The answer last year was, of course, “coming soon” or “in development” which really means “Shut up woman. We don’t want to upset Shell Oil and other companies that give us political funding.”

And so the “feel good, look good but do nothing” environmental campaign of the DLP government continues with the latest announcement that a chemical safety project “is coming”.

No environmental protection laws mind you: only nice feel good – look good publicity campaigns. Our current Environment Minister says he doesn’t believe in enforcing compliance and no wonder! You have to pass laws to enforce compliance with standards. It’s pretty basic.

Thanks to successive BLP and DLP governments, Barbados has no laws about the handling or disposal of chemicals – but we’re great at promises and recommendations.

Folks, please read the following at The Nation, and welcome to the third world.

Chemical safety project coming

Over the next two years, Barbadians should be better able to manage and dispose of various chemicals through a special project to be spearheaded by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD). Continue reading


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Argyle International Airport in St. Vincent within a year? Not going to happen!

Reader sends photos, weighs in on discussion

Mention was made in your article American Eagle pullout from Puerto Rico hits Barbados hard, of the completion of Argyle International Airport in St. Vincent within a year. This is impossible… construction drags on in fits and starts. Here are photos taken two days ago, April 9, 2011.

click for large

I am not an expert by any means, but does it matter that it is aligned almost due north with the Trade Winds coming in crosswind from the side? The pilots and airport followers may like to comment.

To build an international airport in this economic climate is no joke! But I suppose it helped to win a recent election.



Thanks to another reader, we see this on the website of the airport development company

Constructing the Argyle International Airport: Where are we?

Due to a delay in the start of construction work on the Argyle International Airport Passenger Terminal Building the completion date for the airport has been moved from mid 2012 to mid 2013 when the airport is now expected to be completed and operationalize. Continue reading


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