Why Al Barrack will never win against the Barbados Government: The Fix is In!

UPDATED: June 13, 2012

“CONTRACTOR AL BARRACK HAS declared war on Government, saying Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler’s unfulfilled promises had convinced him it was not serious about paying him.

An angry Barrack, who was awarded $34 million by the law courts six years ago after suing Government over the completion of the Warrens Office Complex, said yesterday he was tired of being turned around, and would now do whatever it takes to recover every cent he and his creditors are owed – with accrued interests, $75 million.”

… from the June 13, 2012 Nation News article Fed Up Barrack

Barbados is broke and cannot, will not, pay a court-ordered judgement to building contractor Al Barrack. Mr. Barrack is ruined because there is no real rule of law ‘pon this rock. Successive Barbados governments ignore or obey the courts as convenient and right now it’s not convenient to pay Al Barrack the 70 million dollars as the court ordered.

So Mr. Barrack is in back in the papers saying he has “declared war on the government.” Yes… THAT should teach the Barbados government a lesson! LOL!

The real lesson here is that if you do business with or on Barbados, you’d better pray that everything goes well when it comes time to pay – because the courts don’t matter. It’s all about the cartels. Mr. Barrack thought he was favoured to get a huge government contract without an open bidding process, but it was all a set-up.

Says the Barbados government to Al Barrack… “Thanks, sucker!”

Original story first published April 5, 2011…

Al Barrack says “Don’t trust the Barbados Government!”

by Nevermind Kurt (with Cliverton)

Poor Al has a message for businesses and foreign investors:

Beware when you do business with the government of Barbados, because the court is the government and the government is the court.

The Government of Barbados screwed building contractor Al Barrack $65 million dollars. That’s what the Barbados court ruled. Al built the new office complex at Warrens, but when previously unknown caves raised costs, the Barbados government didn’t live up to their side of the deal. That’s what the Barbados court found as it ruled against the Government of Barbados and determined that Barbados owed Al sixty-five big ones. That’s with an “M” for “million”.

But then…

“Oh? You want the money?” said the same court, “That’s a different matter.”

Poor Al is now reduced to writing letters to world leaders. As if they care and as if those leaders would side against an offshore banking centre like Barbados. A big chunk of the world leaders probably have funds flowing through Bridgetown ‘an their own countries don’t know.

You think they are going to side against Barbados, Al?

Last October poor Al dressed in whiteface for a photo op. Al made a fool of himself and sold papers, but it didn’t help his cause. When you’re dressed like a clown, folks don’t take you seriously.

Al’s also written to the BBC, CNN etc trying to direct the world’s attention to an injustice in our little country with fewer than 300,000 souls. And those same news organisations make millions every year from the Barbados Tourism Authority.

Al, face it. The world might care in passing, but the BTA advertising budget ensures that no news organisation will pay you never no mind. You’re screwed, Al. There is no rule of law in Barbados because even it you are in the right the government-controlled courts will keep you going round in circles until you die.

On an island of fewer than 300,000 people EVERYTHING is politics including the court. Doing business with the government of Barbados is fine, fine so fine… until something goes wrong.

Go ahead Al: write world leaders like they would even bother to pass wind for you.

Here’s a better idea, Al: Go fishing. Enjoy your children and the few simple pleasures you have left in life after they took everything from you.

It would probably be a better use of your time – except that if you continue you can alert others what foreign investors and business people can expect from Barbados when something goes wrong.

Hmmmmmm…. maybe something there. As Sun Tzu might have said… “Beware the man with nothing to lose.”

Here’s the latest from The Nation in the Al Barrack torture story. As usual we remind folks to go to The Nation to read their article, but we have to re-print the entire article here because they have proven they will delete the news when the big-ups tell them to. (Although, frankly we’re surprised and pleased that The Nation and other Bajan news media are following Al’s story.)

Barrack on the attack

Another blow has been dealt to Barbados’ international image one week after a Jamaican alleged she was “finger raped” on entry by local authorities and a British woman cited police neglect for her rape and that of others back in 2004.

In a separate move, not connected to either the Jamaican Shanique Myrie or Briton Hilary Heath complaints, prominent building contractor Al Barrack is seeking justice of his own.

Barrack has launched an intense letter-writing campaign to have Barbados blacklisted globally for human rights injustices and ill-treatment of Caribbean Community (Caricom) nationals.

So far, letters have been sent to the heads of government of each Caricom state, except Haiti, and the United Nations office for Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland.

Barrack, who is a Vincentian, is also preparing to send letters to the leaders of the main opposition parties in Caricom, the local embassies of foreign governments, as well as to international news agencies CNN, BBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and several renowned newspapers such as The Times in England.

His intention is to highlight the non-payment of a 2004 court awarded judgment against Government, now estimated at nearly $70 million in principal and interest charges, in connection with the building of the state-owned Warrens Office Complex.

