CL Financial CLICO Bailout: Afra Raymond’s ultimatum to Finance Ministry for ignoring FOI law

Ten days to produce The Duprey Letter, CL Financial’s 2008 audited accounts

After a year of breaking the Freedom of Information law, Trinidad and Tobago’s Ministry of Finance is still ignoring Afra Raymond’s Freedom of Information requests for the January 13, 2009 “Duprey” letter and the December 31, 2008 accounts for the CL Financial Group.

Afra has given T&T 10 days to produce the documents or off to court they go.

It just shows how even at this late date the evil forces of corruption are still trying to hide the truth from the taxpayers and the victims of Duprey, Parris, the auditors and the rest of the crooks.

The Duprey letter shows that CL Financial somehow misplaced almost $80 billion dollars in two months. Oh, well… what’s a few lost pennies to the taxpayers’ pockets?

Under the T&T FOI laws, officials are required to respond in 30 days, but guess what? There’s no penalty provision in the FOI law for failing to respond so the elected officials couldn’t care less.

Meanwhile in Barbados our lying Democratic Labour Party Members of Parliament continue their strategy of putting off Integrity Legislation and FOI laws until it’s time to make it an election platform issue once again.

Good luck Afra – when there is no rule of law, all the pretty FOI laws in the world are worth nothing. Domestic and foreign investors beware: welcome to the Caribbean! Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Turks & Caicos, Cayman Islands… it’s all the same and you’d better know that in advance.

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4 responses to “CL Financial CLICO Bailout: Afra Raymond’s ultimatum to Finance Ministry for ignoring FOI law

  1. Rohan Frederick

    well Mr. Raymond trust you will eventually succeed. In Barbados it is the same problem. The only good thing so far is the policy holders has formed an association, and they have retained a lawyer. With all that’s going on in our islands with politicians and lawyers I don’t trust any of them, but the policy holders had to have one, so we will see what will come out of all that. Leroy Parris is still the Director of our lone TV station in Barbados. so that just show what our politicians think of us citizens. Keep up the good work you are doing.

  2. rasta man

    Wonder when Mr Parris and Mr Duprey will be arrested ???

  3. Just like to know

    You forget Mr. rasta man the Prime Minister has said Mr.Parris is his friend, so you will never see him being arrested> He is still the top man at CBC

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