One more step towards Barbadian citizenship

Jane Shattuck-Hoyos is all excited!

We just noticed that our Yank-in-Bim friend received her Reside and Work status some six months after applying for citizenship and the girl is happy. You often hear reports of people waiting ten or twelve years for citizenship or even residence permits, so maybe things are looking up with Immigration’s efficiency.

“I’m glad citizenship isn’t easy. I’m glad it’s not a given. If everyone who wanted it was granted it, there’d be 10 million citizens of this paradise.

I am honored. (Hm, with my new status, will I have to start spelling this honoured?)”

Head on over to Planet Barbados and read Jane’s Almost a Bajan


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5 responses to “One more step towards Barbadian citizenship

  1. J. Payne

    Congratulations to Ms. Shattuck Hoyos, and also a kudos from me to the folks in Immigration Department over on The Wharf Rd.
    One thing I hope they could consider reforming according to Jane’s statement
    Waiting for Greg to pick up my call, I continued reading the letter: “However, prior to the grant of this permission to Reside and Work, you are required … to pay a fee of $1000 … within twenty-eight (28) days of this Notice, otherwise the grant of this status will lapse.”

    As quickly as I’d been elated I was crushed. The 28 days had already expired! I had been required to pay the fee even before the letter had been sent out!(end of quote)

    Cuddear, I commend them for moving the process along, but can the powers that be extend this a little. I’m think instead of “28” days could they consider 50-60 days? My thinking (in the rare event an attorney is involved) it might take a week or 2 of turnaround time before the message is relayed to the client. Additionally $1000 (US$500) is a good size bundle to tell someone that have to pay within 2 weeks. Note: it takes about a week and a half for mail between Barbados and America around Christmas.

  2. Kammie Holder

    If this was the British or US Embassy would you have any qualms about the fee? Count your blessing Joan after dissing them!

  3. puzzled

    If she wasn’t married to a Hoyos and didn’t have the contacts which she openly acknowledged having in the past, she would still be waiting in the dark. This sense of urgency is never applied to the average person. And Jane should quit with the snide remarks she includes in her “praise” of Immigration. If this was the USA she was seeking citizenship of, not only would she be paying out exorbitant fees to lawyers and the US Government, she would have to take all sorts of health tests including HIV and TB and she would have to wait a very long time for anything to come through. Imagine if a working class immigrant had dissed the Immigration department like she did last year- their paperwork would have been “misplaced”.

  4. The man wiv no name!!

    seems a nice chick. when ur finished with Greg u can check me out Shatuk!! x 🙂

  5. WTF!

    @Kammie Holder,
    I didn’t get the impression she had a problem with the fee. I thought her problem was that by the time she had received her notification about her status, that the date by which the fee had to be paid by, had already past.