WICB Exposé: All the West Indies Cricket Board dirt, all the time

WICB: Nepotism, Abuse of Power, Mismanagement, Hypocrisy, Financial Erosion, Dirty Tricks, Corruption

Insider to publish WICB documents

“Which WICB director rang up $712,311.60 in personal expenses on his association’s credit card and is now facing the embarrassment of having that credit card withdrawn with immediate effect?  We will publish an official document tomorrow to answer this question and to provide a long list of these personal expenses (gas stations, restaurants, sports bars, hotels and cricket clubs).”

WICB Exposé “When torchlight shine, cockroach run!”

Thanks to the dozen readers and one special old friend who sent us this email that is making its way around the Caribbean…

Have you seen http://www.wicbexpose.com ?

It is Hilairious. Leaked documents from the WICB Board, all docs from Board Members themselves. OOPS.

Shows corruption and irregular financial activities, ineptitude and incompetence, nepotism and plenty friend-friend contracts.

Would you like to know more?

Did Julian Hunte use the WICB credit card to look at adult movies at his hotel? YES. Proof will be posted on the site this weekend.

Did my alter ego Ernest Hilaire have a special relationship with Julian Hunte that got him the job? Are they running a racket together?

Is Barry Thomas covering up the details about WICB paying to renovate Hunte’s personal house? Affidavits and documents for you to look at.

How is Gregory Shillingford the head of the ethics committee, after what he has done…. see proof posted at site.

Interesting documents.


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  2. peter loveridge

    In Newfoundland they say a fish rots from its head, seems this might be the case here, and the cause of the teams poor performances