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45 responses to “Why Al Barrack will never win against the Barbados Government: The Fix is In!

  1. rasta man

    Same old,same old.

  2. Kofi

    The law awarded Barack the money but what noone mentions is that he should never have been awarded the contract in the first place. The technical people did not choose him but the politicians ignored the recommendation and selected him.

  3. J. Payne

    @Kofi. That project was soo fraught with problems. I remember the problem with caves when that building was going up.

    A better photo of the building in question.

  4. eddie

    yes the technical people reccoomended against granting the contract but it was granted and work dione. the court has said to pay him and the government has shown that they are above the law. we are definately proving to be a banana republic without bananas.

  5. Moonie

    BFP you are being misleading and just plain wrong. The courts decided ion favour of Barack, the Government is just not paying. So, the Courts and Government are NOT the same thing.

    Stop trying to give a false impression.

  6. what will they think of next

    The present Govt. tried to make a deal with Barrack which he flatly refused.

    He would have received a lump sum and the balance in installments, Barrack in essence told them to shove it where the monkey hide the nuts.

    This Govt. has reached reached out to him.

  7. rasta man

    Hope that is not how they plan to reach out to the CLICO &BAICO policy holders

  8. J. Payne

    @what will they think of next. That essential was an out of court settlement if I’m not correct. Essentially, the government was said to offer a lump sum amounting to less. He may turned it down. He has every right to turn that down, that still doesn’t negate that the court granted him a judgement for more…. All the while he isn’t paid the amount is still climbing in interest.

    If Al Barrack had signed the deal with US interests ( http://www.nationnews.com/articles/view/Barack-regrets-not-making-US-deal/ ) Barbados would be in serious trouble. When US interests are after money they often demand the court seek assets anywhere in the USA. Just a hunch but I wondered if they could even have sought a US court order to take over the building of the Barbados Embassy and sell it at auction to repay the debt.

  9. J. Payne

    The debt is said to be growing by $2.9 mil. annually.
    NHC break

  10. just want to know

    The government made an offer to Mr Barack which he refused. Barbados is only a small nation, and he should have sat down and talked with the lawyers, but again greed is a terrible thing. He was offered 40 million dollars, and the rest in instalments over 18months, a little is better than nothing, don’t you think?

  11. Micah

    I feel very sorry for Al Barrack who I do not know, but who is trying to get justice and in the process may be losing his mind. After the white face spectacle which did make him look foolish, he is now writing to world leaders who are not going to involve themselves in a Barbadian domestic mattter if they pay any attention to it at all. The key here is that Al is black and is non-Barbadian-born, and no-one will take him seriously as really no one particularly cares, and he presumably does not hold any influence and clout to get things down through backchannels. His best bet is to go after the Courts to take meaningful and tangible action in getting the money which the Courts have said he is owed, and complain to the higher courts here and the CCJ if they refuse to do so. Perhaps Mr. Barrack feels that he must do something-anything- to get this matter dealt with and is making himself look like a desperate, unstable man in the process. I hope he is getting some counseling.

  12. Harry

    He must read the blog because he’s just doing what you told him to do.


    So now he’s putting the BFP plan into action, you tell him go fishing…


  13. vincent maloney

    I have heard through the grape vine that government plans to return this building to AL Barrack as soon as their building now being constructed on the west of his is completed and will be relocating there.It appears that it will be only a matter before we know the real truth about their delay in paying

  14. racer

    Did the government not offer to pay him in installments? I am almost sure that was tabled and he refused.
    Is it not better to get paid in installments than never?

  15. reality

    they should deport al barrack

  16. what will they think of next

    part of barrack problem is the fact that much of the settlement is to go to George Payne. does that name ring a bell for anyone?

  17. Anthony

    If he had taken the offer from Government to accept 40 mil (i think that was the amount) and the rest in monthly installments, he would have received all his money by now… but it appears other motives are in play.. just saying…

  18. what will they think of next

    the Govt. should really go to court to stop that interest from accumulating. after all that is taxpayers money that is being wasted. he refused the settlement i don’t see why he ought to be getting free money. another bloody mess left behind by the BLP.
    anthony you over here too?

  19. maat

    Thats right it is us the taxpayer who has to find this 70mill for Al Barack.

    We are the mugs who are going to face an increase in some kind of tax or a cut in some kind of service to pay this bill left behind by our highly paid politicians and Civil servants.

    We need to hold our politicians responsible for acts such as these and make them pay or at least not benefit (through legal fees) from such taxpayer payouts.


