Barbados Tourism Authority becoming a Family Affair?

Consolidation of power and influence along family lines?

Dear BFP

Your article about Verla Depeiza being named as a Director of the Barbados Tourism Authority puts a question into my rum-fogged mind.

Can anyone answer my question?

Is Verla Depeiza (photo left) the sister of Francis Depeiza (photo right), the DLP hopeful for St. Michael North in the last election and if so, is being married to Kerry Hall, another Director on the BTA Board not a bit too close for comfort?

Just a question!


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32 responses to “Barbados Tourism Authority becoming a Family Affair?

  1. Freedom of Speech

    Oh Snap! Considering these people are considered “public servants”?Don’t the people of Barbados have a right to know what to hell is going on, and to question the validity of these new appointees?

  2. DLP Yardfowls All

    This just demonstrates the serious problem the DLP have……

    THEY HAVE NO TALENT IN THEIR RANKS…A weak Prime Minister, Double Dipping Yardfowls everywhere…..Adrian Elcock….Deputy at LESC…now BTA boss…..Jokes and more jokes…at the taxpayers expense.

    The biggest joke is his “credentials” – involvement in Praxxis man shop?!!

    How will this help him run Tourism in this country? This is our main earner…The DLP cannot be serious….We have a Minister of Tourism too lazy to work…a senator who only interested in sailing….and we paying big money for GOL to fly a handfull of low spending tourists to Bim…

    We all sucking real salt with this broken government…and it getting worse by the day…..

    ….and ask Verla to pay tax to the tax gougers just like the rest of us who don’t have yardfowl picks!!

  3. watch out

    And the house came tumbling down

  4. bajeabroad

    We can’t be fu##$$ serious!!! Wait, a woman who is hauled before the courts for not paying taxes, with NO tourism experience!! sitting on the board of our top FX earning industry!!

    And the chairman too with ZERO tourism experience!! Does he even have a masters degree or PHD or something that would give us confidence that he can handle the major issues of the day! He wasnt even big in his daddy’s electrical shop!!!

    Man people wake the fu###$$ up nah!!! We can’t continue with this Sh$$!!!

  5. Anonymous

    This government will self destruct, anyone with any common sense can see the house is crumbling, no leadership, all the ministers self grandiose; getting bigger and fatter by the minute, nothing for the people who are trying daily to make ends meet. When will Barbadians rise up and through them out!

  6. Responder

    Well, well, well.

  7. ONE TERM Govt's from now on.

    One term and yuh gone….
    Followed by… one term and yuh gone!

    NO PARTY now gets two terms.
    Bajan society cannot afford two term politricks any longer!

    History used to be that it was two terms: that must now be abbreviated.
    Lots and lots of ONE TERM governments, from here on – Keep them fresh
    …on their toes.
    The pigs can all steal quite enough in a one term, they don’t need two.
    NEITHER Party. It’s our only hope.
    Change them like diapers -and for the same sh!tty reason.

  8. Bajanne in Vincy

    Enquiring minds want to know.
    Isn’t incest illegal in Bim?

  9. J. Payne

    I don’t know a lot of these people’s personal lives but I hearing a lot of matching names too. One which comes to mind for me…
    Sen. Hon. Maxine P. O. McClean, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.
    Dr. Leroy McClean, Consulate-General of Barbados at Toronto, Canada

    AND while looking up that:
    Miss Yvette A. Goddard, Embassy of Barbados, Brasilia, Brazil
    Permanent Representative: H.E. Mr. Joseph Goddard, Permanent Mission of Barbados to the United Nations,New York, USA

  10. J. Payne

    @ONE TERM Govt’s from now on. ~2013.
    We’re half way through DLP’s 5 years…. Jan/2008 + 5 = Jan/2013….
    Do you think BLP will be ready for their term?? I still hope a third party comes along though. The personalities in these two parties have switch sides so much they’re really one-and-the-same now.

  11. none of the above

    Is there anybody not related in Barbados?
    no wonder we have no ITAL
    neither party thank-you very much

    all independents

  12. latement

    Who will speak for Adrian Elcock when he has speak nationally or internationally on BTA matters? Has anyone ever heard him speak, he sounds like Mike Tyson with someone squeezing his………you know what?

    Well done Adrian ‘Scappy-Doo’ Elcock, you are a leader in a leaderless pack.

