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The truth and the spin behind Barbados Government’s Environmental Art Contest

Unregulated and hidden Political Funding destroys the environment

Environment Minister Denis Kellman made an excellent speech the other day at the announcement of the environmental collage art competition for students. The competition is called A Future that is Pollution Free – Join Hands to Protect our Caribbean Sea.

Unfortunately the government press release on the event is so full of double-speak and spin that you have to read it about four times to really understand where the truth stops and the spin begins – but that’s the way it was intended.

Just like a magician says, “Look at this bright red scarf in my right hand!” so you won’t look anywhere else, the press release and the environmental collage contest itself have a few purposes that may not immediately be apparent to those lulled to sleep by the Bajan news media. Continue reading

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One more step towards Barbadian citizenship

Jane Shattuck-Hoyos is all excited!

We just noticed that our Yank-in-Bim friend received her Reside and Work status some six months after applying for citizenship and the girl is happy. You often hear reports of people waiting ten or twelve years for citizenship or even residence permits, so maybe things are looking up with Immigration’s efficiency.

“I’m glad citizenship isn’t easy. I’m glad it’s not a given. If everyone who wanted it was granted it, there’d be 10 million citizens of this paradise.

I am honored. (Hm, with my new status, will I have to start spelling this honoured?)”

Head on over to Planet Barbados and read Jane’s Almost a Bajan


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