We really miss Rihanna, the girl we knew and prayed for

The Rolling Stone interview of our Barbados Ambassador for Culture and Youth is just terrible.

Rihanna’s hit single “S&M” is semi-autobiographical. “Being submissive in the bedroom is really fun,” she says. “You get to be a little lady, to have somebody be macho and in charge of your shit. That’s fun to me…I like to be spanked. Being tied up is fun. I like to keep it spontaneous. Sometimes whips and chains can be overly planned – you gotta stop, get the whip from the drawer downstairs. I’d rather have him use his hands.”



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28 responses to “We really miss Rihanna, the girl we knew and prayed for

  1. oh come on

    ok so she likes it rough…….so what?

  2. The man wiv no name!!

    does anybody care what she likes in her bedroom, or not? her singing is all most people care about. i think that’s her problem – inspite of everything, she still seems to be sexually frustrated!

  3. The man wiv no name!!

    keeping up with ‘The Jones’ (the antics of the other pop-‘stars’) may also have something to do with it!

  4. John

    Its about repackaging, marketing and product life cycle.

    Tomorrow if her handlers found another more lucrative market she would be repackaged and marketed to that specific market.

    For a time she appeared one way.

    As her appeal fell off, she was repackaged and now we have a new product.

    Happens with all products.

  5. stephen

    She’s great. She’s young. She still does more for tourism for Barbados than many here. Just listen to the way she offers Banks a free commercial in her new single. Also, her Bajan accent still comes through nice and clear.

  6. big1

    if she frustrated in the bedroom why not come local?

  7. Tag

    The Bournes as in Desmond and the big fat one Ian so obsessed with the Westbury superstar they would lap up and print anything including she vomit.
    Ian you like whips too you nincompoop let Rihanna alone this is about a young woman having fun you must try having fun sometime jerk.

  8. Ran meyer

    This talented young woman is becoming a victim of the people that manage her career. shame on them and the modern music industry and the urge to exploit every young woman and man who is earning the above a small fortune.

    Rhianna is still very much a Bajan but if you want to save her kick her team of advisors up the back .

  9. Johnny Postle

    Ok oK oK SO Rihanna likes sex and she is talking about it. What the F is the big deal. Everyone on here likes sex and probably engage in some kinkie stuff. Big D’s small D’s pretty P’s Ugly P’s, it’s how we like it, how we are going do it and the fun that we get out of it that makes it good. So she is talking about it openly and explicitly; what the F is the problem. Oh yeah forgot she is cultural ambassador and I think doing one hell of job in marketing Barbados.

    Americans are known to talk explicitly about sex and Ri Ri has embraced that cultural opennes.

    What can be more degrading when men can come live on TV naked as they were born and talk about how pathetic are their little penises (I cannot even find the site now). Maybe we need to promote public confessions because for all our secrets our society is still as indiscipline as it ever was. Would any of us be so bold to make open confessions about our lifestyle practices; Hell No! But in other parts of the world it is as normal to talk about these things as it is to drink water.

    You will never get such open confessions in Barbados but you will get alot lies and show boating. Yet we redicule behaviours we consider not keeping in the norm but would engage in random acts of perversion whilst closeted. Which is the lesser of two evils? Bajans love to redicule and get all religious on ya notwithstanding how frigging Xenophobic over so much shite we tend to be – it is absolutely absurd. Rihanna likes the Big Dog and a little carousal kinkie style. What do you like Woe to you Priest and Priestesses?

  10. raises doubts

    If Rhianna has a penchant to be dominated and abused, was Chris Brown acting out their bedroom behaviour when he crossed the line and physically beat her in a public area?

    Now they are both pandering to the “gangsta” crowd; one an S & M victim the other a macho male who keeps his women in their place.

    Great role models!

  11. bob watson

    who cares? she likes it rough, so do many others. just because she is famous doesn’t mean we have to criticize her every doing.

  12. Rubbert

    What she is expressing is true. Women like sexual games and like men to be strong in bed. Fact.

    Women like to play in bed and get spanked, tie or be tied and even get on top and be dominant sometimes too. Fact.

    Very few women, or only the sexually frustrated, like to just lie prostrate and take it ‘missionary style’. Fact.

    So, what is the issue? All she has said is basically that she likes bedfroom-play. That is normal and healthy.

    Now, go find something else to investigate.

  13. 149

    Perfectly normal sexual-exploration behaviour/curiosity for a 22 yr.old.
    Nothing wrong with HER! *wink*

  14. whip me

    she can whip me anytime!

  15. bajeabroad

    What goes on in her bedroom is her business…..next news item!!!

  16. @Tag – I have fun but I keep it to myself, she blares it like a cheap whore who was not paid in full for a trick, BTW; check me tomorrow – Front Page, knowing it irritates you makes my day! 😉 (I may be chubby but I can lose weight, whereas you are still YOU, poor thing! BTW – Yes I do still get it on, bang-a-gong … Only me & The Missus know what, ok? Big Diff!)

  17. rasta man

    Oh, we are getting personal now aren’t we???

  18. yum yum

    I would smack her but not with a chain or a whip. She would get smacked with something else better

  19. rasta man

    Performing on Country Music awards on CBS tonight.

  20. Rubbert

    Wub loss Ian, Doan be so, sexuality is parta life, man. Tell me yuh wouldna ‘spank dat’! She nice, wuh loss. Sweetness fuh true!

  21. 149

    Shouldn’t we be evolving past this (religiously-induced) judgemental crapola?
    Is my calendar lying to me? by telling me it’s 2011?
    and yet I find myself stuck with small-island mindsets around me…still relevant to the Late Victorian Era?
    Are we stuck in the past? 100 years too late?

    Who Rihanna whips and chains is her business! Who gives a damn? Judging by the several responses here, not too many people!

    If she chooses to make her sexual preferences public or private is entirely her judgement call.
    She is “a whore” for the entertainment business she chooses to be in: that is her lifestyle occupational choice.
    If that involves the ra-ra of making out like she’s a kinky chick, that’s all part of the entertainment persona, publicity PR nonsense.

    For all we know, it may be a huge pack of lies, manufactured specifically for the Entertainment PR angle…in fact I suspect it may be somewhat exaggerated.

    And then again, she may be one of those babes with a real penchant for picking The Wrong Guy over and over again as some women are prone to, always looking-for (and finding) guys who will treat them mean to keep them keen.

    Some girls are like that! –some girls like that.

  22. Rihanna too light and slim, Mo’Nique more my speed http://bit.ly/g1HJDr

  23. Responder

    If you say to Rihanna give back the Ambassadorship because of her lifestyle, I bet that you wouldn’t have a government either. Not one man standing would be able to keep his ministerial post.

  24. Bajan Lead Pipe

    Are the lyrics a statement of fact, from her own point of view, or just lyrics designed to create a buzz and keep Ri RI in the spotlight?
    For the matured curious, just a reminder that women lose bone density with age…..and yuh might break a bone

  25. Nicola

    So do I what’s the big deal

  26. yaad

    barbados trying to diss jamaica and the one person the word know from barbados is a HO.

  27. I don’t like her public image but is she any more explicit than Lady Gaga..50 cent..Nicki Minaj..Rick Ross..Robin Thicke.. Snoop Dogg..Ludacris? Yes, I know that list is much longer.

    After Bob Marley she’s the biggest name to come out of the Caribbean… seems she’s just playing the game like everyone else in Hollywood now.

  28. the verdict is soon out

    Highly esteemed Bajan lady that likes to be smacked in the bedroom. I guess she liked what CB did to her in the car too or wait maybe because she is the product of Guyanese immigrants???