Environmental Evil defeated thanks to Richard Goddard, Denis Kellman – Greenland is a park, not a dump!

“Negro” and “Caucasian” team up to defeat the forces of Environmental Evil: Owen Arthur and Liz Thompson

“I can assure Barbadians that this enlightened government will have better alternatives for it. We will not practise environmental madness.”

Minister of the Environment Denis Kellman (Denis Kellman left. Richard Goddard right) talking to Barbados Today about the BLP’s now dead-dead-dead Greenland Dump

Barbados Minister of the Environment Denis Kellman announced today that not one piece of garbage will be heading for Greenland, St. Andrew. Yes, we’ve kissed goodbye to over a hundred million dollars wasted by the Barbados Labour Party, Owen Arthur and then Environment Minister Liz Thompson who tried against all advice to build a landfill on shifting soil – but better to stop the madness now then to continue to waste money and destroy the environment.

We’ve obtained exclusive interviews…

…with former Environment Minister Liz Thompson (now sipping champagne at the United Nations), former Prime Minister Owen Arthur (now gurgling rum at some location not known to his unsuspecting wife) and nobody’s fool: Bizzy Williams.

Mr. Arthur, Ms. Thompson and Bizzy Williams, can you please tell our readers of your reaction to the DLP government killing the Greenland Dump?

Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur…

“What? What did they do? They didn’t! What the f**k? Kellman is an f’ing Negrocrat. Say, you won’t tell my wife where you found me, will you?”

Former Minister of the Environment Liz Thompson…

“Greenland? Richard Goddard? That Caucasian? I take extreme offense at a Caucasian male telling me, as a Minister of Government in modern Barbados, that he is going to threaten to embarrass a national government in this way. It is completely unacceptable. Pass the champagne my darling husband and government contractor. I’m upset.”

Greenland Dump contractor Bizzy Williams…

100% Energy: Any man of Bizzy's age who can party until 8am has our respect!

“We told them it wouldn’t work, but when they wanted to go through with it we made goin’ wid Owen and Liz sign a waiver that it was all their fault when the liner cracked. Love them both. We made a fortune and we’re walking free! Complaints? I have none. Come on my darling wife… Let’s party!”

Please go read the story at Barbados Today, but we have to publish the whole thing here because the Bajan media deletes history. We haven’t caught Barbados Today yet, but ya never know!

Greenland definitely not for garbage

by Shawn Cumberbatch

Not one ounce of garbage will be heading to Greenland, St. Andrew.

Minister of the Environment Denis Kellman revealed today that Government was looking to conclude an alternative use(s) plan for the controversial site, originally earmarked as the replacement landfill for the long-standing Mangrove Pond, St. Thomas facility.

Kellman told Barbados TODAY that while he “will soon be making a ministerial statement” on the matter, and Cabinet still had to finalise any future plans for Greenland, one thing was certain — it will not be used as a landfill under the current Democratic Labour Party administration.

“The truth is we have to find an alternative use for it and I can assure you that we will turn it into something profitable,” he said.

“I can assure Barbadians that this enlightened government will have better alternatives for it. We will not practise environmental madness. So (St. Andrew MP) George Payne can feel happy that the environmental madness will not occur.”

There have been mounting questions about the previously proposed Greenland Landfill, on which tens of millions of dollars had already been spent, in the wake of a recent Barbados TODAY report that Government was about to award a contract for the construction of a fourth cell at Mangrove Pond, which began accepting garbage in 1986 and has already been expanded twice.

Kellman said a ministerial statement on Greenland’s future was to have been delivered previously “but was held back”, but he said “it will come”.

He noted that Government would not be paying lip service in its move towards a green economy and more environmentally friendly initiatives, including the new Cell Four at the existing landfill, which Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler has said will cost $27.5 million.

“All the problems associated with Mangrove will change based on what we plan to do,” he said today.

“The more you run away from the problem the more problems you create and we are not running from the problem; we are seeking to solve the problem. We are practising green economy in the true sense.”

He said with the expansion of Mangrove there were a number of things that could be done with the site in St. Andrew.

“There are many good opportunities but that is a Cabinet call. Cabinet is still to make that final determination, but we can assure you it will happen,” he said.