  20. Yes

    April 7, 2011 at 3:30 am
    they should deport al barrack
    My exact thought, heard he from St. Vincent send him back there big guts Gonzalves can teach him how to avoid rape charges then again he may return in dead of night on a drug pirouge.
    The ugly level in BIm will drop when this ungrateful fool departs. George Payne, Ricky Singh, Leroy Parris, Noel Muscle Mary Lynch, David Commisiong, David Ellis for goodness sakes you all guh long with Bar- Rat.

  21. scorpioweb

    If the government cant pay, then it declare bankruptcy and that is that. Alternatively give him his building and let him go.

    My concern is where he found $40m to invest in a government Building. So who are the financiers and why are they ashamed to come forward?

  22. reality

    all barrack is a front for george payne and both should be deported

    “YES” you could not have said it better:
    April 7, 2011 at 3:30 am
    they should deport al barrack
    My exact thought, heard he from St. Vincent send him back there big guts Gonzalves can teach him how to avoid rape charges then again he may return in dead of night on a drug pirouge.
    The ugly level in BIm will drop when this ungrateful fool departs. George Payne, Ricky Singh, Leroy Parris, Noel Muscle Mary Lynch, David Commisiong, David Ellis for goodness sakes you all guh long with Bar- Rat.

  23. Progressive

    It does not matter that he should not have had the contract.That is irrelevant.He WAS given the contract and the Courts of Barbados found in his favour.He should be paid.Don’t let us try to play the political card.

  24. curious

    How curious life can be. So AB says he wants the Warrens Building. He declares “ALL IS MINE”. AB was granted the building by the Court. Ask and you shall receive says the good book. The ball is in your court. SELL IT!!!!!!! .Good luck wid dat!

  25. J. Payne

    @Micah. After he showed up with his face painted white I began to feel so too. I think if he made a newspaper cartoon depicting the same thing or something so it would have had more impact. I think the whole thing with race is low taste anyway.

    I don’t know Mr. Barrack. (And incase the comment above is hinting at my name “Payne” and George Payne – I don’t know him neither.)
    ~YES and reality.
    I feel you are setting up Barbados for failure by making comments like “deport him” simply because you disagree with his lawsuit. Reason being, coming out of the West Indies Federation there was a large amount of arrogance coming out of Jamaica towards the other islands… And they quickly left the Federation under the whole ‘if you take a “1” from a “10” you’re left with a “zero” statement. For *years* thereafter, Jamaica has been lambasted with ridicule because while it was them which showed off such arrogance to the region in the 1960s, it was all the rest of the “small islands” that have since pulled ahead of Jamaica both economically and in terms of development.
    This left many small islands with the “jokes on them” type of mindset since they’re doing just fine. So don’t setup Barbados for this same situation. Because if you’re rude to the other islands I can guarantee they’ll be salivating at the idea of a disaster hitting Barbados. Worst of all they make actually sit back and be glad of it. Don’t do it because this government hasn’t put in place any plans should the region boycott all Barbados goods.

    Brazil happens to be very fond of Barbados and I noticed that the Brazilian embassy on Hastings Main Rd. has a sign on the building calling it “Hy-Brasil”. For those that don’t know Hy-Brasil is the name of a long-lost island of Brazil said to be like Atlantis. Ofcourse we need not go into long detail about the Jews coming from Brazil to Barbados during the 1630s-1640s. So I find it interesting that they’ve decided to refer to Barbados as their long-lost possession after so many years.
    I’ve said it before, but for all the hassles Barbados is facing for CARICOM, Barbados could as well become an associate member of the Union of South American Nations which will have a 14 trillion dollar economy. Then more business will be spurred to travel upon those same GOL flights instead of just tourists all the time which is not sustainable. You need business and tourists to share routes in order for them to be viable. So until the Barbados government diversifies Barbados’ trade capacity in the Americas Barbados will continue to be overly dependent on CARICOM and we can’t say anything bad about them because our economy will suffer.

  26. J. Payne

    @curious. He should have easy time with that building. There was an article in the Broad Street Journal some weeks ago talking about the appeal of Warrens for office space


    The traffic improvements should lead to a betterment of the area.

  27. marlo Ray

    YES. You need to say “no” sometimes. stop taking it up ur azz.

  28. racer

    He refused to be paid in installments, I would let him take the building in warrens on a Monday afternoon, then go parliment Tuesday, with an emergency resolution to aquire the property, and by the time he find out that it aquired he would be met with 2 immigration officers and some police and put on the first possible plane.

  29. Rubbert

    @racer, just lovely…THAT by the way is an ‘authoritarian state’.

    YOU may want to live in a Police state, I do not.

  30. rasta man

    @J.Payne.: “The traffic improvements should lead to a betterment of the area”..HA HA WHO FOOLED YOU WITH THAT?

  31. Anonymous

    I am saddened by the drivel written by some on my fellow Bajans. How can anyone suggest that Barrack be deported for trying to get his money.

