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New Barbados Tourism Authority Director charged with tax evasion?

Is there more than one Verla Depeiza?

Well, folks, I don’t know what to think about this one. Way back April of 2009 Attorney-at-law Verla Depeiza (photo above) spoke at a DLP lunchtime lecture and called for Freedom of Information legislation. We thought she delivered a great lecture about the law and the rule of law and how integrity and FOI legislation would safeguard our society. Oh, and yes, she’s a hopeful DLP candidate for next election after Christ Church West Member of Parliament Dr. William Duguid abandons Barbados for Canada.

Then recently we heard Verla Depeiza was about to be named as a Director at the Barbados Tourism Authority. We were pleased because we thought she would push for more transparency and accountability. And integrity.

Now we see one Verla Depeiza charged with four counts of failing to file income tax returns. First off, we don’t know if it’s the same Verla Depeiza, but it’s not like the name is “Walcott” if ya know what I mean.

“Verla DePeiza – four charges.”

Could it be some bureaucratic oversight with Depeiza’s name on company papers but as a lawyer? Or is Verla Depieza’s political career about to crash and burn?

Stay tuned, folks – and don’t forget that there might be a political side to the charges too, because that sometimes happens ‘pon de rock known as Barbados.

You should read the story at the Nation News website here, but as usual we’ll reprint the entire story because The Nation has a habit of changing history…

26 on tax charges

LAWYERS, MANAGING DIRECTORS of companies and a cross-section of other business people appeared in court yesterday charged with failing to file income tax returns. Continue reading


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