“But not a landfill in the national park and not based on what we intend to do.”

Mangrove was developed in three phases, each phase creating an additional cell at the site. Phase 1 was the original cell of about five hectares and this accepted waste between 1986 and 1992. It was closed in 1992 and capped with a local clay cover.

The second cell was opened in September 1992 and was designed with a clay liner and leachate collection system. It was closed in 2003 and the third cell opened in October of that year. Information suggested the third cell was designed to accommodate approximately 515,000 tonnes on five hectares for three years, which meant its lifespan was to have been to 2006.

The previous administration had intended to close Mangrove and open Greenland.

That project faced major and persistent criticisms from residents, environmentalists and the DLP while in Opposition, with many deeming the establishment of a landfill in an area known for recreation and tourism as a bad move. There were also worries about land slippage as a result of the siting of the landfill.

Ever since coming to power in January 2008 Government has been grappling with what to do with the site, which cost at least $20 million to build, and on which several studies have been undertaken. shawncumberbatch@barbadostoday.bb


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14 responses to “Environmental Evil defeated thanks to Richard Goddard, Denis Kellman – Greenland is a park, not a dump!

  1. rasta man

    Maybe we can put a new Airport there. LOL

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  3. John

    ….. maybe somebody will realise that like Greenland, Cove Bay is also in the National Park!!

  4. Doth my eyes deceive me?? SANITY PREVAILED?!!?

    It brings tears to my eyes, what a beautiful thing.


    Finally some GOOD news. :-}

  6. just want to know

    okay, since they don’t want the garbage dump to be in Greenland, let’s put it in St. Lucy, or in Mr. Goddard pig pen or chicken farm, because i understand that smells at times like Mount Stinkeroo. I am sure Mr. Kellman won’t mind it being near his residence?

  7. jennifer spooner

    now thats how a Minister of the Enviroment works, sit back and learn LOWE

  8. 1724234589-2423458656/782354345

    We need a small AIRFIELD in Sin Lucy, where flatlands are still available.
    Something that can land LIAT-sized planes.

    Let’s not wait until ALL on Sin Lucy is DormitoryTown..

  9. Prince of Barbados/BajanPrince

    FINALLY some good Environmental news! Always makes me smile! The Sanity of Barbados WILL be preserved! Hopefully this is not just talk cause yuh know how um is wid dese people! It is a damn shame that the BLP wasted thousands or millions of dollars on a poorly planned project! Greenland should now be returned to its natural lands! Let MOTHER NATURE reclaim Greenland!

    Long Live Barbados

  10. reality

    good work mr kellman, the blp should take note, this is how yuh run an environment ministry

  11. iWatchya

    I think that the minister has not been candid.

    There is a crack down the centre of the Greenland site that will cost the GOB many more millions to get it back to a serviceable state. This was the only way the GOB can save face in these hard times.

    Remember that both the DLP and BLP were put under pressure to move the dump site so that Sandy Lane investors could get their Green Monkey development back on the market. This is all about big money and poor decisions.

  12. MANJAK

    There are times when ones faith in the Bajan to do the right thing can be restored, refreshed and made proud. Of recent two such victories have contributed to a feeling of well being. Firstly the saving of the baobab and sand box trees at Warrens and now the ending of the horrendously expensive folly at Greenland.
    For all those who have opposed and railed against this financial and environmental catastrophe a victory indeed.
    The political clowns and cretins who proposed and executed this idiotic scheme despite all the technical and environmental evidence against and which resulted in the millions of hard earned Bajan dollars to be ‘thrown down Maxwell pond’ should never be allowed to forget their culpability in this sorry and expensive saga. Liz Thompson, Owen Arthur, The Williams Brothers, the BLP grandees and all the other greed merchants and hangers on.
    We have now to save Cove Bay. Maybe we can get Mia Mottley to purchase it and present it to the National Trust as a gift to the nation. She is worth a few millions after all. Failing that she could always chain herself to the bay, after all she was prepared she said to do such to the trees at Warrens.
    But then again maybe that was so much hot air, waffle and
    grandstanding for the cameras and the press as these third rate buffoons are wont to do.

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