  32. Time to sell LIME to Digicel

    Sir Roy/BWU, salaries are not based upon profit, but on adequate compensation for the job being done. Profits this year may turn to losses next year (re. Sagicor then and now). If your objective is a share in the $45 million of profit that you mentioned, you need to be negotiating bonus compensation that will rise and fall with those profits. LIME, it is time to explore whether Digicel would like to purchase your Barbados operations – the BWU and employees will be happy, I imagine.

  33. what will they think of next

    As I have said before, I would leave the situation just where it is until whenever the BLP is return to office. They created the mess, let them deal with it.

  34. Responder

    Correct me if i am wrong. I thought Mr. Barrack was given a deal of 45 mil lump sum and then 1.2 million a month a few years ago until the debt was repaid. If so Mr. Barrack, you deserve to get what you are experiencing now.You know that Government don’t pay out those sums of money to individuals that readily. So you going to paint your face red this time, jackass.

  35. AOG

    If he had taken the deal Government gave him some three years ago of a lump sum payment and monthly installments over a 18 month period, he would have received all his money by now. Stupidity does not equal common sense. I have not sympathy for him at all.

  36. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    What good for the goose should also be good for the gender. I know at times I can be profane and little ignorant but this situation to me is really sweet. Now here you have a situation where the court awarded this BLP servant nuff nuff millions. The government cannot pay because they broke. Hahaha Ok Ok I gine get to good stuff. Now if the government cannot pay and the court say pay and the court cannot put the government in Dodds, then it means when I owe the government money and cannot pay then I should not be penalise by the government because I brek too. Catch 22…Road Tax high my pocket lean I cant pay for it because I brek too – ain’t that a nice little catch 22?

  37. millertheanunnaki

    @ what will they think of next:February 10, 2012 at 11:37 am
    “As I have said before, I would leave the situation just where it is until whenever the BLP is return to office. They created the mess, let them deal with it.”

    From this “simplistic” view of the workings of Government one can conclude you don’t know your bias elbow from your dlp incompetent arse.
    Why not apply such stupid reasoning to the ABC highway, the Pierhead marina project and the Country Road Towers Housing project? You know why? Well, there are no more kickbacks in the sordid Barrack affair; all have already gone to the “Other Side” and which they should be exposed and punished for. But loads in the others which are now benefiting the current group in control of the political football!
    Deal with that, not with me! Hear me, “what will you think of next”!
    But trust me, the time is fast approaching when all this crap will hit the fan and like Greece all future fiscal and spending decisions will be taken away from the local fellas whose philosophy in life is: “Enter politics and get rich quick; not the other way around”.

  38. what will they think of next

    You are more fun than a barrel of monkeys, miller.

  39. Newbie

    It is so ironic, here I am reading lots of seemingly light hearted comments about a man (vincentian, why does it matter?) being wronged even though he has been given the right to be paid by the Barbadian courts. I don’t believe in Utopia and it is not Utopian to expect the Government that we live under to do the right thing, A Government gave him the contract (rightly or wrongly which is also part of the problem), and a Government should honour it. Where would all business owners be if no one honoured their contracts? We may not realise it yet but all of us LITTLE PEOPLE are losing out every day as taxpayers because of the unfaltering arrogance of the people WE PUT IN PLACE to run this country.
    Barbados will realise its folly when the rest of the world makes us pay for displaying such arrogance by treating us the same way, the CLICO DEBACLE should be ringing alarm bells, if they won’t do the right thing all of the time why should they ever do the right thing. BTW, Don’t tell me the Government is broke I don’t hear any of the politicians offering to have their salary cut by 10%.

  40. millertheanunnaki

    @ what will they think of next: February 10, 2012 at 11:50 pm
    “You are more fun than a barrel of monkeys, miller.”

    Yes, we are all in it together having great laughs at poor Al Barrack, right brother next to me who sees no evil, hears no evil but let his mouth run with verbal diahorrea. Listen man, put yourself in Barrack’s shoes and see how it fits. Newbie has an excellent point. Remember the increase in the debt from, say $40 million to $70 million did take place over the last 4 years (compound interest alone), my (pri) mate pal.

    I am willing to bet that if Barrack were to sell the debt to an overseas factor through a “big” British or American firm of lawyers this matter would be settled within weeks. If not a judgment to seize Government’s properties in London or New York would certainly be enforced unlike what prevails locally.

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    If you can listen to the courts to lock people up
    then they can listen to the court to pay who is owed
    those who have the power to pay and do not need to be locked up
    see how fast they write the check .


    Al, you’ll get your money soon, just wait until next election when O.A is PM AND GIVE HIM A CALL ON THE MATTER.

  44. Owen cares

    Sure he does
    For a small fee ( offshore )
    Owen isn’t stupid when it comes to building nests

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