  13. joyjoy

    i think that the minister should explain why he picked Elcock. Explain to the public what credentials he has like business acmen – didn’t this guy have two failed stores in 3-4 years- or tourism expertise like running a hotel or restaurant or marketing qualifications or tourism management or SOMETHING DAMN IT!! This is OUR main income earner Sealy, it is not a game or a friends thing the country needs sound leadership NOW.

  14. Bonjour

    The BLP never had to explain any appointments to any Boards. Why de eff should his Govt have to do it? We seem to believe that ordinary looking Bajans are always up to some crap or are dishonest. I am sick of the foolishness. Sick of the Bees who cannot accep that there is a change in Government. Sore loosers. Toursim is doing well under the circumstances.

  15. Bonjour, your so-called rebuttal had all the pith of a body marinated in absinthe for a decade – at least…

    Or did you do an eyedropper of Acid before typing? Jus’ ponderin’ as your reply had no qualifying rebuttal, lack of evidence suggests Poultry Politics to say the least…

  16. just want to know

    does any of this surprise you?

  17. latement

    Scappy-Doo cannot fail as nothing serious can be expected of a man without any experience or qualifications in tourism matters. Scrappy-Doo will follow upon the path of Ralph and will turn over every stone he stumbles upon to see whether there is any thing left for the taking.

  18. joyjoy

    Exactly, Bonjour obviously does not understand the importance of tourism and where Barbados is with its archaic marketing techniques. Why bring someone who has not had much[any? please correct me if i am wrong] exposure to the industry to RUN THE MARKETING OF THE COUNTRY TO THE WORLD. Like are we hard up for talent here. Does the other island take that gamble? i am not a bee by the way. I am a Bajan

  19. J. Payne

    @joyjoy. “Like are we hard up for talent here. ”
    The government gives that impression. You ever dial 1-888-Barbados and try to reach even one Bajan voice? I guess there were no suitable Bajan call centres…

  20. Bonjour

    Gimme a break Ian Duncy Bourne and Joy Jo et al. What the BTA like all other Boards need is a well rounded team of competent persons who can direct but not micro manage. Why should an expert in tourism marketing be Chairman of the BTA. One with a molecule of bsiness sense would say that such specific skills should be for the CEO or Head of Marketing! Please people, Mr Elcock is a competent and very experienced entrepreneur who is academically trained in Finance and Business!

    So therefore the head of BFP should have a degree in Journalism from Carleton University, the Minister of Finance should be a financial economist, Fred Gollop should have been a media expert. Look back a all of the Chairmen of BTA and tell me which ones were experts in tourism marketing! Where were the voices of dissent then.

    Bajans don’t like or own! I am fully in support of Mr Elcock being Chairman and he will work well with Civil Engineer Richard Sealy – The Tourism Minister!

  21. Bonjour

    Not one of you critics have said what is wrong with our tourism marketing plan. we just want to attack the individual. Where is the constructive criticism here. Ian Bourne has been a succesful failure since our days at Harrison College. Now he has earned a PhD in ignorance.

    I am just so sick of the partisan views that is passed as intellect in this society.

  22. Snyder

    @ Bonjour

    Adrian Elcock has been a sucess at what, Praxxis Man Shop? You don’t know what you speak of Bonjour. Are you aware how much money Elcock Electrical has cost this country with litigation at the Hilton, Airport and Barrack Building?

    Are you aware that the NHC decision ( I assume at the behest of Elcock) to remove Elcock Electrical as a domestic subcontractor with Barrack and take Elcock on as a directly paid subcontractor to NHC resulted in Barrack being sucessful in the arbitration in alleging (at the time) that time has become At Large? Are you aware that having being sucessful in arguing that time of the contract had become At Large is what, in the main, resulted in a judgement against the NHC for 50 odd million?

  23. Has anyone considered that the passport for being on the BTA Board etc. is coloured brown?

    So many people of dubious sexuality involved on it or with it !!!

    It’s a shitty affair!!!

    Ask Ian B.

  24. joyjoy

    Sooooo, [i can’t stop laughing] running a man shop [2 failed …like somebody never heard about location location location in marketing] qualifies one to speak on running marketing/promotional programs in Europe, N and S America etc. Look i am truly happy to see a black bajan face in high places. this is the way it must be. but wasn’t there anyone else? it is not a personal attack..just business. i wonder what the bta staff all over thinks of this? What is done is done let’s hope he is sucessful shall we?

  25. Professionals built the Titanic and amateurs built the Ark – says a lot? It is also ironic that the person who should teach the DLP about true colour-blindness is the Right Excellent Errol W. Barrow, he took a foreign expatriate who became nationalised and allowed him to be one of the best Tourism Ministers this island ever had – a situation no later generation of Dem’s chose to learn… In one broad stroke, EWB showed race is no barrier and accepted that maybe an Outsider can provide a better perspective on the Inside track.

    Those who seek to sling mud at me, if you are smart and I are stupid? Me glad I has not you brains, for real! Worse, I could have been born YOU, but I wasn’t – thanks to Baha’ullah, Buddha, Jesus, Allah, Ahura-Mazda, Gotama Siddhartha, etc.

  26. Adrian Loveridge

    I wonder if we are asking the right questions here?

    1) What is the function and purpose of the BTA board?
    2) If we really want to advance our tourism industry, with all the benefits that could bring, then which are the very best people that could serve on the board?

    Is it better to have a majority on the board that know little or nothing about the industry and have had no proven success in this sector or have people appointed simply because they are related and/or party faithfulls?

  27. rasta man

    @adrian loveridge:
    Seems to me that you are asking the same question in your last comment.And the answer is ??????

  28. Mac F

    Bonjour seems to me that Ian Bourne go be vexer now I see Barbados go start getting tourists from Scandanavia, tourism improving fast thats bad news for BLP and rolly polly belly Ian .

  29. Winston Smith

    Ian Bourne is actually making the most sense, because he doesn’t kiss your ar**, his weight is suddenly an issue – no one is daring to answer what he said about Errol Barrow and Peter Morgan, so race is no longer an issue? I hope your sycophantry suffocates the lot of you! I suspect Donville Inniss is “bonjour” while any one of the others could be Peter Gilkes who has it in for Ian when he dared to criticise this so-called Government.

    Bonjour can’t even spell “loser” correctly nor provide a solid rebuttal to dissent made – Richard Sealy has Dallas, Brazil and Scandinavia coming here? Where are the Texas accents? I have had no situation to translate Eng to Espanol for Portuguese speakers like I did when at the Port?

    I travel to all sort of nook and cranny across the island, ain’t hear a Texan accent except for Tony Hoyos ex-slut – when are the Scandinavians returning? They did flock here in late 80’s.

    Richard Sealy supposedly cuts deal with AA & GOL, yet leaves Facebook pages dead for months until Ian Bourne & Free Press shame them back into activity!

    Any armpit can say they bring folk to see Bim from Uzbekistan but do we speak Urdu? Or do we have to wait until Adrian Loveridge creates a sub-site in that lingo for Peach & Quiet?

    Does anyone recall the Irish who came here between Aug to Nov and catch ZR, stayed at modest Southern hotels, drag a case of beer to their hotel room twice a day and return the empties then watched the Plantation gals wuk-up with full meals and drinks, take an Island tour on their next to last day visiting? They did not spend a lot, but they were consistent and seen everywhere in Barbados, usually on a ZR half-drunk, LOL

    If we could get a group from Newfoundland from Sept to Nov who stay in Belleville’s guest house yet catch a cab all over, buy ten Bajan CD’s each and dine at Paulo’s for at least 3 nights – may not be much but 3 years of that on a regular basis may do Barbados good – but wait a minute!

    We screwed Canada relations when the DLP tried hushing Terry Schwarzfeld’s murder, oh yeah?

  30. blackie

    Desmond? Ian? Winston Smith is that you!?!

  31. Winston Smith

    Does it bother you Ian Bourne has supporters Peter Gilkes? What have you done in the Senate? No one recalls any contributions you make, afraid of losing your pick? Unlike Santia Bradshaw whose treatise on Entertainment spread across Facbook like wildfire!

    Or is it Donville “Porno” Inniss, shouldn’t you be worrying about Sparman wrecking your chances at re-election? Did you sell the shares to your Russian naked-news website to him? While you decide what patients get Sparman’s preferential treatment for a commission?

    All the while poor Barbadians have to sit and wait hours if they want free medicine, thanks to your “genius” and the frightening thing is you obviously et well since you will soon match Ian’s size. At least Ian’s excuse is not politics and robbing people of their hard earned money. What’s yours?

  32. Adrian Loveridge

    When announcing the new Tourism Advisory Council – Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett said ‘ the nine-man council (which) includes some of Jamaica’s most successful tourism and business professionals’.
    Adding that he expressed confidence in both the Chairman and Vice Chairman citing that ‘both gentlemen have proven track records and have the requiste acumen and leadership skills to steer this august body which will aid in taking Jamaica’s tourism industry to higher heights’.